Lombok girls for sex

Best Places To Meet Sexy Lombok Girls & Prices

If you are planning a trip to this island, you might be interested to meet girls in Lombok and get laid.

Lombok is a laid-back choice when compared to the popular Bali. There are many white-sand beaches with innumerable restaurants to enjoy a chill day, snorkel, surf and get a girl in a bikini to finish the day.

However, at night is the best time to scout out for girls in Lombok.

Gili Trawangan is the main nightlife area to have fun, especially down to the Pier.

There you can walk around and visit nightclubs and bars where local Indonesian girls and foreigners party.

It’s surprising how many Western women are around…

Hot Lombok girls getting laid

But they are hard to approach and it seems they aren’t interested in sex.

If you plan to hire a prostitute in Lombok, it’s pretty expensive. Lombok girls prices start at 500K Rupiah to almost 2 million Rupiah.

You can get hotter and cheaper girls in Bali, then take her with you to Lombok…

lombok girlfriend

In today’s post, I’m going to go over the best places you need to know before traveling to Lombok.
Knowing these places is essential If you want don’t want to spend a lonely vacation or spend crazy money just to get laid with an average Indo girl.

Let’s take a deeper look.


1. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars in Lombok

If you love to party, Lombok offers cheap booze and a relaxed atmosphere with hot babes.

There aren’t any sophisticated nightclubs like in Jakarta, but you are definitely going to have fun if you go with the flow. Just stick to the Gili islands or Senggigi.

Senggigi is more like the urban center in Lombok, instead, Gili Island is the beach spot.

There’s a good chance you’ll get a one-night-stand if you have a good game. But most locals in this atmosphere want to get into your wallet.

That said, prepare to spend from 400k to 1 million Rupiah to have sex with a freelancer prostitutes.

In my opinion, they aren’t worth the money, so whenever I visit Lombok I make sure to recruit a girl from Bali who is hotter and cheaper. I’ll explain later how I do that.

If you still want to hookup, the best nightclubs and bars to pick up girls in Lombok are:

  • Jiggy Bar and Club is one most popular places to party in town. There are lots of hot chicks here and you can have fun at their weekly boat parties.
  • Sahara has lots of sexy lady companions you can hook up. Mondays and Thursdays are their most happening nights,
  • Sama Sama Reggae Club has a live band and an electric crowd of local and western girls.
  • Happy Café is a nice place to hang out with locals and foreigners in a friendly atmosphere. They offer live music and a good sushi bar.
  • Horizontal Bar and Lounge is one of the few hip modern venues on the island. Asides the girls, it’s a popular sunset and cocktail spot.
  • Tir Na Hog Bar is the only Irish pub in Lombok which gives you a European party feel. They have ladies Night on Sundays and cocktails are sold at half the price.
  • Citra is a nightclub in Senggigi with lots of girls to meet for a bang. They also have a KTV.


2. KTV In Lombok

Here, you can sing or have the girls sing with you in a room.

If you are feeling it already, then you can take any one or more if you like a private room to have sex.

Sexy Lombok karaoke girls

They are quite pricey though as you will have to spend around 1 to 2 million IDR to get the bang.

Here are the best KTVs in Lombok:

  • Mekar is an entertainment hub at night with its nightclub, karaoke, restaurant, billiard center, and a tourist shop.
  • Citra is a classy club that has a free crowd and daily live music. They also invite artists from Jakarta and DJs. This gives you a good build up to the KTV experience.
  • Loligo Club is one of the newest clubs offering this service. It’s also quite modern for Lombok standards.


3. Lombok Happy Ending

This is an easy way to meet girls in Lombok during the day for some form of action. The happy ending massage spas are concentrated in Senggigi.

Most of the girls will give you an HJ for a tip, and some offer a blowjob or a quickie. Their services don’t have a proper menu like in Jakarta but the girl prices for extras are 300k for HJ, 400-500k for BJ, and 600k for sex.

Here are the top spas that offer happy ending in Lombok:

  • Lily Spa has a few hot girls giving great massages and of course, with a happy ending.
  • Loligo Spa also offers a KTV, club, and hotel. There’s another Loligo so in a different location with a different owner.

Sexy Lombok women

Now, you must have realized that it won’t be so hard for you to have sex in Lombok but with limited options compared to Bali or Jakarta.

There are many activities to do on the side, especially on the Gili islands. Try surfing, snorkeling and diving.

Even though Gili Trawangan has depreciated a bit in recent years, it’s still a great spot.

Have fun!