15 Best Countries To Find A Virgin Wife

Finding a virgin wife is a struggle that many men find themselves in. With the average girl worldwide losing her virginity at 16-17 years old, it can be very difficult to find a virgin girl nowadays.

The thing is only a few countries have girls losing their virginity in their 20s. An example is Malaysia where societal and sometimes even legal pressure on girls to remain virgins.

These countries are your best bet when it comes to finding a virgin wife. Although it might mean for you to convert to Islam if you want to get married.

However, that isn’t necessary if you search for a wife in non-Muslim countries with a high age virginity rate and where women are eager to marry foreign men.

Below, I’ll list all the best countries to find a virgin wife whether you are a Muslim or not. And some tips about how to find a virgin girl for marriage to increase your chances of success.

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15.South Africa

South Africa’s average age for loss of virginity is 19.5. It is also one of the few countries with the custom of buying your bride.

An advantage here is that they still conduct virginity testing, so you know what you’re getting.

14. Thailand

Asia virgin girl from Thailand

This might come as a surprise to some, but the average age for a Thai girl to lose her virginity is 20.2.

Despite what you might think due to Thailand’s booming sex industry, Thai girls are taught that in order to be good women, they must stay virgin until marriage.

Also, it’s pretty easy to find a Thai wife rental material in case you’re looking for a much younger bride.

13. Nigeria

With an average age for loss of virginity at 19.7, Nigeria is an excellent choice to find a virgin wife if you prefer black ladies.

Much like South Africa, they still conduct virginity testing so you can know your wife is really a virgin.

12. Japan

Despite the stereotype that Japanese girls are quite loose, they lose their virginities at 20.4 on average.

In fact, half of all unmarried girls in Japan are virgins, making it an excellent destination if that’s the kind of look you like.

11. Poland

If you’re looking for a wife with a bit more of a Slavic flavor, Poland might be your ideal choice. The average age for a girl to lose her virginity is 19.

The girls in Poland are expected to wait for marriage before having sex, and they’re known for being stunning lookers.

10. China

In China, there’s a commonplace preference for virgin girls when it comes to serious relationships. Because of this, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an Asian virgin wife.

9. Taiwan

Not only does Taiwan boast average virginity losing age of 21.9, but it also places huge importance on virginity and spousal purity.

In fact, there’s a famous story of a Taiwanese boxer beating his wife to death over her lying to him about it. While that is a tragic story, it shows the Taiwanese still care about virginity.

8. Turkey

Turkish girls are known to lose their virginity much later than boys. The girls lose their virginities at 21.3 on average, and the great thing about Turkey is that the girl’s virginity is considered a crucial part of her marital worth.

Furthermore, a girl lying about her virginity or losing it early is considered to be a dishonor to the whole family.

7. South Korea

Although South Korea has a high average virginity rate at 21.1, there are more and more girls having premarital sex.

Because of this, you should be wary of whether or not the girl you’re dating is actually a virgin or if she’s had a virginity-restoration operation done.

6. Indonesia

With an average age of virginity loss of 23.6, Indonesia is one of the countries where girls lose their virginity last.

Furthermore, they are very pedantic when it comes to it. With girls having to undergo a 2-finger virginity test in some state services such as the police force.

For foreign men the easiest way to find a virgin wife is to use a popular dating site in Indonesia.

5. India

India is a great choice to find a virgin wife. The average age for a girl to lose her virginity is 22.5. In fact, Indian women are conservative and not open to the idea of having casual sex.

4. Vietnam

With girls in the country losing their virginities at 19.7 on average, and cultural openness to date foreign men, Vietnam is a great country to find a virgin wife.

Also, being a poor Asian country, you’ll find it quite easy to impress Vietnamese ladies.

Start using any popular sites in Vietnam to contact local girls and it won’t take long before you’ll find a virgin girl.

3. Bulgaria

If you’re looking for a Christian virgin girl to marry, Bulgaria should be on your list.

All that it takes to find a virgin wife is to attend the annual bride market in the town of Stara Zagora…


2. Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where virginity is important. In fact, Malay girls lose their virginity at the highest age in the world: 23.7.

This makes Malaysia at the top of the list to find a virgin wife.

However, keep in mind that the country is a prominently Muslim country. So you have to convert to Islam if you want to marry a Malay.

1. The Philippines

marry Asian virgin girl in the Philippines

Undoubtedly the Philippines is the best country to find a virgin wife. Not only Filipinas are eager to marry foreign men but many stay virgins until marriage due to their strong Catholic beliefs.

The best way to get started is to meet Filipino girls on dating sites and be direct about your intentions and necessity. Tell them you’re looking for a wife but she must be a virgin.

There are several clinics in the country that can check the reliability of their virginity for you.


How To Get A Virgin Wife

As already discussed, the best way to find a virgin wife is to go to a country where virginity is treasured. 

Sure, you might be able to find virgin girls anywhere, but some places are far likelier than others.

Anyway, that isn’t enough. There are other important factors to keep in mind if you want to land a virgin wife:

Make Yourself Approachable: Quality grooming and a smile can go a long way in helping you find a proper partner for yourself.

Look In The Right Places: You aren’t likely to meet any virgin girls in a bar or nightclub. Instead, dating sites are a better place to find a virgin girl.

Ask Early: Clarifying that you’re looking for a virgin is something many girls will find appalling. And you need to be direct as you can’t go around dating random ladies and just praying to find a virgin.

Be upfront about it by asking if she had a boyfriend before. If she says yes, dig to find out whether she had sex or not.


Which Country Is Best To Find A Virgin Girls For Marriage?

While the Philippines sits at the top of our list of countries to find a virgin wife, that doesn’t mean it’s the best country for everyone.

People have different tastes, so if you’re into Slavic girls you might go for Poland or Nigeria if you’re more into black ladies.

Even finding an Asian wife you need to choose among several nationalities.

In the end, you need to keep in mind that you need to be clear about your requirements.

Besides that, remember that even if you search for virgin girls, some ladies will still lie about it. Especially if you meet them in social places like bars and clubs.

The best way to contact such girls is to use a dating site and search for young ladies. Be upfront about what you’re looking for so you won’t waste time on dates.