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angeles city bar guide

Angeles City Bar Girls: Prices, Tips & Best Bars

Angeles City is known for its sexy and horny bar girls. They are a lot wilder than bar girls in Manila or Cebu.

Also, bar girls in Angeles City are super friendly, and they love to have fun without many demands.


Maybe… You’ll figure it out. But before taking a jump in the pool of lust, I’m going to tell you all the things you need to know about Angeles City bar girls to experience an unforgettable holiday.


Where To Find Bar Girls In Angeles City?

angeles city bargirls

It’s pretty easy because Angeles City is small, and the bars are concentrated in two streets:

~ Field Avenue – The main walking street.

~ Perimeter Bar – Located in the outskirt of the city where the “Old School” bars are located.

There are plenty of girlie bars with girls in those streets. But thinking that only bars provide an opportunity to meet ladies is a limitation.

The streets like Field Avenue and dating sites like Filipino Cupid are full of local girls craving to meet a foreign man. Many are bar girls, others are freelancers and there also every day girls looking for a relationship.

sexy angeles city bar girl online

Angeles bar girl on a dating site.

The good thing about meeting bar girls in the street or online is that you get a better service at half of the price. Reason being, whenever you bar fined a girl in the bar, the owner gets a cut.

In other words, you pay for the girl and pay the bar owner to let her go with you. So, whenever you see a hot girl on the street, say “hi” and the game is on…

angeles city girl in field avenue

Bar Girl freelancing in Walking Street – Angeles City. The main street for nightlife, girls and FUN.

If you’re shy and the direct approach intimidate you (no one like to be rejected), then you can meet Angeles City girls on a Filipino dating site.

To get started, write a profile about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a girl. Then upload a few photos groomed, not stone or drunk posing in front a supercar that isn’t yours 🙂

Verify your profile and upgrade your membership as this put you straight up on the search and that “verified badge” is going to land you more attention and response from the girls.

Search for girls in the state of “Papanga”, then select Angeles City. You’ll be surprised by the number of girls that want to chat with you.


Angeles City Bar Girls

bar girls angeles citySome hot, some fat, they come in all colors – white, chocolate and brownish – and shape. A few are great in bed, but unfortunately, most are starfish.They are many!

Yes, that’s sound awful but is the absolute truth… Some girls can’t even give a decent handjob. So, it’s essential to screen the girls carefully.

A real monger can smell out any starfish. They usually have a particular attitude, and few signs are a clear alarm you are dealing with a low-performance girl.

They can demoralize any punter, wasting precious time and money. They must be avoided at all the cost for the sake of your unforgettable holiday.

The good news is, there are a few bar girls that love having fun and indulge in sex.

Contrary to most girls working in bars, they aren’t there to make only a living. They are there to please men and themselves…

angeles city gogo barsYou must get this type of girls if you want to have a great time in Angeles. So, the best way to do so is…

Get Mamasang To Pick Your Bar Girl

Mamasang is an older woman in charge of recruiting and managing the girls. She knows the girls intimately as a good mama should 🙂

She knows even the smallest of the secrets, the one that most Filipino girls are shy to share with friends, thinks like anal, deep throw blow jobs, bisexuality.

The primary duty of a mamasang is to recruit girls for the bar. But it is as important as to make customers happy.

She is old enough to understand that men enjoy certain activities. And if the mama can find the right girls to satisfy customer’s lust, they will come back to the bar for more.

The more customers the bar gets, the happier girls and mamasang are as money flow around.

So, just explain to mamasang what you are looking for, and she will get the right girl to satisfy your desires.


Don’t Let Angeles Bar Girls To Choose You

Most men visiting a bar ask a girl to join for a drink whenever she smiles at them… Or worst, the girl decides to sit and ask for a drink.

bar girls angeles cityNot only you have to buy a lady drink for 200 Pesos (financial commitment), but you’ve cut out all the remaining girls in the bar. Yes, they are watching you.

Guys might think is just how things work in a bar, but they are dead wrong. If a bar girl smiles, it doesn’t mean she is into you. Furthermore, by inviting a girl over, you are committing.

Let me ask you something: “If you don’t like her, what are you going to do next? Call another girl over?”

I think you are smart enough to understand that you are digging a hole in the ground for yourself.

The second case is even worse: the girl chooses you.

It feels good to attract girls; it’s the classic man’s ego. Men feel powerful when a young and beautiful girl sitting next to them. But in a girlie bar, letting girl to choose is pure foolishness.

The majority of the girls who have the guts to start a conversation with a man are:

~ Disparate; no customers for a long time.

~ Have physical issue; ruin belly, or the pussy is smelly, so no one sticks around with her after one bang.

~ Gold diggers; she knows that quantity brings in the dollar, so she hit every customer in the club — the classic slut.

Whatever her reasons to sit with a guy by her choice, it isn’t because she is attracted to him, but she wants the money and nothing else.

Now, that you understand a bit more about the Angeles City bar girls psychology, how you should proceed?

As I said earlier, ask mamasang for help. She knows the girls intimately.


How To Meet Angeles Bar Girls At Half The Price

Most Angeles City girls online are bar girls and happy to meet outside working hours. Not only you save money doing so, but you can take the time to know each other while creating intimacy with the girls.

I don’t have to say that you’ll have better sexual experiences this way. Right?

If you go directly to the bars In Angeles City, you’re seen as a customer by the girls. That means you look like a big ATM, not a lover.

The girls will have sex with you only for the money: no feelings, and no wet panties.

However, if you meet them outside the bar, you’re seen as an intimate lover. That intimacy is what makes a great sexual experience.

In other words, she is going to be HOT for you…

angeles city girls

If you want to hook up with girls in Angeles City, the best way is to use a dating site like Filipino Cupid. There are many bar girls happy to hook up for some tea money like US$20.


How Much You Need To Shell Out?

In the bars, there are different categories of girls and prices. That price is all-inclusive, sex and bar fine. No extra charges, drama or surprises.

In other words, Angeles city bar girls prices are standard. If you are handsome, tall and young, the price is the same as for an old, fat and hairless guy.

bar girl prices angeles city

In Angeles City doesn’t matter your look, the cash will do the talk.

Short and long time are similarly priced, so going for the long is more convenient. But the hottest girls won’t go long time, but only for 2 hours.

The price for the girls ranges from 3.000 Pesos up to 7,000 Pesos for the finest, young and attractive girls. Keep in mind that is customary to give a tip to the girl if she performs well, about 500-1.000 Pesos.


How To Spend Time With Angeles City Girls

angeles girls

Once out of the bar, travelers have no idea where to go beside the way to their hotel room. Asking the girls isn’t going to help. They have no much idea what Angeles City offer besides the walls of her bar.

If you would like to learn more about what to do with a bar girl in Angeles City, check out the Angeles City Sex Guide under the section “Things to Do in Angeles City for Adults.”


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