sexy girls in isaan

Best Places To Meet Sexy Isaan Girls

If you are planning to visit this region of Thailand, you might be searching for the best places to meet Isaan girls for sex.

That’s exactly what I will show you today.

Isaan is out of the beaten path for most mongers in Thailand, and that’s is a shame as girls in Isaan are the most beautiful women in Thailand.

Nothing beat the experience to meet an Isaan girl in her natural environment.

When Isaan women spend a few months in sex tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, they lose their friendly and naive nature. They transform in hard hookers only interested in money.

Most foreigners think that Isaan cities are just boring places without nightlife, girls and sex. But that isn’t the case at all.

If you know where to hang out and the ways to get in contact with Isaan girls living there, not only you are going to have a lot of fun, but most of the time you don’t need to pay for sex.

So, what are the best ways to meet Isaan girls for sex?

The first is…

1. Online Dating

Sexy Isaan girl online

Even thought Isaan is the poorest region in Thailand, most of the girls have a smartphone with the Internet.

In fact, you can find hundreds of Isaan girls on Thai dating sites interested in foreign men.

Those girls are looking for foreign men either for casual dating – they want to have fun and get laid – or are looking for a long-term relationship.

If you are planning to visit big cities like Korat, Khon Kaen or Udon Thani, you will find plenty of girls online eager to hook up with you.

You can arrange a different date for each day of your stay, even before arriving there. This is without a doubt the best way to meet girls for sex in Isaan for free and everywhere else in Thailand for that matter.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars in Isaan

Isaan girls clubbing

Club and bars are great if you love to dance, drink and meet girls.

The Isaan nightlife is alive and kicking, especially during weekends when the university girls go out to have fun.

Early in the evening, you can visit beer bars where Isaan girls meet up with girlfriends before heading to the clubs.

This is an excellent opportunity to hook ups with local girls without being disturbed by “cock blockers” (Thai guys jealous that you are flirting with their girls).

There is more…  most beer bars employ hot and young babes promoting beer’s brands and other stuff.

Those girls not only are cute but they are easy to chat up and hot for action…

isaan girl promotin beer

After midnight the real action gets started in the nightclubs where Isaan girls get drunk and wild.

You don’t need great communication skills to pick up in Isaan’s nightclubs, and even less game for getting laid.

The fact is that you look exotic to them as much as they look to you, and there isn’t much male competition in a Thai Disco.

Most Isaan girls want to have the opportunity to sleep with you because they are curious about having sex with a foreign man.

3. Soapy Massage Parlours

Isaan girls giving a soapy massage in Isaan

There are a handful of SPAs in each Isaan’s city, and they are the best paying option to have sex with Isaan girls.

They look like a hotel, having a lobby with about 10 girls in-display waiting for customers, either behind a glass wall known as fishbowl or around the lounge sitting on sofas.

Pick one, paid her price tag – ranging from 800-2.500 baht – and get escorted to a room with a bathtub.

She is going to wash you, massage you and you are going to bang her.

Not only is an easy way to have sex in Isaan but the SPAs employ the hottest babes in town.

4. Happy Ending Massage Shops

massage girls in Isaan

Contrary to the soapy massage parlours, these shops are small, intimate and sex is cheap.

Not all the massage shops offer extras to their traditional or oil massage. It is random and up to the girls to go beyond the standard massage making it a happy ending one.

The best way is to have a small talk with the masseur before going for the massage.

This gives you the opportunity to taste the water and learn if she is up for some naughty stuff.

5. Go Go Bars in Isaan

They aren’t very common but you can find them in a few Isaan cities.

Don’t expect anything close to the Go Go Bars in Pattaya or Bangkok, but rather a milder Thai version.

First, there isn’t any nudity. Second, the girls are shy and reserved.

If you want the company of one of the hostesses, you must pay by the hour which is about 200-300 baht.

In other words, they are a kind of hostess bars that provide company.

When you want to have sex with a hostess girl, just deal the price directly with her.

6. Hostess Bars

hostess bar girls in Isaan

They are open beer bars similar to the one in Pattaya or Phuket but oriented to Thai men.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome as a foreigner, it’s only the Thai customers outnumber the foreign one.

You can have drinks while offering lady drinks to the sexy hostess working in the bar.

The unusual thing is that the hostess doesn’t sit with you. But she drinks while standing and move around to drink with other customers.

There isn’t any bar fine system in hostess bars in Isaan.

However, they close early at around midnight and you can take the girls at home by dealing directly with her the price for sex.

7. Karaoke Bars

karaoke girls in Isaan

There are numerous Karaoke bars in Isaan which employ cute girls readily available for company and sex.

However, their services are intended for the Isaan guys, not really for the foreigners.

The thing is most Karaoke simply rip you off by inflating the prices if you don’t speak Thai or don’t know how things are going in these places.

8. Street Hookers – Freelancers in Isaan

Isaan street hookers offering sex

Nothing to brag about it, you will find a bunch of Isaan women in their 30s offering sex for less than 600 baht.

The thing is those freelancers aren’t sexy and actually look dirty. By dirty, I mean their health and hygienic conditions are low.

If you pick up one of those prostitutes, you need to pay an extra 200 baht for a short time room nearby.