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Chiang Mai Freelancers: Best And Cheapest Company In Chiang Mai

You can meet Chiang Mai freelancers in the streets, nightclubs, malls and even at the university. There are girls ready to go with you all around town, you only need to know the right places.

For first-timers in Chiang Mai, taking a freelancer back to their hotel room might be a scary proposition because they could have diseases or a tendency to make problems. They aren’t employed by a business, so you don’t have anybody to go complaining if things turn sour.

However, most freelancers in Chiang Mai aren’t trouble makers or sick, just they don’t like to share their earnings with the brothel’s owner.

Why work more to earn less? A sexy girl can freelance whenever she feels like and make more money than sitting in a bar all day and night long.

A freelancer typically charges you 1.000 baht per night, but if you meet her in a bar, you have to pay 1.000 baht for her plus a 500 baht bar fine to the owner.

It’s harder to convince someone to shell out 500 baht extra for the exact same girl and service. A freelancer can get more customers in the street than working in a bar, it’s just economics.

The money is the same but the effort is less and allows way more freedom. They don’t need to report to work at the same time every day, they can work whenever they feel like it.

That is a good thing for you as well because if you would like a freelancer to spend a few days or weeks with you, she is free from any commitment.

A bar girl has to ask first permission from her boss and if approves, you have to pay a bar fine for each day she spends with you.

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I’m going to describe the type of freelancers in Chiang Mai from the cheapest to the most expensive, starting with…

1. Chiang Mai Freelancers Online

If you don’t feel comfortable walking Chiang Mai streets at night or simply can’t stand the loud music in the clubs, a private place to meet freelancers is on arrangement sites.

There are many university girls using dating sites to look for a sugar daddy.

chiang mai freelancer online

When creating your profile be honest about what you’re looking for.

For example, if you would like to meet a girl for a few days during your holiday in Chiang Mai, write that you would like to meet a fun and adventurous girl.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that things work out better when upfront.


2. Night Club Freelancers In Chiang Mai

The nightlife in Chiang Mai isn’t as glorious as in Bangkok, but it’s fun.

There are many hot chicks out at night, at first they might seem like regular girls but in reality, 60% of women are freelancers.

chiang mai grils freelancing nightclub thailand

It’s hard to tell who is who, but a few signs to recognize a freelancer are tattoos, a sexy outfit,s and a lot of makeup.

Don’t expect them to approach you, most will smile but you have to make the move in starting the conversation. Yes, Chiang Mai freelancers are shy.

The standard prices are between 1.000-2.000 bath depending if she is a looker or an old duck, and whether she likes you or not.

In the Chiang Mai girl prices guide, I explain how things work in terms of prices with freelancers, not everyone gets the same rate.

If you think to get in a nightclub and hook up easily with a freelancer and have fun, you are misleading yourself.

You need to be able to start conversations and create a spark of attraction with the girls. Money alone isn’t going to buy you any good companionship.

The best nightclubs to meet freelancers are:

  • Zoe in Yellow; This is a bar/nightclub that opens early at 5 pm and closes at 12 am. It’s packed with hot freelancers.
  • Spicy; When Soe in Yellow closes the doors, everyone moves to Spicy to party hard. Most girls are drunk and easy to pick up.

When scouting for freelancers in the club, keep in mind that they are usually with friends, so they don’t go home with you immediately.

You have to drink with them for a few hours or at least until her friends find a guy. Sometimes it can be frustrating.


Best Freelancer Hotels In Chiang Mai

When planning to pick up freelancers in Chiang Mai, it’s convenient to stay nearby, possibly within walking distance. Not only do you save money on transportation fees but you get back to your room much faster.

That gives you more intimate time with her instead of worrying about the time.

If you plan on partying every night, then you might want to consider staying on Loi Kroh Road where the nightclubs and bars are located.

girly hotel prices in chiang mai - girl friendly

So, the best freelancer friendly hotels in Chiang Mai are:

  • Nap In Chiang Mai: strategy location and wonderful stay, you are going to love the rainforest shower.
  • De Lanna Hotel: this resort hotel is super, quiet and well located centrally.
  • De Chai The Deco Hotel: Between Loi Kroh Road and Tha Phae Gate, you can’t ask for a better location.

There are many other girlfriendly hotels in Chiang Mai, but those are the one where I usually stay.

I hope you enjoyed this Chiang Mai freelancer guide, there are many opportunities to get laid in Chiang Mai.


Video Of Freelancers In Chiang Mai

In this video, you can see mostly freelancers out at night in Loi Kroh Road – the main nightlife area…