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How To Pick Up Jakarta Girls And Get Laid

One of the most glorious places to find beautiful Muslim girls in the world today is Jakarta. Jakarta women are simply outstanding – physically and otherwise… And welcoming forward foreign men.

The idea of picking up girls might scare you at first as Indonesia is a Muslim country.

That’s true if you go about the old fashion way – approaching girls in public – but nowadays there are better ways that are less intimidating and more private like online dating.

With time, your list of women to meet grows – And can become a kind of job to deal with all of them…

girls in Jakarta

And I’m referring to everyday girls, not prostitutes. If you are into the pay for play scene, consider reading the Jakarta sex guide instead of this article.


Is It Hard To Hook Up In Jakarta?

Let’s try to answer that question in two ways: Yes and No!

Yes, if you give the wrong first impression. Jakarta women pay attention to your appearance on things like your dress style and how you groom.

You don’t need to be tall, handsome or young to get laid, but only to look “smart”. Meaning to shave, iron your shirt or t-shirt and wear a pair of shoes.

That’s simple.

The second answer is “No, it isn’t hard to hook up in Jakarta” if you can talk to a woman on a social level or if you can afford a hooker.

Yes, a hooker! That’s the fastest way to have sex in Jakarta if you have some cash. Paying for sex in Jakarta is abundant and well alive, there are 3 major red light districts where you can pay for sex.

Bottom line is, for any single guy visiting Jakarta, it is easy to get laid and it only gets hard if you don’t have an idea of what you want.

When you know where to scout for girls, you can easily get laid in Jakarta.

Do you want to hear my story in Jakarta?

Three weeks before going to Jakarta, I met an Indo girl on Seeking Arrangement.

She was 23 years old, cute and was her first time on a dating site apparently. The typical good girl bored of Indonesian men that wanted to spice up her life by hooking up with a foreigner.

When we met, she came with her sister. Both looked beautiful and very friendly.

We had a great time out, a bit of too much drinking and I was shocked when they asked to see my room. I didn’t know what to say, so I just say “ok”.

Don’t need to mention what happened next… But still today I have a big smile on my face when I think about the “conservative” Jakarta.

This is just how things can develop with Indonesian girls you meet online. In a country with so many sexual restrictions, things get wild once behind closed doors.

To answer the previous question, getting laid in Jakarta is as easy as going for a date, just meet the “right girls” in the “right place”.


Tips To Score With Jakarta Girls

Here are some great points on how you can successfully score with a Jakarta girl:

• Go Out On Wednesday

If you are really looking to score a hottie in Jakarta then Wednesday night is the best time for you to go out.

Simply because it is less crowded in Jakarta on Wednesdays and most joints are cheaper.

Also, the main idea here is most clubs are usually ladies’ night on Wednesday. The number of single ladies shoots a notch higher than any other day of the week.

Being that it is a lady’s night, the men traffic is quite low in Jakarta and you can easily get laid as you face no serious competition.

• Keep Your Conversations Simple

Nobody likes a boring and overly complicated guy around them. Assume that all ladies you meet in Jakarta just want to have fun.

They don’t want anything serious and neither do you, you just want to get laid and be done with it. As such, keep your conversations simple and flattering

• Be Conversational

You want to be and remain in conversation throughout. Ladies like to be complimented, do it but don’t overdo it.

Ask stimulating questions, the kinds that will engage the girl and not push her away.

• Be Creative

There are some guys that simply can’t think on their feet when they are in front of a girl, but that is the worst trait to have if you want to get laid.

For example, if you meet a Jakarta girl in a shop or a mall why not ask her to show around?

This trick works almost 100% to anyone with the confidence to pull it off.

When she is showing you around, try to find out where she likes to eat and maybe take her there.

• Get The Damn Number

Jakarta girls love direct men so just ask for the number.

Don’t ask at the beginning or end of the conversation.

• Go For It
So you have communicated and you have already planned your next meeting. With all the flirting you have been doing over the phone you are ready to hit it.

Be normal, casual and after drinks or a meal, take her to the bedroom and have sex.

Don’t get shocked if the next day she tells you “I love you”… You might have just found your Jakarta girlfriend 🙂


Best Nightlife Places To Pick Up Singles

Jakarta nightlife for singles
I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the best nightlife areas in Jakarta that are worth to check out.

Keep in mind that this city has a terrible traffic problem at any time of the day and night.

So you better plan ahead your night out by using the map below to get familiar with the areas…


When it comes to pick up bars in Jakarta, there’s quite a number that you can choose from.

They are the best places to go in the evening when Jakarta women go out for a drink with girlfriends after work.

On Wednesday those places get packed around 9 pm with single girls because is ladies night.

There is no better day of the week for scouting horny women in Jakarta.

The most popular bars to pick up are:



Nightclubs like Fable and Immigrant provide the best opportunities to meet sexy Jakarta babes and get laid. Though the competition may be stiff here, you still stand a chance if you follow the tips laid out above.

The best nightclubs to pick up girls in Jakarta are:



Ok, let’s say you try out all the above and still couldn’t close a girl… What do you do?

You guessed right, find yourself a hooker.

There are a number of areas that you can find hookers in Jakarta:

  • Jalan Falatehan I
  • Melawai
  • Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta

Apart from the street hookers, there are a number of girlie bars where you can relax and have a beer.

This is all for this guide on how to pick up Jakarta girls.