sex guide Tashkent

Tashkent Sex Guide For Single Men

Do you want to visit Tashkent? And to hook up with local girls while there, right? This guide is what you need.

Tashkent is by no means a balls-out wild city as Almaty, yet girls are plentiful and literally everywhere.

In Tashkent, you can be surrounded by beautiful, diverse looking and conservative girls that look for a relationship.

This Tashkent Sex Guide was last updated on 21 September 2021



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Tashkent
General information about Tashkent sex life

Where to Find Sex in Tashkent
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid in Tashkent

Tips to get laid in Tashkent

How to Meet Girls in Tashkent
Best way to meet local girls

Girl Friendly Hotels in Tashkent
Best accommodation to enjoy the girls


Intro To Sex Tourism In Tashkent

There aren’t that many tourists visiting Tashkent to get laid with the local girls. It’s a kind of side gig.

You might find the sex scene dry if you don’t where to look for girls and fun. Most of the shenanigans take place in “villas” which are brothels houses with girls available for entrainment and sex.

However, don’t expect the brothels to be visible or to find prostitutes in the streets. The police patrol the city and discourage the presence of red light districts in Tashkent.

The villas are 10 kilometers away from the city center in exclusive areas. If you want to pay a visit, ask any taxi driver to take you there.

Prostitution in Tashkent is widespread even though it’s illegal, and for the most part, it’s organized by pimps.

There are a few independent call girls online offering their services on escort directories, but they aren’t that many and quite pricey.

Keep in mind that the majority of hotels aren’t girl-friendly. So you better rent an apartment on a site like Airbnb.


What About Sex & Girls In Tashkent?

Most tourists come here to visit the city and the sites along the silk route, or they climb mountains and do other nature-related stuff.

So, for love tourists, there is little competition, and it’s noticeable because Tashkent girls are eager to hook up with foreign men.

You might think the reason is only money, but that isn’t the case. When you offer a drink to a girl, most of the time, she doesn’t want it. They don’t want anything from you if they can’t pay you back.

Overall, girls in Tashkent are proud and have a positive attitude. They want to show you their best while making sure you have a good time.

Tashkent women are diverse in look and characters, a kind of mix of about everything from the Soviet Union. There are Russifies Koreans, Georgians, Russians and Turkish looking girls with some hint of Mongolian heritage.

A very diverse city with lots of good looking, feminine and stylish girls. But most are conservative and casual hookups are not common.

If you want to hook up, girls in their 30s are an easy beat. Some are single mothers, and others are divorced.

The nice thing is that they don’t expect anything from you. Uzbekistan women want just sex and a good time before going back to their normal life. No money or relationship.

But if you date girls in their 20s, they want a relationship… And the big plus is younger girls don’t have any hangups about an age gap.

Of course, getting laid in Tashkent requires a bit of work. But with some “game” and style, you can do very well here. More than other popular Central Asian destinations like Almaty or Astana.

Expect mixed reactions when you interact with ladies in Tashkent. Most girls are very chatty and even offer their phone numbers, except for a few that are plain rude.

In conclusion, Tashkent women are open to the idea to hook up with a foreign man. The best is to search for girls that can speak English and hang out in places where they usually go to meet foreign men.


Where to Find Girls For Sex in Tashkent

You can working girls in these places:

1. Pick Up Bars & Nightclubs

Nightlife in Tashkent isn’t so bad, but also it isn’t so great like in Astana. The ratio of girls and men, favor the girls.

During weekdays the places are empty, focus on weekends. And also, keep in mind that women in their late 20s-30s are more relaxed about having fun.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Tashkent are:


It’s a glamor nightclub where the reachest conglomerate. The girls are hot, but you need big dollars.

Steam Bar

A lot going on for this place: good food, beautiful girls, cheap drinks, live music, a dance floor, and terrific ambiance. Yes, it’s the best bar in Tashkent.


On weekends there are students and girls with modest jobs who are not prostitutes but who, for whatever reasons, are willing to screw a stranger for money.


It’s a restaurant that turns club at night where you can meet mature women. Also, they have several shows.

2. Strip Clubs

Tashkent strip club girl

There are only two strip clubs in Tashkent which I know:

FM Bar

Well managed strip club with attractive girls and decent prices. The girls aren’t fully naked but wear sexy outfits.

Gentlemen’s Bar GQ

Great atmosphere and the prices are fair. Girls are only dancers, yet if you hit it off with one of them, you can quite easily date her for lunch or a drink the next day.

3. Erotic Massage

erotic massage in Tashkent

There are a few erotic massage sauna in the outskirt of Tashkent. Ask a taxi driver to take you there.

The price is $US15 for the parlor and $US25 for the girl.

4. Escorts

Tashkent escort

You can find escorts in nightclubs, bars, and online. But keep in mind that it isn’t safe to engage escort services in Tashkent.

You face the risk of being ripped off or being “fined” and humiliated by the police. Let alone the chance of getting an STD.



Tips & Tricks

• Bribe – if you get caught with a prostitute, you risk jail and pay a fine of about 2000 US dollars. Try to bribe the police and hope they let you go.

• Negotiate prices – Escorts in clubs and bars overcharge foreigners. Negotiate at least a 30% discount.

• Keep valuables safe – Prostitute in Tashkent can’t be trusted. Lock in the safe your valuables.

• Students – There are student girls interested to improve their English. Both of you can benefit from a teacher/student relationship.


How Meet Girls In Tashkent

There are several ladies in Tashkent that dream to meet a foreign man. They want to show you their beautiful city, have a good time together, and why not, have intimate moments.

It’s the best way to enjoy the city and learn about Uzbekistan culture, even if sex isn’t in your mind.

Can you imagine spending time with a young, attractive, and outgoing girl?

my tashkent girlfriend

She wants to give you an unforgettable time and don’t expect much from you. She wants just sex and a good time before returning to her everyday life.

Of course, if you are ready for something more, for a woman in Tashkent, it would be a dream coming real.

The best way to find girls in Tashkent is to use a popular dating site.

Just sign up which is free. Create a profile by writing your interests and what you’re looking for in a girl.

Chat up with a few girls, and once ready meet up.


Dating In Tashkent

Girls in Tashkent aren’t that demanding when it comes to dates. A simple drink or romantic dinner in a decent place, and then a walk in the park is enough to make her interested in you.

They just want to have a good time while they can expose to you their Uzbak culture.

Tashkent is the most open-minded city in the country where girls don’t mind dating a foreigner. So here you get your best opportunity to find Uzbekistan girls.

The easier girls to date are usually the ones in their 30s, but also the younger ones offer you chances if you are below 40s.

And don’t forget that Uzbekistan is one of the best countries where to find an Asian wife.


Girl Friendly Hotels In Tashkent

Hotels in Tashkent are generally not girl-friendly. If she holds an Uzbekistan passport and you aren’t married, you can’t stay in the same room at night.

Fortunately, there are three guest friendly hotels I’m aware of:

Keep in mind that “conservative girls” don’t like to get back to a hotel room with a guy just met. So if you plan to hook up with everyday girls, you can book an apartment on Airbnb.

Pick an apartment near Amir Temur Square ( best location for nightlife and dates) and make sure the owner registers you as a guest with the police.

If you are new to Airbnb, you can get 40$ off on your first booking here.

This concludes the Tashkent sex guide. Enjoy the local women!