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How To Find Swingers In Bali 

Finding swingers in Bali is a bit challenging because of the religious and conservative nature of the country. But there is a discreet swinging scene in Bali, and if you know where to look you’ll have a good time.

You won’t find local Balinese into the swinging lifestyle, but only foreigners living here or visiting during a holiday.

They regularly organize swingers’ parties in Bali, but you need the invitation to get in. They’re usually hosted in a private villa or resort, and the location is disclosed a few hours before for privacy reasons.

We’d explore all questions you may have concerning the swinging lifestyle in Bali, and also offer tips to help you connect with like-minded swingers here.


What Expect From a Swinging Party in Bali

Swinging parties in Bali are very private, small, and less lively compared to the swinging parties hosted in bigger cities.

With swinging not being allowed in businesses like swinger clubs, swingers turn to host weekend getaways or meet & greet in a villa or resort to satisfy their needs.

So at a private sex party in Bali, you’ll find about ten people or fewer. It’s very intimate and regular people know each other for years. It’s a tight knight community.

As the parties are reserved, you’ll need an invitation to get in. In other words, you need to know someone who is into the Bali lifestyle or you won’t get in.

Another interesting fact about swinging parties here is that people don’t go overboard with sexy dresses. They prefer to fly under the radar, and show the hot staff with lingeries.


How To Connect With Swingers In Bali

The best way to find swingers in Bali is by socializing with open-minded and socially positive people.

Here are the best ways to find swingers in Bali:


Join a Swinger Community Online

The best way to find like-minded couples or solo sexual partners is by joining Asian Match Mate.

Asian Match Mate is a popular hookup site where you’ll find swingers who are open to swapping partners and regularly organize sex parties.

Also, you’ll find people into BDSM or other sexual fetishes, threesome, foursome, moresome and even orgy events.

Make your profile as straightforward as possible. In other words, be explicit about what you’re searching for. This would help draw in great matches.

You can use the advanced search option to look for swingers in Bali so you can start networking right away. Many foreigners visit Bali every year and use Asian Match Mate to organize parties and search for swapping couples or solo males/females.

Additionally, there is on RedHotPieAsia. This is another swinger community but much smaller than Asian Match Mate. There you’ll get to know where erotic-themed swingers’ parties take place in Bali. Most swingers on the site are from Australia but you’ll find also a few Asian swingers.


Stay At a Nudist Resort Or Visit a Nude Beach


Another way to connect with swingers in Bali is by staying in a nudist resort or simply by getting a sun tan on a nudist beach.

You’ll meet many open-minded and friendly couples as well as solo travelers. Not everyone is into swinging, but many are.

Get friendly, have a drink or meal with them, and found out if they are open to swinging. If you don’t stay at a nudist resort, you can always visit a nudist beach.

Here are some nudist Resort & Nude Beaches to visit in Bali:

  • Uluwatu Beach: Located at Bukit Peninsula of Bali.
  • Geger Beach: Located at Southern Nusa Dua.
  • Bali Au Naturel (Resort): Located at Bondalem, Tejakula.
  • Viceroy Bali (Resort): Located at Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar.
  • Laki Umi Villa (Perfect spot for gays): Located at Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung.


Attend Tantra Workshops

In a Tantra Workshop, you’ll meet couples who are sexually open-minded. Some might be into the swinging lifestyle as well.

One thing I love about a tantra workshop is that pleasure is experienced not only from sex but other ways such as sexual massages, genital massages, handjobs, etc.

All you need to do is to book a Tantra session and connect with like-minded people.


Tips to Swing in Bali

Here are tips to help to get the best swinging experience in Bali:

  • Foreigners over Locals: Rarely an Indonesian couple would be interested to swing. This is why you should only approach foreign couples that seem into the lifestyle in public or use an adult site like Asian Match Mate to avoid awkward moments.
  • Be cautious: Bali is not an openly sex-friendly environment. As such, be careful about your actions. And do not try to swing publicly with your partner, this would be considered very inappropriate here.
  • Socialize: Although it’s hard to meet swingers in the wild, by socializing you’ll increase your chances. Be friendly, have a few drinks together, and see if they are interested to swap. Nudist resorts are great places to find new friends into the lifestyle.


FAQs About Swingingin Bali


Are there any swinger clubs in Bali?

There aren’t any swinger clubs in Bali. but there are swingers who organize a mini getaway or Meet & Greet for swingers to mingle and have fun.


Is swinging legal in Bali?

There aren’t laws that cover swinging activities. But it isn’t allowed to open a swinger club perhaps because it goes against decency law.

If you swing privately, you won’t face any issues.


What’s the best place to connect with swingers in Bali?

The best place to connect with swingers in Bali is by socializing with like-minded people on Asian Match Mate.