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How To Find Good Thai Girls: Best Places And Tips

A good Thai girl is a great catch! They are highly sought after by numerous Westerners because they are love caring and offer genuine intimacy.

However, the number of negative comments online about dating or marrying a Thai girl is worrisome.

The two main reasons why there’s so much negativity are:

  1. People hardly write online about their good experiences but don’t miss out to write about the negative ones.
  2. Incredible to believe, but many foreign men get into a serious relationship with a hooker found at the bar.

This is why a few foreigners keep getting scammed, and why they believe a good Thai girl is hard to find.

But believe me, a good and sincere Thai girl (jing-jai – จริงใจ) is rather easy to find when you search in the right places.


Where To Meet Good Thai Girls

You can find a good girl in Thailand almost anywhere, except in the red light districts.

Stay away from GoGo and beer bars, nightclubs near the red light areas, and massage shops that offer happy endings.

Anywhere else, you’ll be fine.

Yet, some places are easier for foreigners to meet a good Thai girl interested in them. And these are my favorite places based on my experiences around Thailand:


Dating Sites

On these popular dating sites in Thailand, you’ll find good Thai girls eager to date a foreign man.

If you’re looking for a serious girlfriend or wife, Thai Friendly won’t disappoint you. Not only is it the biggest dating site in Thailand, but also the one that has the cheapest membership.

On the site, you will find all types of women from students to office girls and even some fashion models. The point is that dating sites like Thai Friendly will help you meet a lot of good Thai girls.

Watch out for the catfish and keep in mind that there are Thai freelancers in disguise on the site.


Sugar Sites

Good girl sugaring in Thailand

Sugar sites are a great way to find a good girl in Thailand.

And unlike with girls met on dating sites, you won’t have to deal with drama and games because you set the relationship terms.

Sugaring is based on what you want as a sugar daddy, and what you expect from a sugar baby.

On sugar sites like Sugar Daddy Meet, many attractive and educated young girls offer companionship and intimacy.

Most are students willing to offer the best girlfriend experience and want to explore their sexuality with their sugar daddy.


International Hotels

One of the most beautiful traits of a good Thai girl is that they have the zeal to earn their own money.

As such, you would find independent and communicative ladies working as waiters and receptionists.

To win them over, act as a gentleman. Visit often, go for personal conversation, and don’t hesitate to give gifts.

In Thailand, gifts are an expression of interest when given without apparent reasons like a birthday for instance.



Thai girl in fitness gym

If you’re searching for a fit and healthy Thai girlfriend, the gym is your best option!

However, not only good Thai girls go to the gym. But especially in tourist destinations, there are many nightlife workers hitting the gym during the day.

Escorts and hookers are selling their bodies so it’s essential for them to keep fit.

Yet, you will still find many office girls, models, influencers, and students who would like to blow off some steam after a stressful day.

The easiest way to start a conversation with a girl at the gym is to ask for help or offer it. Or simply have some funny conversations between exercises.


7/11 Stores

You can also find a good Thai girl at retail stores like 7/11 stores. They usually work as cashiers in this place.

You will find lots of educated students and university degree holders in a 7/11 store. Strange to imagine that you need a university degree to work at a store, but in Thailand, it’s the norm.

Visit often, talk with her politely, and don’t hesitate to make her laugh. Once she is comfortable talking to you, ask for her LINE id.

Most 7/11 girls get hit on a lot, and many are rental girlfriends with a monthly allowance.


Cooking and Yoga classes

A good Thai girl always has the desire to learn something new or to gain more knowledge. This is why you can find ladies with good personalities in these classes.

The best part about joining a cooking or yoga class as an expat is that you might find yourself in a pool of mature women with no male competition.

In situations like this, it is easier to flirt with the ladies without being disturbed by other men.


How to Tell if a Thai Girl is Good?

So, how to tell if a Thai girl is good? Simply look out for these characteristics:

• Politeness: You can easily tell that a girl is good from the way she talks and addresses people. Most Thai girls talk softly and nicely to people.

• Respect: As a cultural country, you will find a good Thai girl showing respect to her elders or those she respects by performing the ‘Wai’ greeting.

• Appearance: A good Thai girl usually appears simple (subtle dressing). They use minimal makeup, and about 5% of them have tattoos in less-obvious places.

• Personality: A good Thai girl can be characterized as a shy, demur, and introverted girl.

• Religious: Over 90% of Thai good girls are Buddhist and highly spiritual.

• Language: A good Thai girl is usually keen to learn, especially when it comes to speaking English. Also, they hardly say English slang and curse words.


6 Tips to Attract A Good Thai Girl

The best way to attract a good Thai girl is to show her that you’re responsible and would be supportive of her and her family.

But also these traits are important:

• Understand the Thai Language – An expat making an effort to communicate in Thai is going to make a positive impression on her.

• Appearance is Important – Your appearance is the first thing everyone notices. As such, make yourself look charming by dressing smartly, smelling good, and looking neat.

• Communication and Understanding – As Chalida explains in the video below, understanding each other is what attracts her the most to a potential boyfriend.

• Healthy Lifestyle – Health is of paramount importance to a lot of good girls in Thailand. So don’t smoke or drink excessively when with her.

• Exercise Patience – The easiest way to lose a good Thai girl is to show anger openly. Whatever happens, take a big breath.

• Have An Attractive profile – Sites like Thai Friendly and Seeking are great ways of connecting with good Thai girls.

But make sure to take the time to create an attractive profile. Use many personal photos in different settings, and a bio describing your lifestyle and expectations of a partner.


FAQs Regarding Good Girls In Thailand

How can I find a Thai Wife?

You can find a good Thai wife on a dating platform like Thai Friendly.

How to tell if a Thai woman is good?

You can tell that a Thai woman is good based on her appearance, personality, language, and approach. Check out the common signs listed above.

What’s the best site to meet good girls in Thailand?

Seeking Arrangement is the best site to meet good girls in Thailand.