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Vietnam Escort Guide – Not Only Call Girls and Prostitutes

Today we’ll be taking a good look at call girls and escorts in Vietnam.

Any single man who are planning to visit the country and are looking for companionship, friendship and intimacy will find this guide to answer most concerns and offer best practices.

With that being said, it’s worth noting that prostitution is technically illegal in Vietnam. Although the police generally don’t prosecute prostitution, it still pays off to be wary.

Also, keep in mind that many hotels have a strict no-guest policy. This means you won’t be allowed to bring back to your room any Vietnamese girl. So make sure that you’ve checked the hotel’s guest policy before booking.


Why You Should Avoid Vietnamese Call Girls

Call girls are prostitutes on demand, and who generally meet up with their clients at their place or in a short time hotel.

Vietnam has an abundance of call girls, partly due to the illegality of prostitution, partly due to social stigma and lack of possibilities to earn e decent living.

If you’re looking for companionship and intimacy, you should avoid call girls like the plague.

First of all, call girls are prostitutes that operate illegally with the protection of a pimp.

Then don’t expect the service to be any good as the call girls in Vietnam are money-oriented instead focused on providing a satisfactory service.

Sometimes, girls will attempt to make a fuss after getting their money in order to get you to leave.

They might threaten to call the police, scream, or make you uncomfortable in other ways.

Even if you get lucky with a professional call girl, there’s still the question of whether taking on the risk was worth it.


Should You Go For Vietnam Escorts?

A lot of people visit Vietnam for several reasons such as business trips or retire here with the company of a beautiful and horny girl.

And for both visitors, there are several opportunities when it comes to companionship and intimacy.

You can find Vietnamese escorts to spend a few days together, call girls for a quicky and even student girls for a relationship without drama.

Vietnamese call girl online

The easiest way to find escorts in Vietnam is online. It is as simple as Google the city you’re planning to visit and scroll the escort directories there.

But the real question is “Is it worth using the escort services in Vietnam?”

The biggest downsides are the STDs with HIV being the scariest one. Most escorts that you find online sleep with several men and you rarely they go for checkups.

Next, there’s the issue of legality. Sure, prostitution in Vietnam is mostly regulated, however, there’s still a chance you might simply get in trouble accidentally.

And having to deal with the police in a foreign country like Vietnam isn’t that easy if you don’t understand how the system works there. Be willing to bribe any kind of money you get asked, and get out of the trouble no matter if you’re right or wrong.

At last, and the escort industry in Vietnam is controlled by pimps and the local mafia.

Basically, if get robbed or cheated don’t expect to seek justice, from the police point of view you’re at fault.

So, if employing the services of escorts have so many downsides, what should you do?

I recommend going for regular, everyday girls on popular sites and apps in Vietnam. There, you can find civilian women that are eager to meet a foreign man for friendship and relationships.

You can enjoy the companionship, friendship and intimacy of a local girl without having to take unnecessary risks.


Types of Escorts in Vietnam

There are quite a few different kinds of escorts in Vietnam, each with different standard pricing and draw.

By escort, I refer to girls that offer companionship and intimacy, some for a night while others for weeks and even months.

Bar Girls

Bar girls are those girls you’ll find that’ll sit at your table and chat for as long as you’ve got drinks to buy her.

Usually, you’ll be able to take the girl out to have sex and she might spend a few days with you. But there are some exceptions.

Hostess Girls

Hostess girls are those working at karaoke bars and offer entertainment.

KTVs are popular among Asians who love to sing, drink and enjoy the company of beautiful girls. If you want a particular girl to leave with you, you should discuss it with the manager.

Club Freelancers

Vietnam is chock-full of freelancers lounging around clubs in Saigon, Hanoi, and places like the Golden Pine Pub within Da Nang.

These are traditional escorts that prefer to work for themselves, and they will often even approach you.

Sugar Girls

Vietnam sugar girl escorting

Sugar girls are usually students who offer intimacy, friendship and companionship for a longer arrangement in exchange for support.

What makes sugar girls so popular is that you avoid all the dramas of a regular relationship but still enjoy the benefits. The only popular arrangement site to meet girls in Vietnam at the moment is Seeking Arrangement.


What to Expect From An Escort Service

Escort service quality varies wildly in Vietnam, not only by locations but also by the type of escort girls you’re dealing with.

The worst are bar girls and hostess girls because they are pimped and forced to provide companionship and intimacy. While freelancers and sugar girls do it by their own will.

The escort girls you’ll find in the red light districts are hardcore and not that great company. The reasons as explained early are they aren’t there of their will, and they just pretend to be happy.

Instead, those girls like freelancers and sugar babies that offer escort services because they choose to do it are fun, outgoing and offer great intimacy.


So, Are Vietnamese Escorts Worth It?


If you go for illegal escort services online or use agencies, they aren’t worth the trouble.

Sure, you can get laid quickly, and if you get a higher-end escort, she might even be a good lay. But that is not worth taking the health risks, and in addition, possibly having a lousy experience or a downright aggressive one.

Although some other Asian countries have quality escort services, Vietnam isn’t the best place for it.

However, when it comes to companionship, friendship and with a girl who’ll pour some passion into it, there are no better tools than dating and arrangement sites to look for willing girls.

Not only the girls you’ll end up with being far less likely to have an STD, but they’re also more committed to giving a quality experience… And if you play your cards right, you might even get with one for free!