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Thailand sex toys guide

Guide To Sex Toys In Thailand

If you’re wondering where to buy sex toys in Thailand or simply are thinking to bring some of them in your luggage, this mini-guide will answer most of your doubts.

After all, using sex toys is fun and hence the intimacy with your partner.

Before getting started, keep in mind that officially such tools are prohibited in Thailand. Yes, against the law.

But because the law prohibits sex toys, it doesn’t mean that people don’t sell them or you can’t buy them.

Considering that also prostitution is illegal in Thailand… Well, you got the idea.


Can you Take Sex Toys to Thailand?

Bringing sex toys to Thailand is prohibited by the Thailand government. To be specific, they fall under the “Obscene Objects” category of prohibited goods in Thailand.

Sex toys include dildos, male masturbators, vibrators, nipple clamps, or anything sexual are classified as obscene objects.

Not only you can’t carry sex toys inside the country, but also take them out of Thailand.

The good news is that rarely the Thai custom inspect luggage from foreign travelers.

In case they find the sex toys during an inspection before leaving the airport, they’ll confiscate them. End of the story.


Where to Buy Sex Toys in Thailand

There are several ways to buy sex toys in Thailand, and these are the easiest ones…


In popular tourist destinations, you’ll find stalls at night selling all sorts of things related to sexual pleasure. Not only dildo but also Viagra, sexy dresses and condoms.

street market sex toys

Stall near Nana Plaza selling sex toys

This type of naughty night market usually is located nearby the red light areas of the city.

It’s pretty safe shopping in the streets at night even nearby the red light areas. The only thing is you need to bargain hard to avoid the “tourist price”.


Online shopping is a widely used feature these days. Like everything available online for purchase, there are several sex toys vendors online.

The two biggest e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee don’t have an erotic category. As said early, it’s illegal to sell sex toys so the big companies don’t want to get involved.

Yet, there are specialized online sex toys shops like Thailand Sex Toy that deliver to your address across the country.


You won’t find that many dedicated sex shops simply because is illegal and still a taboo concept.

Yet, there are some local malls that sell sex toys and porn CDs on hidden floors usually located in the corners away from indiscreet eyes.

There is also a well-known sex shop in Bangkok called Hidden Closet Bangkok that sell all sort of kinky tools and dresses. It’s located in a small Soi in Thonglor…

thai girls sex toys fetish costumes

Hidden Closet Bangkok

You may find some more sex shops by exploring the cities’ hidden corners and by asking the local people.


Best Destinations To Find Sex Toys in Thailand

The best destinations in Thailand to find sex toys are…


You can easily find sex toys in Bangkok around the city.

The most popular location is Nana Plaza known to be the busiest red light are in Bangkok. It’s a famous night area with several strip clubs, bars, nightclubs and street hookers.

Just under the Nana Plaza metro station, you’ll find also several sex toys stalls in the street after 6 pm.

If you prefer a less mercenary shopping experience, you can buy some weird-ass toy in Hidden Closet Bangkok in Thonglor.

You can check out the Bangkok hook up guide for more info to have a good time in the city.


The easiest way to find sex toys in Phuket is to head to Patong at night. It’s the biggest red light area on the island and famous for its nightlife, gross sex shows, massage parlors, night clubs and go-go bars.

You’ll find the review of the best adult places in the Phuket sex guide.

You can look for sex toys near Patong Beach or walking through the Indy Night Market.


Pattaya is the most famous sexual destination in Thailand thanks to the biggest red light district in Asia called Walking Street.

Before entering Walking Street, you’ll see several stalls at night selling all sorts of things from food to souvenirs and also sex toys.

During the day the easiest way to buy sex toys in Pattaya is to visit Tukcom. It’s a Mall that sells mostly electronics but on the last floor, you’ll find shops selling fake products and sex toys.

For more info about the town, check out the Pattaya sex guide.


Do Thai Girls like Sex Toys?

Now that I’ve shown you all the best places where to buy sex toys in Thailand, you might wonder if Thai girls enjoy them.

Who doesn’t like some extra pleasure to achieve that orgasm? I don’t think there would be any girl who would be against sex toys.

Having said that, keep in mind that sex toys are taboo for most Thai girls.

So at first, they might not feel comfortable playing with them but once they learn how good feels, they’ll crave to play with one.

Although sex toys are illegal in Thailand, Thais and foreigners use them.

Sex toys give them a chance to explore their sexuality and enjoy higher intimacy.