philippines sex holiday guide

Philippines Sex Holiday Guide

If you are planning to visit the Philippines for a sex holiday, don’t expect to find a decent sex tourism package out there.

And honestly, you don’t even need one because it’s pretty easy to plan a Philippine sex vacation after having read this guide.

Just to be clear, this is a guide for single men who seek the company of a Filipina travel companion/ girlfriend experience while in the Philippines.

But most importantly, you can do it yourself and economically without wasting money on a luxury sex holiday package that you never know how it’ll turn out. Of course, if it isn’t an outright scam.

In this guide, I’ll give you all the information you need in order to plan an all-inclusive sex holiday in the Philippines. That way not only you’ll know how much is going to cost you, but you’ll enjoy the holiday with a beautiful Filipina.


How To Start Planning Your Sex Vacation In The Philippines

First, you need to be clear about your intentions for travelling to the Philippines.

Are you traveling to enjoy the beautiful nature of the country and you would like to it in the company of a local girl? Or are you visiting the Philippines exclusively for the girls, and the scenery is a second thought?

The answer will affect greatly how you’ll plan your holiday because the objectives are totally different.


Travel To Enjoy Philippine’s Natural Wonders, But Not Solo

It can be boring to travel around a new country all alone. And do it in the Philippines when it’s simple to get the company of a beautiful and young girl, it’s a waste.

A Filipina travel companion is the best way to enjoy the country, the culture, and never feel lonely…

She’ll offer companionship, intimacy, and friendship while helping you to enjoy the local cuisine and avoid common tourist scams.

You can either hire a Filipina girlfriend for the duration of your trip or set up a date with a girl in each destination you plan to visit.

For example, let’s assume you’ll land in Manila for a day, then go to Cebu for a few days and finish the trip to Boracay.

One month before your trip, sign up on a popular dating in Philippines and contact girls living in Manila, Cebu and Boracay. Get to know them, and choose two-three girls that you would like to meet at each destination.

To continue the example, ask the Manila girl to meet you at the airport. That way you can have dinner with her and get back your hotel’s room for some intimacy.

In Cebu, you can arrange several dates during your stay or just hang out with the same girl. A kind of girlfriend experience.

And for Boracay, you can simply invite a province girl to join you for a holiday. There are plenty of young Filipinas in the provinces that will jump at the opportunity to have a free vacation in Boracay.


Visit The Philippines Only For Sex

If your holiday is only about girls and sex, then you should pick destinations where sex tourism is rampant. Destinations like Angeles City, Subic Bay, and Manila.

As explained in the Philippines sex guide, in those destinations there are red light areas with several bikini bars and happy massage parlors where you can buy sex.

It’s pretty easy, you simply walk in a bar or massage parlor, and pick any girl you like for a fee…

Philippines sex girls

The only downside having sex with prostitutes it gets boring pretty fast, and the costs add up quickly.

Pay a working girl 3.000 pesos for a few hours of sex and spend money on drinks that aren’t good for a man’s health, it isn’t a smart way to enjoy a sex holiday.

A better option is to spend only some days in a sex tourism destination just for the experience. And have a cheaper alternative for most of your sex holiday.

For example, spend only two days in Angeles City to experience the red light district and then go to Subic Bay for a week or two with a civilian girl. important to bud


Costs For A Sex Vacation In The Philippines

It’s important to budget a sex vacation, not only to make sure you don’t run out of money, but it allows you to get the best return of your investment.

For example, when you date a few girls during your holiday instead of visiting the red light districts every night, you’ll drastically decrease your expenses.

Working girls want money out of every occasion whereas civilian girls want to have a good time.

When you take a civilian girl for a drink in a romantic bar, she’ll be happy to get intimate with you as a thank you for the good experience. A working girl isn’t interested in anything else then getting her fee.

Having said that, let’s see the general costs of a sex vacation in the Philippines:


Girl’s Price In The Philippines

It depends where you pick up the girls.

For example, bar girls in bikini bars are the most expensive laid in the Philippines, follow by freelancers (self-employed hookers) and civilian girls are the cheapest.

  • Bikini bar girls – On average 3.000 pesos. Bar girls in Manila ask for 4.000-5.000 pesos while in Angeles City and Subic Bay is 2.500-3.000 pesos.
  • Freelancers in the streets – About 1.000 pesos. It depends on how disparate they are.
  • Freelancers in nightclubs – Between 1.000-2.000 pesos.
  • Civilian girls – Most girls will sleep with you for free or for taxi money (500 pesos)

To estimate your daily budget, get an idea about the type of girls you plan to meet in the Philippines.

The more bar girls and freelancers you hire, the more your sex holiday is going to cost you. On the other hand, the more you hang out with civilian girls, the less your vacation will cost.

Let’s assume, a man plans a sex holiday in the Philippines for a week. He’ll spend 21.000 pesos if he only meets bar girls… Or 10.000 pesos if only hang out freelancers… Or 3.500 pesos if he metts only civilian girls.

As you can see, different types of girls have a different impact on the costs of companionship.


Food And Drinks

Eating and drinking in the Philippines can be very cheap or very expensive.

If you adapt to eat local food and don’t drink in the bikini bars, 200-300 pesos daily is achievable. But the local food is horrible, so I doubt you’ll stomach it.

Your only option is to eat international food in foreign’s own restaurants. So budget 1.000 pesos per day.

If you go for the international food in the hotels, budget 1.500-2.500 pesos per meal.

Avoid drinking in the bikini bars because a drink is 80-140 pesos for you and 200 pesos for her. The bill can add up very quickly.

Have your beer or whiskey in the many small bars for 50-70 pesos.



Hotels in the Philippines are rather expensive considering the quality. You can find accommodation for 800 pesos but they are pretty terrible.

So, you should never spend less than 1.500 pesos for accommodation.

You can have a look for the price of accommodations on Agoda. There are all sorts of accommodations and for any budget.

Yet, a fairly budget estimate for accommodation would be around 2.000-3.000 pesos per day.



Transportation in the Philippines is really cheap and it won’t impact your budget that much. Internal flights are about 1.500 pesos, taxi 50 pesos per ride, and a ferry is 300 pesos for an hour trip.

The transport budget is related to how often you move around in the Philippines. Yet, in my experiences for a week’s holiday, it’ll be about 5.000 pesos on average.

To move around in urban areas, download grab on your smartphone so you avoid getting ripped off by local taxis.


Good And Bad Filipino Girls For A Sex Holiday

The success of your holiday depends a lot on your travel companion. If she is boring or annoying, she’ll ruin your sex vacation.

And change a girl during a holiday is a nightmare if you didn’t plan ahead properly.

For example, if a man land in the Philippines and look for a holiday girlfriend/travel companion in a bar or in the streets, it doesn’t have enough time to assess if she is suitable for him.

On the other end, when a guy contacts a few Filipina girls on a dating site and talk to them for several days, he can get a better feeling about the girls.

And if he is really smart, he won’t put all his hope only in a girl, but he would keep 2-3 girls on the hook in case his first choice turns out to be a disappointment.

In conclusion, if you’re only looking for sex in the Philippines, you’ll find working girls in most destinations. It’s only a matter to pay their fee and get laid.

But if you prefer to enjoy a sex vacation with a travel companion/guide or holiday girlfriend because you value intimacy and friendship, you better look for her on a dating site.

Just keep in mind to be friendly, respectful and polite whether you deal with a civilian girl or a prostitute, and you’ll experience a great holiday in the Philippines.