How To Get A Beautiful Vietnamese Girl

Getting girls in Vietnam isn’t that hard when you know where to meet them and how things work in the country.

The majority of foreign men who visit Vietnam end up getting a prostitute, and that’s a pity considering the abundant availability of everyday Vietnamese girls.

All the girls you see working in hotels, ice cream shops, and even students aren’t that hard to meet and date. You only have to find the one interested in foreign men and talk to her.

I understand some men want only to get laid while others are looking for a relationship, and that’s fine. I’m going to show you how to get both girl’s types.

But how to get a beautiful Vietnamese girl?

There are principally five options:

  1. you meet ladies in everyday circumstances
  2. you use a dating site to contact Vietnamese girls and set up dates
  3. you rent a Vietnamese girl
  4. you pick up girls in bars and clubs
  5. you hook up with horny girls on adult sites

Every alternative has its cons and pros, outcomes, and might suit your needs or not. After reading this, you’ll know exactly which option will work out best for you.


1. Meet Vietnamese Women In Everyday Circumstances

When you walk around places in Vietnam, you have an infinite amount of opportunities to interact with Vietnamese women.

For example, the cashier at the money exchange or the waitress at your favorite restaurant…


You have natural talks with the girls about the service they provide, but you can easily switch to a personal conversation. And then get her phone number that will eventually become a date.

At first, they might be shy and reserved, but with patience, a translator in your hand, and a few visits to their working place they will meet you after work.

The easiest girls in Vietnam to approach are the one working services where they interact with foreign men. For example, money exchange booths, restaurants that sell international food, or girls working in hotels.

The reason is they can speak English so communication isn’t an issue. And they are most luckily attracted to foreign men.

Get a Vietnamese girl in this way isn’t so easy for most men who are shy or introverted. It takes confidence and social skills to move a conversation from formal to informal and as a result, get a date.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, use a dating site as explained below.


2. Contact Vietnam Girls On Dating Sites

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to girls in everyday situations or simply you don’t live in Vietnam, a better way to get to know Vietnamese women is on dating sites.

You can find all sorts of girls with different backgrounds, education, and hobbies. No matter your age, interests or needs, you’ll find a girl that suits you on a dating site.

To get started, create a profile with one photo and start to message the girls. Once they feel comfortable to talk to you, it’s only a matter to meet them for a date.

Don’t rush things, make sure she is the right girl for you. It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the number of girls on dating sites.

You can find the full review for the best dating site at the moment in Vietnam here.


3. Rent A Vietnamese Girl

In a country where the average girl earns only 150 US$ per month, renting a Vietnamese girl is affordable.

Several Vietnamese girls understand the meaning of a mutually beneficial relationship, so it’s easy to get yourself a female travel/holiday companion or a temporary girlfriend with benefits.

It’s the best way to get a Vietnamese girl for company and intimacy but without getting into a serious relationship.

The advantage is you don’t have to deal with unpleasant relationship problems like jealousy, drama and restricted freedom but enjoy only the relationship’s upsides like friendship, companionship and intimacy.

In other words, you get into a relationship with a Vietnamese girl on your own terms. You lead, and she follows.


4. Pick Up Girls In Bars And Clubs

There are two ways to go about this. The easiest one is to pick up prostitutes in the red light areas and the hardest one is to pick up civilian girls in places where there aren’t working girls.

Obviously, get to sleep with a working girl isn’t as rewarding as sleeping with a civilian girl. Actually it decreases your self-esteem and confidence.

If you opt for it, it’s just a matter to visit a nightclub or bar in the red light districts, and you’ll get plenty of hookers for the night. Check out my Vietnam sex guide┬áto get a better idea where you can find sex for money.

On the other hand, if you prefer to pick up civilian girls, check out the bars and nightclubs where Vietnamese people go out to enjoy themself.

It’s much easier to approach the girls if you’re with a friend, better yet when he is Vietnamese.


5. Hook Up With Vietnamese Women On Adult Sites

If you can’t bother to date girls… Or you don’t like to go out at night… Or pay a prostitute isn’t your thing, you can meet some horny Vietnamese woman on a site like Asian Match Mate.

It looks like an adult dating site but it works like a community.

Basically, there are people looking for no string attached sex and use this site to get a sex partner. Sometimes only for a casual encounter, other times they want a fuck buddy.

You’ll find most members located in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, but some of the girls live in smaller cities.

To get started just create a profile, write what you’re looking for and upload some kinky photo of yourself. Contact the girls and meet up.


Getting The Worst And Best Girls In Vietnam

The best girls to get in Vietnam are the ones who are studying at the university or are working a professional job that required a university diploma.

But if you have the option, go for uni girls…

getting a university girl in Vietnam

Besides being young and beautiful, they are friendly and easy-going. And because their main focus is to study, they won’t bother you with marriage.

But if you want to start a family, get a Vietnamese girl that have studied at the university and possibly have a job with a decent salary.

Girls who are attending university or have been, usually have good ethics and morals. Meaning a high education in Vietnam is a good predictor that she is a good girl.

Of course, there are always some bad apples even between the uni girls. So keep your eyes open.

The worst Vietnamese girls are the ones working in red light areas. Massage girls, bar girls, hostesses, and so on.

Unfortunately, those girls are uneducated and their only focus is to get as much money as possible from any man. Don’t feel pity about their condition, but keep yourself safe.

For most men is bearable to lose money when dealing with a hooker, but it’s unbearable to get a sexual disease.

In conclusion, stay away from the Vietnamese girls working in the red light districts. Instead, get a university girl.

If you’re confident and sociable, walk near the university campus and talk to the students there. Otherwise, use a dating site or adult site to get good girls in Vietnam.