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Where To Find Escort Girls In Singapore

You want to get in contact with an escort in Singapore, but you don’t know where to get started.

By escorts, I mean girls that offer companionship, friendship, girlfriend experiences, wine and dine service, and much more.

When you search online for escorts in Singapore, you’ll find several agencies that offer girls by the hour for a reasonable price (about 100-200 S$ per hour).

Yet, they offer horrendous prices to rent girls for the night or a few days.

Anyway, what’s the point to rent an expensive escort in Singapore when there are plenty of students and young girls working low-paid jobs eager to spend time with you?

I’ve covered in detail already how to get a sugar baby in Singapore for much less than an escort.

In this article, I’ll cover the best ways to hire girls in Singapore either for a few hours or for days, and their rates. So you can get companionship immediately and have a good time.


Best Places To Search For Escort Girls In Singapore

There is no better place than online to find escorts in Singapore. But you need to be prudent because there are many fake ads.

For example, stay away from free advertisement listings like Locanto. If you scroll through the personal category for a while, you’ll notice the ads follow the same pattern.

The reason is they are written by a pimp that sells the girls. And that’s illegal in Singapore.

So, where you should get started?


Escorts By The Hour

If you are after an escort for a few hours, most probably you are after only sex. You can visit the brothels in Geylang or scout for call girls online.

Geylang is the official red light district in Singapore, and most girls are from the South East and North Asian countries.

If you want a Singaporean or European call girl, your best option is to use a site like Skokka. Stay away from Locanto, Backpage, and Yelp because you’re dealing with pimps.

However, don’t assume on Skokka all the profiles are legitimate too. Take your time to look around and ask the girls to send you a few recent photos to make sure she looks like in the photo.

Keep in mind that the majority of hourly call girls in Singapore live around Orchard Road and Geylang. It’s worth staying in a hotel in that area if you prefer incall services.


Escorts For An Evening or A Few Days

If you are a man with a busy schedule and you need a beautiful and young girlfriend, you need to find a high-end sugar baby in Singapore.

Just imagine having a beautiful girl meeting up with you regularly…

Escort in Singapore Orchid

While High-end escorts offer companionship for an evening or a few days, a sugar baby offers intimate moments, companionship and friendship but without the downsides of a typical relationship.

Meaning you don’t have to deal with drama, nagging, unreasonable demands, etc.

For example, there are several girls with low-paying jobs and students in Singapore that need some extra money to make ends meet.

If you can help, they are more than happy to be your girlfriend with benefits.

While money is an important factor for some girls, most want only to experience the good things in life.

These girls are very eager to explore sexually after you have built some trust. It isn’t uncommon to convince them to have a threesome or try out other sexual fantasies.


What Are The Prices For Singaporean Escorts?

Demand and supply it’s the main factor for escort rates in Singapore.

Girls that live in Singapore usually have higher rates than foreign escorts that visit for a short period of time. Local girls have regular customers so better opportunities to ask higher prices.

Asian ladies visiting Singapore ask for as little as 100 S$ per hour and 1.000 S$ per day. While Caucasian escorts like Brazilians, Russians, and Europeans command a rate of 400 S$+ per hour.

The price of escorts that live in Singapore – no matter their nationality – start at 200 S$ for the less attractive up to 1.000 S$ per hour.

When you want to rent a Singaporean escort for a date, rates start at 800 S$ up to 1.500 S$. It’s usually an all-night deal.

Most of the girls that offer short periods of companionship and sex services are usually professional prostitutes. And they aren’t a good option if you want to hire a girlfriend for a few days or weeks. Even less if you’re looking for a sugar baby.

In this case, you want to rent civilian girls like part-time students that do it occasionally or exclusively for a man. They offer better romantic and sexual experiences.

Girls that do it occasionally are known as a girlfriend with benefits and for the long term as sugar babies or mistresses. To avoid confusion, I’ll refer all of them as escorts.

So, how much cost to rent a Singapore escort when it’s more than a day?

Expect to pay a Singapore escort 7.000-15.000 S$ per week. If you need a mistress or sugar baby, the monthly allowance starts at 5.000 S$.


Is It Worth Use The Services Of Call Girls in Singapore?

If you don’t have time to date girls because you are busy working or just in Singapore for a few hours, then call girls are your only option.

But if you have some time in hand, there are other options to get laid like using sex apps in Singapore. There are plenty of girls on holiday, working and living here that are after a good time.

Of course, if you want to build a friendship and not merely have casual sex once, you need to treat them to a nice dinner and give them a gift. So they’ll hook up with you in the future whenever you’ll be in Singapore.

There are also girls for rent in Singapore for all sorts of arrangements. Pretty convenient and straight to the point without misunderstandings.

In conclusion, escorts, call girls, girls with benefits, or whatever you want to call them aren’t the only option for companionship and intimacy.

There are plenty of girls and couples that are looking for sex and a good time on adult apps… And you don’t have to pay for it.