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Best Cities In The Philippines To Get Laid

It’s pretty easy to get laid in most parts of the Philippines, but some city is better than others.

There are some cities where prostitution is rampant and you can find entire streets with brothels and girls for sex. It doesn’t get easier than that to get laid if you have the money.

Yet, there are cities in the Philippines with many worldly Filipinos who crave to hook up with foreign men. This is a better option if you value intimacy above sex, or you don’t like to pay for sex.

The options to get laid in the Philippines are numerous, and it’s all about deciding what type of intimacy you expect from a girl.

Before I show you the best Filipino cities where to get laid, let’s figure out what kind of sexual experience you are looking for.


What Do You Want From A Sexual Experience In The Philippines?

Getting laid with a prostitute isn’t the same thing as hooking up with a civilian girl…

philippine girls in Manila

Prostitutes are risky business because they sleep around a lot. And the chance to get a sexually transmitted disease is really high.

On the other hand, when you hook up with a civilian Filipina, the chances of getting sick are low.

Not only that but when a man engages in the services of a prostitute, it’s self-esteem takes a hard hit. He starts to question his worth, wondering what type of human he has become.

Sure, prostitutes can be quite fun because they are usually sexually inhibited as they have sex almost every day with a different guy. But there are also plenty of civilian girls that love to fuck as you can see on these sites.

You can easily find civilian girls that are into you, not your money. And that makes you feel the type of guy that can attract women, rather than the loser who sleeps with hookers.

It’s obvious that getting laid with a civilian girl is way better than hiring a prostitute. So why do the majority of travelers pay for sex in the Philippines?

Simply because most men aren’t aware of how easy it is to hook up with civilian girls in the Philippines. They think they aren’t attractive or in their 40s, 50s or 60s don’t stand a chance to attract a beautiful and young Filipina…

As a result, they engage the services of prostitutes instead to get in contact with everyday Filipina.

Now that it’s clear what you want, let’s some of the best cities to have sex in the Philippines.


Popular Filipino Cities For Foreign Men Who Want To Get Laid

There are two types of destinations for foreign men in the Philippines.

The cities with a high percentage of prostitutes and the cities with a high number of regular civilian girls interested in hooking up with a foreign man…


Sex Tourist Cities In Philippines

If you want to pay to get laid, these destinations have red light areas where you can engage the services of prostitutes.

Angeles City – The most infamous destination in the Philippines with two red light districts filled with bikini bars and sexy girls.

Just walk the Field Avenue to find ladyboys and girls in the streets…

Alternatively, get into any girlie bars to hire a girl for the night.

Subic Bay – Only 2 hours from Angeles Cities near the sea, there is Subic Bay, a small town with a laid-back atmosphere and several bars.

Subic Bay isn’t as developed as Angeles City, but there are a handful of girlie bars.

Makati City – This is the business district of Manila. Where the money goes around, girls follow. You can pick up girls in the bars in Burgos Street or visit the nightclubs to find freelancers (girls selling sex).


Filipino Cities To Meet Worldly Filipina

If you aren’t interested in getting laid with prostitutes, but you prefer to enjoy intimacy with a worldly Filipina, these cities are your best option.

Manila – Manila has the most highly educated Filipinas in the country. There is no doubt that you can find plenty of girls eager to hook up with a foreign man.

Cebu – Cebu is a popular expatriate city, so the girls aren’t scared when approached by a foreign man. Plenty of young Filipinas come here to work in the call centers or study in one of the many universities.

Boracay – The most popular beach destination in the Philippines that attracts Filipinas from all over the country. Girls come here with a party mindset that includes drinking and sex.

As you can see there are several cities where you can get laid in the Philippines. It’s possible to talk to the girls, invite them for a drink, build some sexual attraction, and go back to your place.

But a better way is to get in contact with several girls online before your vacation. That way you can build trust and sexual attraction which is essential if you want to get laid with a civilian Filipina the moment you land in the Philippines.

Imagine getting intimate with a young and beautiful girl…

Filipina girl lay on bed

She can’t wait to get intimate with you after waiting so long. And she is ready to give you a good time.

Like any other woman in the world, Filipinas need to feel comfortable being around you if you want to get sexual.

The nightstand thing is common in the West because women are independent and emancipated, but the Philippines is still a strictly religious country. This means it takes some talk to make them feel comfortable to sleep with you.

First-time travelers to the Philippines think it is easy to get nightstands, but they end up paying a prostitute.

This happens only because they didn’t take the time to set up dates before their trip. If only they had talked with a few girls online to build connections, they could have easily had sex with a civilian girl, not a prostitute.

The easiest way to get laid in the Philippines is to contact girls on dating sites. There are so many girls eager to hook up.

You simply create a profile, add your photo and a short description of yourself. Then contact several girls and start to build sexual attraction and intimacy by just talking to them.

It’s only a matter of finding out about their interests and letting them know about you. That builds trust and friendship, which are essential if you want to get intimate with a Filipina girl.


Is That Hard To Get Laid In The Philippines?

It’s very easy to get laid in the Philippines. In fact, you don’t need to pay for a prostitute.

When you have sex with a prostitute you put your health at risk because they are promiscuous due to the nature of their work.

On the other hand, civilian Filipinas with a day job or students are much safer. They are focused on their work and studies, so don’t have much time for casual sex.

That’s why they use hook up sites to get laid. It’s easy and convenient, and it requires minimal investment of time.

Don’t get put off by the fake premises that they only want a serious relationship. Any woman in the Philippines dreams of that.

But the reality is they are down to fuck on the first date when you treat them with respect and consideration. When they agree to meet up with you, that means they are open to the idea of having sex.

Obviously, they pretend to act like they never thought about sex, but once they get back to your room, it’s a different story altogether.

In conclusion, it’s easy to get laid with girls in the Philippines when you build trust and attraction by chatting online.

But if you can’t bother to do that, have the money to waste and don’t mind risking your health, you can always visit the red light district for an easy laid.