How To Join A Sex Party In Bangkok

If you’re searching for an unforgettable sex party in Thailand, Bangkok is certainly the best place to start.

Bangkok is known for its fascinating nightlife, street parties, redlight districts, and privately-hosted sex parties. And the city is also ranked at the top as a hotspot for fun and sex.

You’ll not only find hookups, but also, swinger events, orgies, and group sex parties.

So, if you’re a single adult searching for a wild sex party, or you want to engage in couple swapping, Bangkok is your city.

In this article, we’d explore the best ways to get an invitation to a Bangkok sex party, and also offer tips before attending.

But first, let’s discuss what happens to the events here.


What Happens In A Sex Party In Bangkok

Sex parties in Bangkok are a mix of swinger events and group sex. In fact, you’ll find many swingers (couples) and not that many solo men.

The venue is disclosed at least 24 hours before the party to maintain discretion. But depending on the host, you’d get an idea of where the event will be hosted.

Local swingers organize private parties at home, while foreigners are more outgoing and usually rent a few hotel rooms interconnected.

The rules usually in place at the Bangkok sex parties are similar to other places with some exceptions:

  • No means No. Do not pressure or force anyone.
  • Do not go outside the party room, or you’ll not be allowed back in.
  • Follow the dress Code.
  • No ladyboys.
  • Do not get too drunk or bring any drugs.

It is customary to bring booze to appreciate the host’s invitation. So don’t forget to load up before the event.

Now that you got an idea of what to expect from a sex event in Bangkok, let’s see how to find a sex party.


Where To Find Sex Parties in Bangkok

Bangkok swingers at a sex party

The best way to find a sex party is to meet a sex-positive person who has connections or experience with sex events in Bangkok. And the best way to do it is to:


Join an Adult Community Online

The easiest way to get an invitation to a sex party in Bangkok is to join an adult community. Asian Match Mate helps you to socialize with like-minded and sex-positive people in Bangkok.

Just create a profile, and write in your bio that you’re new here and looking to join sex events. Upload some hot photos and videos, and it won’t take long before someone invites you to a sex party.

The community on Asian Match Mate organizes parties regularly. But you’ll find also singles interested to have threesomes and couples looking to soft and hard swap.

I suggest meeting up for a drink to get to know each other before getting intimate. There are all sorts of people traveling and living in Bangkok, so not everyone will fit your interests.

Also, expect to get invited to “munches” where swingers and kinksters socialize in public venues. Don’t expect to have sex, but you’ll get to know people and learn where the next sex party will be held.


Stay in a Nudist Resort

A nudist resort is a natural environment filled with various sensational activities for people who like to relax without any clothing obstruction.

However, you’ll find them using the term “Naturist”, rather than “Nudist”.

There’s only one nudist resort in Bangkok called Resort naturiste Barefeet. There you’ll find locals and tourists into the lifestyle.

You need to get friendly and make people comfortable around you before politely asking them about upcoming events in the city.


Visit A Sauna

Who doesn’t love a good sauna? Apart from the relaxing feeling, you can also find yourself in an orgy right away.

The only thing is I’m talking about a gay sauna. There aren’t any saunas for couples or straight guys to join an orgy.

The gay saunas in Bangkok are legal and safe, and you’ll find Thais and foreigners alike.

Here are the best gay saunas in Bangkok where gay sex parties take place:

  • R3 Sauna Bangkok
  • Chakran Gay Sauna Bangkok
  • Sauna Mania
  • 39 Underground Bangkok

Try visiting any of these places anytime from the afternoon to the evening. But Sunday afternoons are usually filled with lots of people.


Tips When Attending A Group Sex In Bangkok

Most of the time, people get scared of joining group sex activities in Bangkok because they don’t know anyone in the lifestyle. This is particularly true for those just relocated here or are on holiday.

The culture is different, so they don’t know how to behave in this new environment.

Here are some tips that will help you don’t get into awkward situations:

  • Don’t dress seductively: In Bangkok, people attending sex parties tend to wear casual underwater rather than something sexy. The erotic culture hasn’t taken place yet.
  • Bring booze when attending the party: This act will surely make the host treat you better. You might even be connected with a suitable partner at the party.
  • Understand boundaries: In the West people openly express their boundaries. In Bangkok, especially if you find yourself playing with Thai couples, they might not be so vocal about it. So ask always permission before touching someone.
  • Be open-minded: Thai people are accepting of gays and transgenders. If you find yourself at a sex party with a ladyboy (transgender woman), don’t be shocked and don’t overreact.
  • Be polite: Keep your voice down and speak softly. Parties here don’t sound like one.


FAQS Regarding Sex Parties In Bangkok


Where can I find orgies in Bangkok?

On Asian Match Mate, you’ll find sexually positive people who can invite you to an orgy in Bangkok.


Are solo males welcome to the sex parties in Bangkok?

Solo males are less luckily to get into a sex party in Bangkok unless they have some special skills or big tools. I suggest finding a sex partner on a popular adult site in Thailand before attending a sex party.


Are Bangkok parties free to attend?

Yes, Bangkok sex parties are usually free. But depending on the host, men might’ve to pay a 3,000 baht entrance fee to the party.