Russiang girls clubbing in Singapore

How To Hook Up With Russian Girls In Singapore

Singapore is an international hub city that attracts all sorts of nationalities. And in the mix, there are many Russian girls that come here to work, study and on holiday.

Yet, most guys here don’t know how to hit on Russian women which makes them lose their chances.

So in this article, I’ll walk you through some of the most common places to find Russian girls in Singapore. And then, I’ll also share a couple of tips to hook up with them.

Let’s get started!


Where to Find Russian Girls in Singapore

You can visit the following places to find Russian women in Singapore:


1) Nightclubs & Bars

Most Russian girls in Singapore enjoy going out at night, and they like to frequent high-class nightclubs and bars like The Council and Altimate Club.

Your best bet to hook up in clubs and bars is to visit on weekends when you’ll find many Russian ladies.

Keep in mind that Russian women appreciate a man that is generous with drinks on them. Unfortunately, they usually like expensive drinks like champagne.

But the good news is once they’ve been intoxicated, all you need are basic flirting skills to take them back to your room.


2) Online

If you can’t wait for the weekend or don’t enjoy going out at night, you’ll find plenty of young Russian girls on sites like What’s Your Price.

There are many university students on this site, but also several Russian ladies who are on a short trip to Singapore.

Usually, they don’t mind hooking up as long as you take them out for a quality dinner and a good time.

And if you’re searching for a sugar baby in Singapore, many Russian ladies are open-minded forward this kind of arrangement on What’s Your Price.


3) Gym and Fitness Facilities

Russian girls in Singapore frequently hit the gym. After all, that is the secret behind their hot curvy bodies as you can see in this video…

You should visit popular gyms like Genesis Gym between 4-6 pm. This is the time when most girls hit the iron so you’ll have a higher chance of hooking up with some hottie.


4) Russian Restaurants

Unsurprisingly, Russian restaurants are a hotspot to hook up with Russian women. And it’s also easy to break the ice there.

You can approach them by asking for her opinion about the best dishes to order.

After that, you can ask if she would like to try them out. If she is hesitant, just explain that you would appreciate learning about the ingredients and history of the dishes.


5 Tips to Hook Up with Russian Girls in Singapore

Russina girl in Singapore hooking up in bedroom

How to get laid with a Russian girl after you meet her? Follow these 5 tips:


1)  Treat Her with Respect

Most Russian girls are quite feminine and sophisticated. Also, they have a high level of self-esteem and sometimes too much ego too.

And like any woman with such treats, they want to be courted and spoiled with compliments and attention.

So if you intend to only hook up, you still have to play smart. Don’t be too upfront about what you want.

Russian women in Singapore hate being objectified. They encounter dozens of men every day who says cheesy things about their physical beauty.

What you want to do is to set yourself apart from the competition but treat them with respect.

Listen to what she has to say, validate her thoughts, this will make her realize that you aren’t like other men.


2) Be Kind and Courteous

As I mentioned earlier, Russian women are feminine and don’t like rude men. Chivalry still exists for Russians.

Russian men in general, are highly chivalrous and go an extra mile for their women. They have unfortunately set a benchmark that you have to meet before hooking up.

Things such as keeping the door open for them, offering them your coat, and other chivalrous gestures can easily make them melt.

Aside from that, showing kindness is also important. It’s something missing among men in Singapore.

And if you can fill the void, you’re going to get a lot of action from Russian girls here.


3) Don’t Talk Too Much

You were probably thinking of different pickup lines to impress her so this might sound counterintuitive.

However, the last thing you want to do in front of a Russian girl is to be a chatterbox.

If you talk too much, you might end up becoming her emotional support lifeline rather than her hook up partner.

And once you get in that zone, there’s no coming back out of it.

Besides, they love men with a mysterious aura who aren’t constantly bragging about random stuff.

But of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say a word. Try answering the things she asks in a witty way, and ask open-ended questions to keep the convo going.


4) Take It Slow

As tempting as it might be, make sure that you watch your steps around Russian girls in Singapore.

Most of the people here think they are easy expecting them to be working girls. But that is untrue.

So don’t assume to hook up with them on the first date. They will judge every aspect of you before they think of hooking up with you.

So if you’re too straightforward then you can kiss your chances goodbye.

You might even have to meet her a couple of times before you can bed her. But waiting is better than completely losing the opportunity.

So make sure that you take things slow and perhaps try getting her drunk to make her let down her guard.


5) Admire and Support Her

Russian women expect relentless support and admiration from their men.

So if you plan to hook up over and over again, show a keen interest in her achievements, even if it’s something small. In other words, let her know that you’re proud of her.

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but Russian women love supportive men.

They don’t want to be around someone who is jealous of their achievements and doesn’t endorse equality.

That is because most Russian girls are highly educated and open-minded.

So she’d expect the same level of intelligence from a person she’s getting physical with.


Is it Difficult to Hook Up with Russian Women in Singapore?

There are many Russian women in Singapore, so finding them isn’t all that difficult. But for those who’re inexperienced, hooking up with them can be challenging.

Their expectations are quite high, but they aren’t anything you can’t meet.

Simply visit the places where they hang out either online or offline and follow the tips I’ve mentioned above. You’ll be hooking up with a Russian girl in Singapore in no time.