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sex guide in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Sex Guide For Single Men

This guide is for you if you plan to visit Uzbekistan to hookup with local girls.

Uzbek women are beautiful, feminine, and diverse in their looks. But also most are conservative, ideal for a relationship. I’m referring to students and everyday girls, the ones you can find on popular dating sites.

But this guide talks also about the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). Things like escorts, freelancers, naughty nightlife, etc.

This Uzbekistan Sex Guide last update was 17 January 2020



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Uzbekistan
General information about Uzbekistan sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Uzbekistan
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices for Sex in Uzbekistan
General prices in Uzbekistan to help you budget your adventure

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Uzbekistan
How to date Uzbekistan women during your vacation

Best Cities in Uzbekistan to Hook Up
Best destinations to meet girls and get laid in Uzbekistan


Intro To Sex Tourism In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a popular sex tourism destination for Indians and Pakistani. Until today, there aren’t that many single men visiting from other countries.

But that is going to change soon, let’s say in 5-10 years. The government is relaxing the visa requirement for international visitors while making it easier to apply for a visa online.

On top of that, there is a massive amount of Uzbek prostitutes around the world eager to come back home to serve tourists.

Uzbek prostitutes are flocking to Kyrgyzstan, where better pay and more liberal attitudes make for an easier life. And Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are receiving more and more Uzbek sex workers.

At the moment, prostitution in Uzbekistan is illegal, and you can get into trouble with the police if you get caught.

There aren’t that many hookers out at night and even fewer tourists. That makes you vulnerable to police inspections.

The good thing is there are many Uzbakh women eager to hook up with a foreign man. Meaning you don’t have to hire a prostitute if you want to get laid.

This sex guide to Uzbekistan reveals how to explore the country like a pro, how to play safely, how much things cost, the best places to find girls, and everything in between!


What About Sex & Girls In Uzbekistan?

Women in Uzbekistan are generally reserved and traditional. Most of them marry in their 20s with a school friend or someone met at work.

So don’t expect to find too many young ladies available, but rather many more single mothers or divorced women in their late 20s or 30s. And the best part is they still look hot…

sexy Uzbek girl

Also, they are eager to hook up and don’t mind to go for a nightstand. That is never the case with a younger girl.

You can get into a casual relationship with older women without drama and nagging. They just want to have sex and a good time while going about their life. Not interested in marrying you to get out of their country or sector money for companionship.

Kazakh women are independent and proud, and they can navigate difficulties in life all on their own.

The hardest part is to find ladies able to speak English as the country is Russian oriented. Unfortunately, Kazakh women aren’t so liberal like Russian women, but somehow old fashion when it comes to dating.

Nightstands are rare and expect to score on the second or third date. Yes, it takes hard work to score, but I notice that women on dating sites are easier to convince.

The reactions are mixed, most girls are friendly and eager to chat while some are rude, though this was the exception and not the rule.

When hooking up with them, avoid to touch or be to close to them in public. Uzbek ladies feel more comfortable to get intimate in the privacy of your room.

Once you get an Uzbekistan woman in private, she gets really turned on and wants to try out most sexual fantasies. Get ready for one of the best rides of your life.


Where To Find Sex In Uzbekistan

The best places to meet girls and get laid fast are…

1. Online

Uzbekistan girl online

Online is where you should start to get in contact with local girls. Ladies use dating sites to meet foreign men, so your chances to score are high.

Mamba is a site popular among Russian speaking Kazakh. But in my experience, girls take their time to respond, and their level of English is too low.

Russian Cupid is better, not so many girls but most can communicate in English and are eager to meet.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Kazakhstan is a lot better. It has more choice of venues, better women and men ratios, and Kazakh women are easier to approach. But you can still socialize and have fun.

There are also several prostitutes in the nightclubs, but they are pricey and risky business. Cheats and police are common problems.

The only destination that has some nightlife is Tashkent, other cities go quite after 9 pm.

3. Erotic Massage

erotic massage in Uzbekistan

You can get an erotic massage in some sauna operating in hotels. Don’t expect full service, but only a happy ending like a handjob or blowjob.

Ask the receptionist in your hotel where you can get an erotic massage nearby. And don’t forget to tip him in advance.

4. Escorts – Call Girls

Uzbekistan escorts in nightclub

Not so many escorts online, most operate in nightclubs and bars. As said earlier, you should avoid them as they are risky business.


Typical Price For Sex In Uzbekistan

The girls’ prices in Uzbekistan are stiff simply because prostitution is illegal and strictly enforced in the country. Escorts demand between US$80-200 per hour.

The cheapest way to get laid in Uzbekistan is to hook up with girls on a dating site.


Tips & Tricks

• Negotiate prices – Uzbek escorts have higher rates for tourists. so, negotiate the price down at least 30%.

• Girl friendly hotels – To prevent prostitution, you aren’t allowed to have an Uzbekistan guest in your room. The best way is to don’t register your Uzbek girlfriend at reception, or get a room in a girl friendly hotel.

• Avoid prostitutes – Prostitution is illegal in Uzbekistan and enforced. It’s safer and more rewarding to get a holiday girlfriend to stay with you during your stay in the country.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Uzbekistan

how to find uzbekistan girlfriend

Do you want an Uzbek girlfriend to spend time together, experience the local culture, and why not, enjoy intimate moments?

Uzbekistan women dream to meet a foreign man and be your girlfriend.

Imagine to enjoy yourself with a beautiful, outgoing, and young lady…

foreigner meet uzbekistan girlfriend

She can tour you around, look after your needs, and at night enjoy intimate moments together. Even if sex isn’t in your mind, having a temporary local girlfriend is the best way to experience Uzbekistan.

An Uzbekistan girlfriend is your golden ticket for an unforgettable holiday that could become something more.

Most single men that travel to Uzbekistan don’t put any effort into finding a decent girl before their trip. They are too busy to look for accommodation, book the flight and prepare the luggage.

Once they arrive there, they look for companionship, but it’s hard. Most travelers end up to be lonely in a foreign country or to throw money on some prostitutes risking to get in trouble.

Before my trip, I get busy to get in contact with local girls, and only later, I work on the trip’s details.

The best way to find a girlfriend in Uzbekistan is to use a dating site like Russian Cupid. Girls on dating sites are there because they want to meet a foreign man.

To get started, create a profile writing something about you, what you are looking into a girl, and upload your best photos.

Start conversation with the girls, build a list of potential girlfriends, and once in Uzbekistan, meet up.


Dating In Uzbekistan

Much depends on the types of women you date.

If you date a Russian woman in Uzbekistan, there is not much difference of date any other European woman. They are liberal and open-minded.

On the other end, if you date a native Uzbek woman, expect them to be conservative and family-oriented.

dating Uzbekistan women

Another critical factor to take into consideration is the age and location.

Older women in Uzbekistan don’t mind to have casual dates and open relationships. Many are divorced and single mothers that seek only to have companionship and sex. You won’t find many after 30 who are single because it’s frowned upon in Uzbek society.

Younger girls dating a foreigner usually are more into Western dating practices since they consciously have decided not to get married until “later” age (by later age, I mean after the age of 24). But also for them dating is never a “let’s see what happens” thing.

If you decide to marry an Uzbek, you are required to convert to Islam before the marriage – it’s that serious unless she is Russian.

The only city with open-minded ladies in Tashkent, the capital. Other Uzbek cities are off-limits for foreigners, especially in towns where they still arrange marriages.


Best Cities In Uzbekistan To Hook Up

Tashkent – The only city suitable for foreign men interested to hook up in Uzbekistan.

Plenty of beautiful and diverse looking women, this city has a population of 2 million.


Best Uzbek Cities to Meet Girls

This sex guide to Uzbekistan comes to an end. Enjoy the Uzkken women and the country!


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