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how much to pay for girls in phuket

How Much To Pay For Girls In Phuket


Phuket Is The Best Destination in Thailand For Nightlife, Beaches And Girls…

phuket nightlife girls price

… But What is The Right Price?


Negotiating a fair price with Phuket girls can be tricky. You certainly do not want to get ripped off and lose your money.

Ok, fair enough… But where do you start? How do you find girls that are hot and willing without ripping you off?

These are very good questions to ask and actually, if you know what to do and what to look for, girls are abundant and don’t cost much.

In recent years the way how you meet Phuket girls has moved forward online platforms. That is a good thing because you avoid the overly prized bar girls.

If you were renting a Phuket girl 20 years ago, you’d scout out in beer and go-go bars.

You’d spend a bunch of money on lady drinks and then having the privilege to pay a hefty bar fine before you’d get lucky.

In other words, back then it used to be time-consuming and expensive to rent Phuket girls for a night.

Luckily, today things have changed for the better.

When you know where to look online, you can find all sorts of girls that are ready to have fun and give you a true girlfriend experience.

Smartphones and the Internet have totally changed the way we do things now.

It’s simple and easy to find exactly what you want and all at the ends of your fingertips.

Dating sites and apps are popping up in record numbers, allowing you to scroll throughout hundreds of girls from the comfort of your couch.

Even those men who are old school are using these online dating sites to find girls. They offer efficiency, anonymity and convenience.

Some men still choose to frequent bars to find girls, they are either unaware of the dating sites or they are introverts and need to visit an Agogo bar to get laid.

Introvert and goof men paying for pattaya girls in agogo bars

So, you are in Phuket on holiday and you’ve got some money in your pocket to burn and you think you’d like to have sex with Phuket girls.

Before dealing with them, there are a few things you should consider when you are trying to negotiate a fair price. I’m going to cover them below…


1# You Need to Know What Kind of Girls You Are Targeting

Just like any other free market in the world, the price is determined based on the local supply and demand. The more in demand a girl is, the higher the price will be.

This is the main reasons why a Phuket girl prices can vary hugely.

Some girls have a long line of men waiting outside their door – a kind of waitlist – and will never have to wonder where their next customer is coming from.

They get very busy and make serious cash.

Usually, they are very young, sexy and know how to please. If these are your type of girls, get ready to shell out serious money.

phuket girls price by type and nightlife

There are other girls, who may be less attractive or perhaps don’t have the necessary skills to please that you can bargain hard.

The reason is that there is always a next one available.

Usually, they are over 30s, have given birth to one or more babies and not so attractive.

In short, some of these girls are making a fortune, and some of them are struggling to make ends meet.

It goes without saying that the best looking girls are going to come with a hefty price tag. They are in demand and their options are unlimited.

If you are willing to lower the bar, you’ll also lower the financial burden.

However, It wasn’t always this way.

Years ago, Phuket girls rate were much lower and finding a hot and young girl was pretty easy.

After the boom of smartphones and dating sites, girls got “digital booked”. In other words, they can find easily customers online.

That’s why it’s difficult to find quality girls in bars or other entertainment venues now a days.

Besides, as Phuket is becoming more popular not only with tourist but also with expatriate residents, you also have to contend with a lot of women being taken off the market due to sponsors and marriage.

If you keep an open mind about the type of girls, you can still have fun without break your budget. You may not get exactly what you had in mind, but you will still have fun.

So, what are the Phuket girl prices?

If you like older women with stretch marks and chubby, there are plenty of fish in the sea. You can get easily one for less than 1.000 Baht per day

Do prefer young go-go bar spinners? Or model type university girls?

You start at 3.000+ Baht per day and not less than 2.000 Bath for a short time.

If you like young and cute girls but want to spend less, it may be worth engaging them on Thai dating sites.

It puts a whole host of girls right in front of you at your fingertips and gives you options you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own.

Besides, you can get lucky and don’t pay a single Thai bath.


2# Understand Seasonal Factor & Day Game

Not any month of the year is the same because there is a high and low season. In low season there are less tourist and residents, in high season more men to compete with.

Just like any other type of vocational activity, if you are trying to go during the high season then you are going to pay more money.

If you will go during low season you will save a ton of money, it’s about 20% cheaper and that can quickly add us.

I think this is clear, high demand = higher prices, low demand = lower prices.

What is less obvious is the time of the day.

If you are looking for nighttime vs. daytime company the price for Phuket girls can swing wildly, sometimes even double.

Phuket nightlife is crazy, and the girls get very busy so they command higher prices.

So, consider be flexible about when you get your groove on, you can save a truckload of money.

If you try to pick up girls in Phuket during peak hours, then you are going to drive up the price because you are competing with everyone else during those times.

Between 9pm-2am seem to be peak hours, but if you hunt between 5pm-9pm, then you will pay a lot less.

I usually arrange to meet freelancer during these afternoon hours because I can get a bang for 1.000 Baht. That is half the price for the night rate.

Most girls are happy to service before starting to work in the red light districts, it’s a great way for her to pick up extra cash.


3# Having a System to Get The Girls

Your approach with the girls is the most often overlooked factor, but the one that can save you the most cash.

A friend of mine love hard-core hookers, the kind you can find in the go-go bars. You know, the type of girl that has slept with so many men until their pussy smell “used condoms”.

These girls have a high tag price because they are working in go-go bars, so you need to pay her, offer drinks and on top of that pay a bar fine so the bar owner makes profits.

To cut the story short, this my friend doesn’t spend a lot of money on girls.

However, he has got a strategy that allows him to get laid with those hard-core hookers for 1/3 of the price.

Basically, he waits for the go-go bars to close, then he approaches the go-go dancers without customers in the street.

He takes them for a free “early morning breakfast, then takes them at home… The rest, they say is history.

A simple system that works for him.

When you’ve got a system, you get constant results without going over budget.

Personally, I use online dating to find freelancers that are looking for love. Yeah, those girls have a heart and want someone for life like any other girl in this world.

I’m looking for love too but seems that I’m been unsuccessful so far 🙁

However, this approach gets me in the position to get laid with cute and love caring girls without shelling out crazy money.

Also, the overall experience is much better because they don’t see you as a customer but as a lover and potential future husband.

A meal or a coffee with a cake for 300 baht would make most girls get you laid without paying for the sex.


The Sky is The Limit

You can come up with all sorts of variations on how to find, approach and vet out a whole roster of girls.

You literally can find any type of girls if you’re willing to search for it, craft your approach and pay the price.

A word to the wise: “don’t get obsessed over one girl”.

When you get obsessed, you get scammed or ripped off. Keep in mind there is always the next one.

If the girl notices that you’ve taken a liking to her and only her then she is going to play the game and jack up the price to get top dollar out of you.

Also, don’t ever just walk up to a girl and ask her “how much?”

It’s highly offensive (even if she is a working girl) and you’re guaranteed to get the highest price she has ever given anyone in the last seven days. She will be highly turned off and you’d be better off just moving on.

Remember, how you approach these girls is very important.

If you make them feel special and make them feel like you are taking care of them, then they are going to take care of you.

In conclusion, what you are paying for girls in Phuket depends on many factors, the least of which is your look or personality.

Phuket girl prices can be low or super expensive but ultimately you’re going to have a great time.