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Where to Find Easy Sex in Bangkok

If you’re looking for the best and safest Bangkok sex of your life, being your first time or not, you’re going to find it here.

Bangkok has so much to offer that can be frustrating deciding what you really want to do; You can date university girls, get a massage with “happy ending” in Sukhumvit road, bang a few Agogo girls from the red-light districts, and much more.

You see, sex in Bangkok is like ice in Antarctica… It’s everywhere.

So, today I’m going to show you where you can find safe and easy sex in Bangkok, whether you want to pay for it or you prefer the girls who fuck for free.

Are you ready?

Let’s go…


Let me be clear here, the online dating concept in Thailand is a lot different than in the West.

When you use these applications in the West, the idea is to get to know someone and take the usual dating steps like meeting, dinner, go to the cinema, the first kiss, do something else, talk and then maybe sex.

In Thailand, this isn’t the case.

Things here move much faster, something along these lines; Meet, have something to eat or drink and get down to business all in one go.

Thai dating sites are packed with university girls curious about sex, office assistants looking to feel up their boring life and mature women that need of a good orgasm.

Bangkok girls want to date

The good thing is that they don’t want money from you but just a good time and some love.

Basically, it’s an eco-sex-system with all type of girls from the student who is searching for adventure to the business pro ready to satisfy your sexual needs.

I’m so much into online dating because it gets results, much faster than other approaches.

Here is the thing; When men use online dating, they can interact with girls before coming to Bangkok, creating a feeling of sexual attraction.

Why is it so important?

Because girls get turned on by talking and knowing you.

For example, you meet a girl online and you start to talk to her over the days. As you talk, both of you will begin to feel attracted to each other while building trust. That is normal, is how things develop.

Once you arrive in Bangkok, she’ll feel comfortable being around you. You’re not a stranger or some casual guy, but a close friend.

Naturally, the next step is going to be sex, and she is ready for it.

sex in pattaya stident office girls

The same principle of attraction applies to business girls like massage girls and freelancers. Once in your room, they will not see you as a customer but more as a friend.

Don’t get surprised if she isn’t going to ask for money but only to spend some time with you. They are girls, and they have feelings too.

So, if you want to have a good time in Bangkok, get started by meeting girls on dating sites, there are thousands of women that want to meet you.

If you would like to use online dating to have sex in Bangkok, I recommend using Thai Cupid because it has a vast pool of girls and ladyboys.

You’ll meet cute student girls looking for a good time, office girls that want to spice up their life, freelancers ready to visit you in the hotel for some cash.

Whatever is your intention, please take some time to talk to them as a human being. It’s essential to create a feeling of attraction.

If you do this, she’ll give you the best time of your life.

The next Bangkok sex venue is…


Massage Parlors Offering Happy Endings

Thailand is well known for their massage culture and wellness, but if you’re looking for easy sex in Bangkok, then you’re looking for massage shops that offer a happy ending.

Yes, there is a distinction to be made:

  • Authentic massage shops; Offer ONLY massages for wellness as oil massage, foot massage and so on. No boom boom my friend.
  • Massage shops with happy endings; They work undercover because their real purpose is not offering a massage but to make you “come”.

A question I get often is:

“Rocco, how do I know if they offer a happy ending?”

Well, first hang out in the areas where these shops are; Sukhumvit Soi 23, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Asoke, Nana, Bang Chak…

Second, look at how the girls are dressed. Casual dress or even sexy, definitely a happy massage shop but if wearing traditional Thai massage dress, it’s an authentic massage shop.

Third, if in doubt, just ask “nicely” if they offer extras.

If you would like to learn more, consider reading the Bangkok happy ending massage guide.


Malls, Street & Metro – Day Game

When I’m in Bangkok, I chat up girls daily in these places. The reason is that Bangkok girls are very receptive, most speak English and I love the adrenaline to strike up conversations.

The hard fact is that Bangkok girls tend to be shy. Also, they aren’t used to at cold approaches as they prefer meeting guys throughout social circles.

So, opting for day games in Bangkok take courage, good manners and excellent conversational skill.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that it is impossible to bang a girl on the same day with this cold approach, rather should be seen as a long-term strategy.

For example:

Day 1

Approach, talk, maybe get a drink or eat something together, get her Line ID. Line ID is a communication application for smartphones.

Day 2

Talk to her on Line ID about whatever shit you feel like.

Day 3

Get her in your room and close the deal.

As you see, it’s a process that takes time and skills.

I noticed by watching pick up videos in Bangkok that there are guys walk up to girls, say a few silly things, ask for the number and run away.

That isn’t going to get you laid.

Talking to girls in Bangkok girls is very easy; they are receptive and kind. Getting her phone number or Line ID is easy too, but when you text her, she will not reply.

The reason is that they are just being nice and don’t want to lose face by saying no.

So, when approaching take some time to talk, joke around and if possible, take her to eat or drink something immediately so you can build a feeling of attraction and trust. Only then, get her phone number (actually she’ll ask for yours).

That is what I call a proper close. Not all men feel comfortable approaching girls in the street, in this case, better meeting girls online.

Ok, those are the day games, let’s see what is on offer at night…


NightClubs – Night Game

The nightclubs in Bangkok are for all the pockets and social level with pay to play options as well as free sex.

Places such as Route 66, Funky Villa, and Onyx have a small number of hookers while Levels and Insanity are dominated by freelancers.

The good thing about picking up freelancers in clubs is that you don’t have to pay for any bar fine like in the beer bars and Ago-gos. I will talk later about those, please stay with me.

Freelancers expect to get at least 1.000 baht all night up to 2.000 baht if she is really hot.

Always deal the price before taking her to your room avoiding in this way bitter surprises the next day.

One more thing. You might wonder how to recognize a freelancer from a normal girl, right?

Well, freelancers speak like hookers saying things like “you buy me drink” or speak about “boom boom” and dress slutty while the good girls are usually shy, don’t speak much and are incredibly polite.

Did I mention the tattoo? Most freelancers have a tattoo, a good girl would not even think about it.

Bangkok freelancer with tatoo

Many men don’t feel comfortable talking to girls in nightclubs, that isn’t a problem in Bangkok.

Bangkok sex venues are an excellent alternative for the introvert guys who want some action…


Red Light Districts – The Easiest Way To Have Sex In Bangkok 

The four biggest red light districts in Bangkok are Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Patpong and Huai Khwang.

There are plentiful of easily available girls ready to have sex in exchange for cash.

The most crowded areas are Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, conveniently near each other and in the center of the city while Patpong and Huai Khwang are isolated.

The red light district’s main venues to meet girls are:

  • Beer bars
  • Ago-go Bars

In the beer bars, you can have a few beers, play pool, eat something and watch soccer on TV while chatting with the girls.

sexy beer bar girl in Bangkok 1

The atmosphere is laid back and easy-going, a sort of village bar where people are friendly.

Actually, it’s such a village style that you might feel to be outside Bangkok city.

The best part is that you don’t need to commit anything if you want to interact with the girls, it’s up to you offer a drink or get a full sexual service.

Prices are about 150 baht for lady’s drink and 80-100 baht for your drinks. If you like the girl, just pay 500-800 baht bar fine the bar so she can go with you.

The bar fine doesn’t include her services, which is 1.000-1.500 baht for a short-time and 1.500-2.500 baht for long-time.

Usually, bar girls are mediocre in look and tend to be on their 30’s, by having said that sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough.

If you are that kind of guy that want hot and young girls while don’t mind to pay for quality, then AGo-Go bars are the place for you.

The Ago-go bar ambiance is very different, sometimes a bit socially cold where you take a sit, get a drink and look girls on the stage trying to figure out which suit you the most.

BadaBing Go-Go bar Bangkok

If you like a girl, call her over, buy a drink for 200 baht and chat with her.

Want to take her to your room?

As in the beer bars, there is a bar fine of about 1.000 baht, plus 2.000 – 3.000 baht for short-time while the long-time is 4.000 baht up.

However, getting a girl long-time before 12 am is almost impossible because the bar owners don’t let them go.

So, if you want a girl to sleep with you, you better visit around closing time 2-3am.

However, in my personal experience taking Ago-go girls at closing isn’t a good deal because they are tired.

Imagine if you should dance, talk to customers and drink all night, would you still be energetic and happy to bang a dude at 3 am?

If you want to learn more, consider reading my 10 best Ago-go bar guide in Bangkok.


Safe Sex in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the culture of using condoms is well established especially in the sex industry.

Most working girls would not allow customers without using a condom, and that is a good thing. Also, they are tested regularly.

So, don’t worry about getting something if you’re using a condom, that is low risk.

However, girls not working in the industry aren’t interested in using a condom, especially if they “love you long time.”

It includes freelancers who are less educated about sex safety and don’t check up because they prefer to spend the money on a new telephone.

Now that you got an idea about Bangkok sex habits, it’s up to you decide what is best for your health.


Pay For Sex In Bangkok or Free Sex?

Bangkok has so many options when it comes to sex. You can pay for it in the huge sex industry or date some casual girl who fucks for free.

I have done it all, but when I look back to my 10 years of sexual experiences in Asia which 6 are in Thailand, my best memories are always forward the nice girls that I have met outside the sex industry.

The reason is the shallow sexual experience a sex worker can offer. I don’t like to play with a dry pussy, nonetheless a smelly one because she got too many cocks. Also, it is just sex feelingness.

Instead, non-working girls are sweet, love caring and they get very wet. They enjoy the sexual moments giving all the best they can offer while there is nothing better than feel her wet.

But the experience doesn’t finish there. Long conversations together, unique moments, great times visiting places around Bangkok…

So, is it really worth to pay for sex?

That is the only decision you need to make before visiting Bangkok.

If you want to pay for sex, just visit the red light districts where you can get easy sex for money.

Alternatively, sign up with a popular dating site where you can meet girls into you, not your wallet.

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