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How To Have Sex In Japan – Where To Meet Horny Girls

Japanese women are hard to approach, they act shy and flake a lot. But is it?

The reality is that Japanese women want to fuck as much as you. They love to have sex and are open-minded to the idea to get laid with a gaijin (foreign man).

Yet, like most people on this planet, they respond to familiarity. Meaning if you act very different from their customs, you come off as a weirdo.

For example, this Japanese woman is still traumatized by having tried to hug her grandpa…

As you can see, you might think it’s normal to act and do things around Japanese women the same way in your home country. Yet, in their eyes, you act like a weirdo.

It might be an extreme example but it explains why most Japanese women won’t have sex with you. You’re culturally too different from Japanese men.

You do and say things in a way that comes off as a weirdo from their cultural point of view.

Sure, you are not even aware of that, and no one is going to tell you. Yet, the girls feel uncomfortable being around you.

So, what to do about it?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to transform yourself into a samurai to fuck Japanese girls.

You only need to look for the right type of girl that accepts and understand foreign men. Unless you want to behave and act like a Japanese man.

So, as a foreigner, you have basically two choices. The first option is to pay for sex while the second option is to find a woman or couple that wants to have sex with a foreigner.

Let’s explore both options…


Japan is one of the most sexualized countries in the world. You can find all sorts of sexual things around the country from maid cafes to sex toy shops to soaplands that offer scrub and sex…

japanese sex massage girl in a soapland

Every single Japanese city has one or more red-light areas where you can find paid sex. But don’t expect to be welcome.

Most places don’t accept non-Japanese men.


Culture differences and language barrier.

You don’t know the Japanese sex venue’s rules while the girls can’t explain them to you because they don’t speak English.

Meaning unless you know the Japanese language, you won’t get in in most sex venues in Japan.

For example, you can’t force down a girl in a pink salon. Even gently isn’t allowed unless the lady gives you consent.

There are several more rules similar to this, and each establishment has its own set of guidelines. Unless you can speak or read Japanese, you won’t be able to get in.

Having said that, you can sneak in those sex places if you’re with a Japanese friend. That way he can explain to you the rules and vouch for your good “Japanese conduct” to the doorman security.

In case you either can’t understand the Japanese language or don’t have a local friend to help you get inside, your next option to get laid is to hook up with a gaijin hunter.


Hook Up With A Japanese Gaijin Hunter

Gaijin hunters are Japanese women who `hunts` foreign men for dating and sex. Usually, these girls have studied abroad or been influence by foreign cultures in some way.

The funny thing is how Japanese women hide their obsession with foreign men. They say things like they want only to improve their English or make new friends. When in reality they want to get laid.

When you Japanese sugar babies on sugar sites, it’s pretty obvious that their real intentions aren’t to improve only English skills or make new friends.

They just use that as an excuse in case some friend or relative finds out about it. For Japanese, reputation is critical and women don’t want to be seen as easy girls by actively searching for guys.

So they use the “learning English” excuse to cover up their real intentions in case they get called out.

Now that you got a better picture of what type of girls to target in Japan for an easy laid, let’s see where to find them.


Best Ways To Find Sex In Japan

The red light areas in Japan aren’t foreign friendly and the dating sites are worth the effort only if you want something more than just sex. Aka, a relationship.

So, where the horny Japanese lady hangs out for some no string attached sex?

If you happen to be in Tokyo, visit Roppongi…

It’s a nightlife area with bars and nightclubs where Japanese girls with a fetish for foreign men hang out. If you have some social skills, you won’t find that hard to start conversations.

Once you get a conversation going and there is some sort of attraction between you and her, head to a love hotel nearby. In Japan, nightstands usually get consumed in motels rent by the hours.

Yet, don’t expect to be an easy ride if you’re alone. You need a wingman because the girls hang out in groups. It’s much easier to approach when with a friend as it’s less awkward.

The best venues are GasPanic and Muse, but there is plenty of other places and for all tastes.

In other Japanese cities, there isn’t really an option to go out at night to pick up girls. I suppose because there aren’t enough foreigners.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go out at night to find girls for sex in Japan. There is a large community of horny women and couples on Asian Match Mate, and most are looking for non-Japanese sex partners.

Whatever options you decide to go for, remember to be respectful and groom. There are too many entitled and unpleasant men out there — don’t be one of them.


In Conclusion, Is It Easy To Get Laid In Japan?

It’s easy to have sex in Japan when you know where to meet the right type of girls.

As said earlier, the majority of Japanese ladies simply don’t feel comfortable being around foreign men. Even working girls in the red light areas.

There is a cultural and language barrier between you and to get laid in Japan. Yet, when you search for ladies with a fetish for foreign men, it gets much easier to find sex in Japan.

In conclusion, avoid the red light districts if you can’t speak Japanese, you won’t be allowed in most places.

Instead, look for Japanese women interested to date foreign men on dating sites or join a sexually open-minded community to find a sexual partner.

Have fun in Japan, and don’t forget to wrap up.