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How To Rent An Escort Girl In Koh Samui

You can find escort girls pretty easily in Koh Samui. And by escorts, I refer to girls who offer companionship, girlfriend experience, party buddy, intimate moments, tour guide and much more. A sort of girlfriend or friend with benefits or whatever else you prefer to call it.

Some men hope to find an escort agency in Koh Samu – but there aren’t any – while others end up with a bar girl found in the red-light districts. Only because they didn’t know any better.

They are unaware that most girls working in restaurants, shops, hotels, and even students are available for rental. Renting a bar girl might seem much easier than renting an everyday girl, but is it?

Everyday girls offer genuine sex and fewer risks to get a disease. Without mentioning the best value for your money you can get.

It’s not like renting an escort by the hours where she plays the role without any feelings while you get to pay a hefty price for it.

Before I explain in simple steps how to find an escort girl in Koh Samui, let me cover some valuable facts.



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Why Do You Want An Escort In Koh Samui

Who Are The Escort Girls In Samui

Where To Find Escort Girls

Steps To Recruit An Escort For A Girlfriend Experience

What The Price To Rent Girls In Koh Samui


Why Do You Want An Escort In Koh Samui?

Maybe you want to spend your holiday with a happy and young girl… Or you want to have crazy sex without the bullshit… Or maybe you don’t want to be alone… Or you want a girl to accompany you to Koh Phangan full moon party next month.

Whatever your reason, having an escort during your trip in Koh Samui offers mind-blowing sex, companionship, and excitement… But only if you start on the right foot.

Many single men traveling to Koh Samui are hopeful but end up getting back home with broken feelings and an empty wallet.

The thing is the majority of men are unprepared. They get busy booking the flight and accommodation, but leave the most important task to the last minute: find a girl in Koh Samui.

By reading this you are already one step ahead, and you’ll find your dream Thai girl in no time…

Koh Samui escort girl in the beach


Who Are The Escort Girls In Samui?

Most of the girls you see in Koh Samui are potential escorts. It might sound exaggerated, but let me explain something about Thai culture.

It’s the norm in Thailand to rent a girl rather than the exception. Due to the lack of career opportunities that are mostly available to men, Thai girls need support and money from a sponsor to make ends meet.

In a country where the basic salary is 200US$ per month, any extra income is well accepted. That’s the reason why it’s pretty easy to get a holiday girlfriend in Thailand.

For example, if a girl works as a receptionist in a Koh Samui’s hotel, don’t assume she isn’t available to escort you for a few days.

Of course, don’t think even for a moment to offer money to any civilian girl in Samui… That’s insulting. There are procedures to follow, and that’s exactly what I explain a bit further down in this article. But first, you should now…


Where To Find Koh Samui Escorts?

If you want an escort for a few hours just to have sex, there are plenty of bar girls in the red light areas. But if you want a girl for a few days or weeks to be your escort, you better recruit her on a dating site.

Hourly Escort

Usually, men rent an escort for a few hours only to have sex and maybe a conversation. For that kind of service, visit the Chaweng’s main bar area…

You can sit in the bar, chat with several girls and take one back to your room for two hours of sex. The price for Samui bar girls is 1.500 baht, plus an extra 500 baht that goes to the bar.

Another option is to pick up freelancer girls in the nightclubs in Soi Green Mango after 11 pm. Koh Samui freelancers are younger and hotter then bar girls, but they don’t look after your sexual needs so well.

Several men do the mistake to rent a freelancer for a few days and weeks only to find out that they are a pain in the ass to deal with. Expect drama, nagging, and jealousy worst than a real girlfriend. On top of that, she’ll ask for money at any opportunity.

You might think that all the drama and nagging are because she has strong feelings for you, but in reality, it’s her way to control your wallet.

Daily or Weekly Escort

When you want to rent a girl for more than a few hours or nights, the matter gets complicated. It isn’t anymore only about sex and money but also about feelings and connection.

You can’t simply walk up to a girl offering money, and hoping she’ll be a great escort for a few weeks. It takes a soft touch, and look for an escort girl in the right place.

There is no better place to find a temporary Thai girlfriend then using a popular dating site. Visiting Thailand without using these sites is plain madness because they help to connect with girls interested in foreign men.

When a Thai girl shows up for a date, with patience and small talks you can do her without any money involved. You only have to pay for meals, drinks, and entrainments.

That’s is a great deal considering you get companionship, friendship, and nights of intense sex.


Steps To Recruit An Escort For A Girlfriend Experience

koh samui girlfriend in my bedroom

If you follow the right steps, it isn’t that hard to find a Thai girl for a girlfriend experience.

Step #1: Choose The Right Escort

If you are looking for an escort in Koh Samui offering a girlfriend experience rather than just sex, you must first figure out who your ideal girl is.

Young girls in their early 20s prefer to party and have fun. While ladies in their late 20s and early 30s enjoy dinners, companionship, and friendship.

So, pick a girl’s age that suits you. By choosing a girl that shares your interests and hobbies you’ll have a stronger bond.

Step #2: Pick A Site To Connect With The Girls

At this stage, you’ll need to decide which online site offers you the best opportunities to find a Thai girlfriend.

People are tempted to use free dating sites to contact Thai girls. By using free sites you can’t boost your profile with a paid membership, and that puts you in fierce competition with the other male members.

Free dating sites don’t have the money to advertise their services to female members, resulting in a much smaller pool of ladies.

If you are serious to find a hot escort in Koh Samui, you’ll want to use these sites.

Step #3: Contact The Girls

Search for girls in Surat Thani Province if you want a wider selection of ladies, or focus the search only in Ko Samui City.

Send out a bunch of messages and introduce yourself. You’ll be overwhelmed by the responses of the girls, but focus only on the girls that seem hard to get.

Lady with tattoo and posing sexy are freelancers looking for customers, not ideal for a girlfriend experience. But if you want a quick fuck, just offer 1.500 baht for a session. Plenty of girls will accept your offer.

Step #4: Select A Few Girls

After talking to several girls, you should have an idea who your favorite ladies are. Follow your gut feelings, it doesn’t have to be a science.

Keep talking to at least three girls. Plans change, and if one girl can’t make it, you have back up.

Step #5: Get To Know The Girls

You might spend only a few days in Koh Samui, and that isn’t enough time to feel mutually comfortable.

It’s worth investing time online to know the girls deeply, so your experience in Koh Samui will be more satisfying.


What The Price To Rent Girls In Koh Samui

It depends where you get the girl from. For example, daily fees for girls recruited on dating sites are well below escort prices.

In Koh Samui, there aren’t escort agencies, so you have to book girls from escort agencies in Bangkok and fly them over to Koh Samui. That incur several costs.

An escort from a Bangkok agency wants 7.000 baht per day plus flight fees. That’s insane!

There are so many girls in Koh Samui using dating sites and happy to be your escort for a 1.000 baht per day, that doesn’t make any sense to get involved with an escort service.

You can also recruit bar girls for 1.000 baht per day, but you have to pay a 500 baht to the bar each day. That’s a total of 1.500 baht per day.

The best deal of all is to rent a Koh Samui girl for a week so you can bargain a better price. A girlfriend for a week in Koh Samui cost around 5.000 baht.

For longer arrangements, I already covered the prices for a holiday girlfriend in Thailand. They are the same in most destinations in Thailand.