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Call Girls In Bangkok: Options, Rates, and Alternatives

The first moment when you visit Bangkok, you’ll always get the feeling to try out the food, get a sexy girl for the night, and have fun.

Sadly, many foreigners go about this the wrong way.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife or get intimate with an attractive and sexy Thai girl, do not go for call girls. Call girls in Bangkok are mainly concerned about their work and are used to extorting from foreigners.

There’re other ways to get a suitable Thai girl that will offer the best companionship and intimacy without any drama, bad experiences, lies, and extortion (later in this article I’ll explain how).

First, let’s understand the reasons why call girls are a waste of time and money.


Why Call Girls in Bangkok Aren’t Worth the Money?

Apart from Bangkok call girls being overly money-minded, here are several other reasons why you’ll get the worst sexual experience with them.

• Underwhelming Girlfriend Experience – When you’re with a call girl, do not expect to get the kind of companionship and intimacy that only a Thai holiday girlfriend can offer.

They mainly focus on getting the job done and moving on to the next customers.

• Poor Sexual Relations – To have a great sex experience, you need to be in sync or connect with the other person. However, this is hardly the case with call girls in Bangkok.

And since you make payment before service, they’re always quick to finish and move on. No intimacy.

• High risk of STDs – STDs are highly common among sex workers in Thailand. Especially among sex workers who have frequent sexual encounters with customers.

Call girls have sex with several men every day, and this increases the high risk of contracting STDs.

• Falling Victim To Scam – Call girls in Bangkok have a bad reputation for scamming foreigners. If she notices that you’re new in the country, you’ll get overcharged.

• Safety – If you hire a Bangkok call girl for the night or a few hours, do not be surprised if you find out that your properties have been stolen.

• Expensive – The rate for call girls in Bangkok is insane. Below we’ve listed the prices for call girls in Bangkok so you can get an idea about current rates.


What’s The Price For Bangkok Call Girls?

You can either hire a Bangkok call girl for a few hours or for the whole night.

Depending on the sophistication of the girl, the price range is between ฿2,500 ($67) to over ฿10,000 ($266) for two hours.

If you’re hiring her for the whole night, prepare to spend at least ฿15,000 ($400).

These prices do not even include other expenses like drinks, food, hotel room, transportation, etc.

This is overly priced given the kind of experience you get from call girls in Bangkok.

And it is unreasonable to spend that much when you can get a holiday girlfriend in Bangkok for a fraction of the cost.


A Better Alternative To Bangkok Call Girls

call girl in Bangkok

There are two better alternatives to hiring a Bangkok call girl. These are:

  • Getting an attractive and sexy girl on an adult dating site.
  • Getting a holiday girlfriend for a few days.

If you’re looking for a one-time experience or casual sex, Asian Match Mate is the best place to find horny adults interested in exploring various sexual kinks.

The difference between this method and hiring a call girl is that there will be a genuine sexual attraction between you and the girl.

And if you play your cards right, you can even get the girl to be your fuck buddy.

Alternatively, you can hire a holiday girlfriend for a few days and enjoy her company while exploring the city.

You’ll get the best girlfriend experience with her. Zero commitment, yet the best intimacy.


Is It Worth Hire A Bangkok Call Girl?

Hiring a call girl during your stay in Bangkok is very easy. You just have to look online and you will find many call girls in escort classified.

But in the long run, you’ll find out that you’re majorly wasting your time and money.

Imagine hiring a call girl twice a week, you’ll be spending at least ฿10,000 in a week for just a few hours.

Adding the risk of getting STDs, being scammed, or being blackmailed, I will say that it is totally not worth it.


FAQs Regarding Call Girls In Bangkok

➢ How can I meet girls in Bangkok?

You can meet many attractive girls on Thai Friendly. But if you’re searching for kinky girls, then Asian Match Mate is the best option for you.

➢ Is it possible to rent a girlfriend in Bangkok?

Yes, renting a girlfriend in Bangkok is not a new thing. I’ve written already how to rent a Thai girlfriend.

➢ There are only Thai call girls in Bangkok?

You can find also African and Russian girls in Bangkok.