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Osaka Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to experience a sex holiday in Osaka and want to know the best locations where to find sexy girls hot for action, this sex guide has all the info you need.

Osaka is well known for its 3 red light districts and friendly local girls, but it can be confusing to navigate because it’s Japanese eccentric.

Meaning that most people around speak only Japanese, everything is written in Japanese and there a few foreigners around to ask for help.

I’m going to open up all the good things this city has to offer because you should enjoy the places and the beautiful women instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

This guide is going to focus on P4P scene (Pay for Play). If you prefer to meet and date quality Japanese girls, then get on a popular Japanese dating site instead.

This Osaka Sex Guide was last updated on 23 May 2019




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Osaka
General information about Singapore sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Osaka
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Prices For Sex
General prices for girls in Osaka to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend
How to date Osaka women during your vacation

Love Hotels In Osaka
Best hotels for a quicky


Intro To Sex Tourism In Osaka

Osaka is only second to Tokyo as a sex destination in Japan. In fact, there are three major red light districts known as the “big three” where you can indulge in all sort of sexual activities, from the infamous soapland to the blow job bars.

The culture to service foreigners (gaijin) in these areas is somehow confusing. Not all the venues serve foreigners, and some required that you speak Japanese to access.

Also, it isn’t always clear which shops offer sex services. Besides the obvious window brothels located in red light areas, many businesses operate from ordinary looking offices and buildings.

sexy osaka girl in a brothel

Some look like a restaurant, others like a barber shop but when you walk inside you get served sex course.

Regarding the prices for sexual services in Osaka, they start from 3.000 yen for a quick blow job to 70.000 yen per hour with a top escort.

So, there is something for any pocket if paying for sex is their thing, but you can get laid with local women without throwing money on prostitutes.

There are Japanese girls in Osaka who have a fetish for foreign men, and I’m going to explain later in this article how to get in contact with them.

Furthermore, this Osaka sex travel guide will tell you how much things cost, how to stay safe, the best places to find girls, and everything in between!


What About Girls & Sex In Osaka?

Like the rest of Japan, the majority of girls in Osaka won’t hang out with a foreigner. The reason is their poor knowledge of English making a conversation very difficult, let alone a relationship.

It might sound like a complete disaster but in reality that is a good thing because the girls that can speak English are obsessed with gaijins (foreigners). Meaning you can get laid easily when you hook up with a “gaijin hunter”…

girls in Osaka looking for sex with foreigners

Don’t get surprised to find yourself finger a girl in a nightclub just met a few minutes before or go for a love hotel after a few drinks together.

Yes, Osaka girls get turn on easily and crave sex as much you do.

When you meet a local girl, keep the conversation simple and avoid sexual joke as they are considered offensive in Japanese culture.

I know, it is weird considering Japan is a sexual eccentric country, but I’ve learned it from my mistakes. Every time I act cocky, the girls run away in shame.

Simply go with the flow, enjoy each other and you are well on your way to getting laid…

They might go into “shy mode” if you are too aggressive – it’s a cultural thing – so go easy on them. It’s important to adjust oneself behavior as the conversation goes on.

The good thing is Osaka women are the most friendly girls in Japan which result in more conversations and a greater chance of hooking up.

If you are into older women, there are many women who search for a casual sexual relationship.

Usually, they are divorced or career women that need a good fuck from time to time. Online dating is your best bet to find this type of women.

Instead, if you prefer younger girls, your best bet is to visit the universities’ campus where girls are likely to speak English and have an interest in foreign men.


Where to Find Sex in Osaka

You are visiting Osaka because you want to get laid with beautiful local girls but you don’t know where to get started.

Here my review of the best places to hook up with girls in Osaka, starting with…


1. Online

Online dating should be a go-to option no matter where you are in the world. Japan is one of the leading economies when it comes to smartphone innovation.

In Osaka, most gaijin hunters and couples use dating sites to meet foreign men for sex. I’m not talking about regular dating sites where people search for a serious relationship, but where they meet for no-strings-attached sex.

osaka girl online for sex

There is a popular site called Asian Match Date, where you can find girls and couples in Osaka for a quicky.

I really feel that many of the j-girls online are super open-minded compared to the rest of the population. I don’t recommend trying to speak Japanese to these girls, just go with English and if they can’t speak, forget about them.

As I said earlier, most women on this site are divorce or career women who need a good fuck from time to time. Nothing serious, just sex.

If you don’t mind the idea to meet horny women and couples for free sex, this is the best way to go in Osaka.


2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The nightlife in Osaka is better that of Tokyo. It’s cheaper and the girls are friendlier and open to mingling with other people…


Thanks to the Japanese drinking culture, most nightclub and bars are well attended any days of the week. You can find easily a hottie – either a Japanese girl or an international visitor.

The only downside is there are places that are not ‘gaijin friendly’ which basically means you won’t be allowed to enter.

But that is a good thing because where you are allowed to enter, the girls are into foreign men. That makes your chances to get laid a lot higher.

The main nightlife area is Namba, and these are the best pick up bars and clubs ‘gaijin friendly’:

  • Captain Kangaroo – A great foreigner-friendly bar on the north edge of Kita-Shinchi, this is a good spot to grab a drink and meet local chicks and expats.
  • Pure – Not much to say about this hip-hop club: many hot girls!
  • Giraffe – The club open early so is an excellent spot for pre-gaming. The girls are very friendly.


3. Osaka Red Light Districts – Brothels

Osaka has three red light districts known as the Big Three” brothel areas: Tobita Shinchi, Matsushima Shinchi and Imazato Shinchi.

In Tobita Shinchi, the area consists of alleys of brothels with a young woman in sexy attired and older lady who is the mamasang trying to allure in customers.

Prices start at 16,000 yen for the first 20 minutes and the girls are the ʻidolʼ types: beautiful and sexy.

Matsushima Shinchi has the same type of brothels, but the prices begin at 10,000 yen for the first 30 minutes. I found the girls to be more of the ʻgirl next doorʼ type, ranging from the 20s to 40s.

Instead, Imazato Shinchi lined with Korean “snack” hostess clubs, the area is where punters can get in and out without a condom at a rate of 13,000 yen for the first 30 minutes.

All the areas have brothels with only one girl except in Imazato Shinchi where a few stores have a selection of girls.

4. Pink Salon – Blow Job Bars

Pink Salons are dimly light bars with sofas where the girls service you. They cost between 3.000 yen to 9.000 yen for 30 minutes.

osaka pink salon

Kyobashi is the best area to visit for Pink Salons in Osaka. With blow job bars aligned back-to-back, you have plenty of choices.

But not all the salons are foreign friendly, I only discovered Club Queen which has nice girls.

A suggestion; there is a service known as ‘The Hanabira Kaiten’ where several girls swap in and out of the booth during your service giving you a blow job. It’s fun but more costly.


5. Strip Clubs

Strip clubs in Osaka are perfect places to have fun with sexy girls.

girl in strip club osaka

Most clubs are located in Minami, but only a few let foreigner go in. If you speak some Japanese, your chances are higher.

The most popular strip clubs that allow foreigners are:

  • Juso Music – Top nude show with topless girls with a service charge of 6.000 yen.
  • DH-Tohji – There are quality girls in this place that are business orientated.
  • Burlesque – One of the coolest and sexy shows in JAPAN. They have 3 show in one night, the entry fee is 4.000 yen.

No sex in those places.


6. Soaplands

Soapland shops are the place in Osaka for happy ending massage.

soapland osaka

They operate like any other massage parlors in Japan, you get bath by a naked girls, then a body to body massage and finally you can blow your load.

Foreign friendly soaplands in Osaka are:

  • Club Amour – Quality girls with price starting at 24.000 yen for 90 minutes.
  • Yanneko International – The strength of this massage shop is the incredible amount of girls. Every day you can select between 50 girls. Starting at 20.000 yen for 50 minutes. 
  • Yanneko Juso – If you are on a budget but still want to experience a happy ending massage in Osaka, here the rate starts at 15.000 yen for 40 minutes. 


6. Osaka Escorts – Deriheru

In Japan they are also known as “delivery health”, these services are convenient because you are a phone call away from the girls.

osaka escort girl

There are two types of escort service:

  1. The girls go directly to your hotel room.
  2. You meet in a love hotel.

The standard prices start at 14.000 yen up to the moon for 60 minutes of pleasure. Plus all the extras if you have special requests. In my opinion, the best is having the call girl delivered to you with a pocket vibrator ‘inserted and installed’… And you get the remote!

You can checkout out a few escort reviews from OsakaBros.


Typical Prices For Sex In Osaka

Osaka sex prices vary according to the type of business and their reputation for quality girls.

Here a list of standard prices for each business type:

  • Pink Salon: Standard blow job 3.000-4.000 yen, rotation blow jobs starting at 7.000 yen for 20 minutes.
  • Soapland Massage: The price starts at 15.000 yen for 40 minutes in the cheapest red light area, see more info above.
  • Strip Clubs: 6.000 yen for admission.
  • Escorts: starting at 14.000 yen per hour plus all the extras for special requests.
  • Girls on Dating Sites: Monthly subscription of US$20 for the membership on a Japanese dating site. Usually, you pay for meals and drinks during the date.

If paying all this money just to have sex isn’t your things, consider reading the next section where I explain how to get laid and have companionship for the price of a meal or coffee.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Osaka


Are you looking for more than just sex? Wish to meet an Osaka girl to spend your holiday together, and why not, sleep together?

You can find someone who would show you around the city, have dinners with you, share your bed and generally enjoy each other’s company.

Having a temporary girlfriend planning all sorts of nice things for your visit, acting like a lover and friend is the best way to learn about Japanese culture and enjoy the country.

However, finding an Osaka girl who speaks English is hard. Most girls speak only Japanese or broken English making the pick-up thing hard.

The best way is to use texting to flirt with the girls and build a sexual attraction for each other. That way, once you meet up, both of you is ready for the next step: sex.

Fortunately, Osaka girls who are into foreign men use a dating site called Japan Cupid.

In fact, many women here sign up because they want to meet a gaijin, for some, it’s the first time for others is a habit to sleep around.

Just set up a profile with 3 quality pictures and a short description about what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to message to the girls you are interested, they are waiting for you to initiate the conversation.

Osaka girls can be shy at first, but once behind closed doors, the fun is on.


Love Hotel In Osaka

Love hotels are a Japanese invention designed for couples to have sex. Some luxury rooms have even a jacuzzi and other facilities, such as mirrors in the ceiling, vibrators, lubricates and condoms.

Imagine stepping in a bedroom build for having the best sexual experience possible…

osaka girl in love hotel room

For example, if you hook up with a girl in a club or agree to meet with a girl met online, love hotels are a perfect place to ensure an erotic experience.

Look, you can get a love hotel room in most part of the city, but if you want to impress a girl, don’t make the mistake of going to a rundown old-school hotel like this…

But go for something cool. These are my favorite love hotels in Osaka:

  • Hotel Rose Lips Shinsaibashi – Their motto tells it all: “A hotel made to please girls”. The rooms are an explosion of bright sensual colors with frills, hearts, and flowers… everything to make a girl feel like an absolute princess.
  • Love Hotel La Vie En Soft – A modern hotel with available a special manga room. It’s a cool place to make it out.
  • Water Hotel CC – With over 38 different types of rooms and 8 different types of lighting, you can without a doubt find the perfect room to match the particular experience you are after. Every room has a jacuzzi making wah up more than just a pre-sex ritual.


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