Daily Costs to Visit Pattaya

Daily Costs To Visit Pattaya

With all the fun things to do in Pattaya, you’ll need to budget wisely. It’s easy to overspend at the beginning of your trip and end up struggling at the end.

From fancy hotels to dining out with rental girlfriends, Pattaya offers a variety of experiences for different tastes.

On average you should spend around $100 a day. This is the average daily price expense given by my readers.

But there are all sorts of travelers from backpackers to luxury travelers, so the average isn’t useful in all cases.

This is the reason why I’ve broken down the daily expenses from low to high budgets to help you plan your trip.

That includes everything from where to stay and eat to how much to pay for companionship.


Average Daily Costs to Visit Pattaya

Your daily expenses in Pattaya depend on the type of trip you’re planning to have.

I’ll provide a quick breakdown of what to expect, but note that these costs do not include shopping tours, souvenirs or mishaps.


Low-Budget Options

Even if you’re on a tight budget, at least expect to spend around $35 per day (1,285 THB).

This will cover the basic stuff like accommodation in cheap hotels/hostels, meals (mainly street food), and local transportation.

But don’t expect anything too extravagant, especially if you’re hoping to get sexual services.

At most, you could maybe squeeze in a blowjob by a freelancer on Beach Road, but I won’t get too optimistic.

  • Accommodation – $12 for a hostel, low-end hotels or Airbnb.
  • Food – $15 for local street food and inexpensive restaurants.
  • Transport – $3 local Tuk Tuk .
  • Experiences – $5 remaining, you’re unlikely to get even a BJ.

If you still feel like you’re running out of options in this budget then just take some inspiration from Juzzy. The man managed to spend his day in $20.

But of course, it was definitely not even close to his friend Nicky with $1000…


Mid-Range Comfort

Pattaya offers great value for those with a mid-range budget, around $150 (5,507 THB) per day.

With this budget, you can upgrade your cheap accommodation in hostels to respectable hotels with a swimming pool that includes breakfast.

You’ll also have more flexibility to explore adult options and hookup with girls and ladyboys.

  • Accommodation – $50 (well-maintained 3 or 4-star hotels)
  • Food – $27 for dining at mid-range restaurants and some nicer local eateries.
  • Transport – $12 with motorbike taxis.
  • Experiences – $71 lets you have some fun at beer bars or hook up with freelancers.


Indulging in Luxury

If money isn’t a problem and you can spend more than  $350+ (11,015 THB) a day then my friend, you will have the time of your life in Pattaya.

This includes dining in luxury restaurants and staying in a 5-star hotel.

You can even hire one or two rental girlfriends to accompany you throughout the day and sexually please you at night. Your vacation will be one to remember.

  • Accommodation – Around $100-$150 for accommodation at luxury hotels with a pool, gym, and other amenities.
  • Food – $70 for food and wine since you probably won’t be alone.
  • Transport – $30 with ride-sharing services like Grab.
  • Experiences – Depends on the place but expect to pay $100 a day for girls at GoGo bars and $70 per day for a rental girlfriend.


Pattaya Girls and Ladyboy Prices

Pattaya Girls and Ladyboy Prices

Companionship and sex with girls and ladyboys in Pattaya don’t come with a fixed price. Rather, it depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for.

Let me take you through your options.


Beer Bar Prices

You can find a girl or a ladyboy for as little as 1500 THB inclusive of drink, sex, room, and condom in a cheap beer bar at Soi 6.

The girls in this price range aren’t supermodels but you’ll be surprised how hot some of them can be.

There are over 40 bars on the street, all of them filled with sexy Pattaya girls luring you in for some dirty fun.

So take your time and explore which place offers the best bang for your buck (no pun intended).


Gogo Bars Prices

The prices steeply increase if you go to GoGo bars but the women are also classier.

Expect paying anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 THB depending on whether it’s a short or long-term affair. Needless to say, the hotter the girl, the higher the price.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you could buy drinks for everyone in the bar.

It’ll cost a fortune but it’s a sure way to get treated like a king by every girl on the premises.

Here’s a list of some of the best GoGo bars in the city with their prices:

Pattaya GoGo Bar Prices

Windmill Club – Over 80 naughty ladies present every night. Go after midnight for some wild experience. Drink prices start at 100 THB.

ShowGirls Club – The girls are a bit older, some even above 40, but they’re friendly. Drink prices vary between 60-180 THB.

Heaven Above – Reasonable drink prices at 120 THB, but the ladies charge 3,000 THB for short-time in addition to the 2,000 THB bar fine.

Lady Love Club – The staff here is fluent in English so you’ll see many foreigners and the bar fine is also fair at 1,500 THB.


Freelancer Prices

You’ll find Pattaya freelancers all over town, from the streets to shops, restaurants, and even beaches.

These are usually girls and ladyboys willing to accompany you for a fee.

A freelancer might charge you 1,000 THB for a night which I know sounds cheap.

If she worked in a bar, she’d likely ask for at least 2,000 THB – 1,000 for herself and 500-1,000 THB for bar fine.

Places like Walking Street, Beach Road, and Soi Buakhao are hotspots for finding freelancers. Here’s a breakdown of the prices in each area:

• Walking Street – Active from 7 pm to 5 am. Between 7-9 pm, freelancers might agree to short-time services for less than 1,000 THB.

After that, most will only accept long-time commitments for over 1,300 THB.

• Soi Buakhao – Great spot for afternoon meetings. Many Pattaya girls reside here and can often be found out and about in the afternoon, with the going rate typically around 1,000 THB.

• Beach Road, or the Promenade – Another option, with freelancers available 24/7.

The prime time is from 7 pm to 11 pm, where rates range from 1,000 to 1,500 THB for short-time services. But cautious as freelancers here may not prioritise safety, so wear the rubber to keep yourself safe from STDs.

Additionally, you’ll need to budget an extra 300 THB for a short-time hotel room.


Pattaya Food Prices

Pattaya Food Prices

Pattaya offers some excellent food options for any budget, but wine can be expensive. So usually people drink beer and whisky as it is more affordable.

You can get cheaper ones for about 250 THB, which is fine if you’re alone, but not if you’re with your girlfriend, rented or not.

Anyway, here are some nice places for food and drinks. I’ll provide budget, mid-range and luxury options for each meal.


Pattaya Breakfast Suggestions

You will normally get breakfast at your hotel, and even if you don’t, most breakfast places are cheap. Some of your options are:

Cheap Charlies – English breakfast starting from 89 THB.

Jasmin’s Café – Thai breakfast starting from 99 THB.

The Coffee Club – High-quality English breakfast for 390 THB.


Pattaya Lunch Suggestions

If you’re planning a lunch date then here’s a list of some fantastic restaurants to try out:

May’s Pattaya – Thai restaurant with an average price of 250 THB.

Cafe des Amis – Upscale restaurant with a French flair. Expect to pay at least 700 THB per person. The owner is a Gin enthusiast, you’ll find more than 40 brands.

Casa Pascal – European and Thai food starting at 500 THB.


Pattaya Dinner Suggestions

Looking for places to have a romantic dinner date? Here are some of the best places:

Surf & Turf Restaurant – Romantic dinner under the stars in just 500 THB.

Harlan‘s Pattaya – One-of-a-kind culinary experience for 700 THB.

Horizon Rooftop – Fine-dining restaurant that starts at  1,000 THB per person. But it’s worth the price.


Pattaya Drink Prices

Pattaya Drink Prices

There are many places to grab a drink in Pattaya, and the prices can vary wildly depending on what you’re having and where.

For example, wine can be quite pricey, but you can find some relatively inexpensive options at stores like Lotus’s, starting at around 200 THB and going up from there.

But if you’re buying wine at hotels or bars, expect to pay more. Then you also have beer bars that sell cheap drinks, especially if you visit during happy hours.

Anyway, here are some of your best options for beer, whiskey and wine:

Five Star Bar Beer – This beachfront bar offers a prime spot for people-watching along Beach Road. During happy hour, you can enjoy San Miguel beers for just 80 baht, which is a great deal.

Delirious Bar & Whisky Lounge – Fantastic selection of whisky, vodka, bourbon and other spirits including tequila. Prices start from 160 THB, and what’s even better is that this lounge is packed with beautiful ladyboys.

Wine O’ Clock – This store serves Italian wine and whiskey. They have a big selection, so there’s something for every budget, whether you want something cheap or fancy.


Pattaya Hotel & Hostel Prices

Pattaya Hostel and Hotel Prices

Accommodation is quite affordable in Pattaya and you can find a nice hotel for as low as $15 a night.

If you want to go cheaper, then there are also hostels – which might also be better for finding casual sex with other travellers.

Let’s explore your options.


Pattaya Girl Friendly Hotels

Some hotels charge extra to bring girls, which I know can be frustrating. Here’s a list of girl guest friendly hotels to save you some bucks.

Red Planet – One of the cheaper hotels at 500 THB a night. They don’t have amenities like pools and gyms but they don’t care who you bring.

Acqua Hotel – Mid-range hotel costing 1,300 THB per night. You won’t have any problems calling girls as long as you don’t cause noise.

LK The Empress – I’ve lived here multiple times and brought 3 girls on separate nights without any problems. Prices start from 3,000 THB.


Pattaya Budget-Friendly Hostels

Living in hostels can be fun as a solo-traveller. If you’re lucky, you can encounter many chicks and get laid for free.

And hostels are also dirt cheap, making them perfect for budget trips. Let’s go over some popular hostels in Pattaya.

Jomtien Hostel – This hostel isn’t fancy by any means but it’s dirt cheap at just 300 THB per night.

Happy Hostel – One of the cleanest hostels I’ve seen at just 570 THB, they even change quilt covers every time a guest leaves, which is great.

The Bedrooms Hostel – Comfy hostel that’s close to a less crowded part of the beach. They charge 580 THB a night.


Enjoy Your Trip In Pattaya

In all honesty, there’s no ceiling to what you can spend in Pattaya.

I’ve witnessed tourists drop $10,000 in a week, and it’s true that the more you’re willing to splurge, the richer your experience can be in this city.

But even if you’re on a tight budget, there’s still tons of fun stuff for couples and adults to do.

And no matter what you’re willing to spend, it’s pretty easy to get laid in this city.

You can use the price tips I’ve shared to plan your trip, whether you’re aiming for budget-friendly, mid-range, or luxury experiences.