How To Rent A Wife In Thailand

It’s common practice to rent a Thai wife for a short or long period.

Some men are after a holiday experience with a young and beautiful Thai girl and it’s often termed “rent a girlfriend“.

Instead, when you hire a girl for a longer period she becomes a temporary wife (เมียเช่า). Meaning she would take care and live with you as a full-time wife.

In all cases, she provides companionship, intimacy, cook, cleans, helps with language and Thai culture.

Yet, you avoid all the downsides of a real relationship like jealousy, unreasonable demands, drama and so on. If you’re been married before, you know what I’m talking about.

The problem with the majority of foreigners searching for a rental wife in Thailand is they look in the wrong place: the red light areas.

And that’s a pity because there are plenty of ladies with regular jobs and students that dream to meet a foreign man.

The girls you see in shops, malls, universities and even online are all potential rental material. In a country where there is a lack of opportunities and career advancement, being a temporary wife is a better alternative.

For example, most girls walking around the malls on weekdays struggle to make ends meet. When you offer financial support, they’ll be more than happy to be your temporary wife.

Obviously, this arrangement works better if there is some affection between you and her.

Yet, you don’t want to go around the malls offering a wife job to the ladies. Not only it’s ridiculous but the girl might get offended.

The easiest way for finding Thai girls for rent in Thailand is to use either a dating site if you’re looking for a permanent wife or an arrangement site if you want a temporary Thai wife.

In this article, not only I’ll offer valuable info when renting a Thai wife for the first time, but also how to approach the matter without offending anyone.


How Much Cost A Thai Wife?

If you’re wondering about the price for a Thai wife, there are a few parameters to take into consideration.

Some men might think age and beauty influence the price for a wife in Thailand, but in reality, it’s where you get her from and what is her profession that matters.

For example, renting a wife in Bangkok is more expensive than renting a wife in Pattaya. Simply because Bangkok’s average salaries are higher than Pattaya’s.

Another thing to take into consideration is her profession.

For example, a university girl is going to cost you way less than renting a Thai bar girl…

Meet Thai girls hookups
Thai bar girls on the left. A university student on the right.

The reason is working girls make a pretty decent salary and they expect a higher standard of living. Countless men have spoiled them before you and their loyalty is attached to your wallet.

Instead, a student doesn’t expect much. With a 10.000 baht monthly salary, she is going to be a very affectionate wife. On the other hand, a working girl if offered only 10.000 baht per month would prefer to carry on working in the bars.

Having cleared that, now let’s look into standard rates for a Thai wife:

  • Wife in Bangkok – Monthly allowance in the range of 10.000-30.000 baht. University girls and ladies with a regular day job are 10.000-15.000 baht per month. Ladies with professional jobs start at 20.000+ baht.
  • Wife in Pattaya – The price starts at 8.000 baht for a girl working in a shop or restaurant up to 20.000 baht for a girl working an office job. Bar girls start at 25.000+ baht per month.
  • Wife in Chiang Mai – A wife in Chiang Mai costs like a wife in Bangkok unless she is a bar girl.
  • Wife in Phuket – Same costs of renting a wife in Pattaya.
  • Wife in Issan – Renting a girl in Issan is the cheapest option, but also the hardest. Price starts at 6.000 baht and no more than 13.000 baht per month.

There are Thai girls that get 50.000+ baht per month. But those are the exception, not the rule. Usually, they are ex gogo bar girls with excellent sales skills that manage to convince a man to pay.

You should not spend such a ridiculous amount of money. Not only it’s unnecessary, but you’ll make her greedy and with time she’ll turn into a monster.

In conclusion, hiring a Thai wife isn’t that expensive when you avoid working girls like bar girls and freelancers (Thai independent escorts).


Best Places To Find Wives In Thailand

It depends if you’re looking for only a temporary Thai wife or more than one.

If you were wondering how many wifes a man can have in Thailand, the Thai tradition allows as many as a man can afford. Legally speaking is one, but financial speaking the number is illimited.

When you have several wives, Thais say you have a Mia Lung (major wife) and Mia Nois (minor wives). In the West, it’s like having a few mistresses.

The only difference is a mistress in Thailand costs you way much less than a mistress in the West.

So, where to start to look for a Thai wife?

Most foreign men rent a wife in Bangkok because there is a wider selection of ladies. Especially university girls.

Yet, you can find girls for rental in most parts of the country.

If you’re looking only for one lady, your best option is to search on a popular dating site. But if your intention is to have a few temporary girls, you’re better off using an arrangement site.


Rent One Wife

If you want to rent only one wife, probably you want a woman that provides companionship, friendship and understanding, not only intimacy.

In this case, the best way to rent a Thai wife is to use dating sites like Thai Friendly.

Look for profiles like these:

Thai wife rental online

Those women offer respect, love and understanding. They’ll cook for you, clean and look after your needs with affection.

The best age range is between 30-45 years old if you value having a traditional wife.

But if you prefer a younger wife, don’t expect her to be a great housekeeper or cook. Obviously, she’ll be more energetic and horny in the bedroom.

For a younger wife, look for profiles like these:

Thai girls for rent online

Those girls want to find a partner that hopefully supports them.

Keep in mind when a girl accepts to date, it means she is open to the idea to get into a relationship with you.

But don’t talk about money at the beginning of the relationship, let her bring up the financial discussion. In the meantime, you can enjoy her without paying a salary.


Rent Several Ladies

Maybe you’re already married or you plan to have more than one Thai wife. If this is the case, you should get a “sugar baby”.

A sugar baby in Thailand is known as Mia Noi or second wife. And successful men usually have a few of them.

The good thing about having a second wife is you get all the benefits of a relationship but without any drama or nagging.

She knows that you have one or more wives and understand her role in this type of arrangement. Meaning she’ll look after your needs but without stepping into your other private affairs.

Just imagine having your own sugar baby…

Thai sugar baby showering

You can have a great time on your own terms. And the best part is she won’t make problems or be jealous like a typical wife because she accepts this sort of arrangement.

Meaning you get all the good things of a relationship like affection, loyalty, and intimacy, but you avoid the negative aspects like drama and restricted freedom.

The best way to get in contact with sugar babies in Thailand is by using a site like Sugar Daddy Meet. Plenty of ladies are available for a relationship with benefits.

When you’ll message the girls, be on point by explaining what you’re looking for in a relationship. Sugar babies understand the needs of a man and accept the terms of the arrangement.


Do Thai Men Pay For The Thai Wife The Same Way Foreign Men Do?

In short: yes.

Thai men pay their main wife and minor wives (Mia Nois) as foreign men do.

Meaning a Thai wife expect financial support regardless is from a Thai or foreign man.

When you hear stories of foreign men paying crazy money for a Thai wife, usually she is an ex Thai bar girl that is taking advantage of him. That’s the main reason why a Thai man would never consider a bar girl as a rental wife.

This video some up pretty well the point…

Anyway, many expatriates opt for a temporary wife in Thailand instead of bearing the cost of a permanent relationship. In the West happen something similar by signing a pre-nuptial agreement.

The advantage to rent a Thai wife is that if she misbehaves or you just get bored of her, the separation is financially painless. You just stop paying her a salary, and she’ll leave you.


Best & Worst Women In Thailand To Sponsor

The best women to rent in Thailand are students and girls working a regular job.

Yet, if you can choose between the two, go for university girls…

university girl in bangkok Thailand for rent

Students’ only focus is to make their parents proud by finishing their studies. Meaning, a university girl is going to be affectionate and caring without much hassle.

Instead, a woman working a day job might initially be happy with some extra cash from you, but over time she might want to change her position from temporary to full-time wife.

Keep in mind that Thai students are very immature but also playful and fun to be around.

But if you prefer to have substantial conversations and value companionship, get a woman in her 30-40s.

In any case, you want to avoid bar girls at all costs. They are lazy, liars, and only interested in the financial part of the relationship. Meaning they don’t care about your feelings and well-being.

In conclusion, bar girls are unreliable rental wives while students and girls with regular jobs are the way to go.

If you want a permanent Thai wife for the long term, get in contact with ladies on a dating site.

Instead, if you plan to have a temporary wife or mistress, search on a popular arrangement site in Thailand.