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friend with benefits in Singapore

Singapore Friends With Benefits Guide

If you’re looking for friends with benefits in Singapore, this guide has all the info you’ll ever need.

Many men out there don’t have the time or interest to pursue a serious relationship, they only need sexual intimacy and pleasure.

That’s why a friend with benefits relationship is the best way to achieve just that without resorting to buying sex from prostitutes.

After all, having sex with hookers is risky for your health and it isn’t pleasurable like making out with an FWB.

Basically, it’s the best of the two worlds – You can get laid whenever you feel like but with no relationship pressure and commitments.

That’s what makes this connection attractive for single and even married people who are not satisfied with their sexual lives.

In this guide, I’ll explain the meaning of friends with benefits and how to get into such an arrangement.


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What Means Having A Friend With Benefits In Singapore

Are Friends With Benefits common in Singapore?

How to Find a Friend With Benefits Relationship in Singapore

Best Way To Handle Singapore FWB Relationships


What Means Having A Friend With Benefits In Singapore

Friends with benefits in Singapore are also called fuck buddies. It means having a sexual partner for enjoying sex but without commitments.

Singapore friends with benefits do together

In fact, the relationship revolves around good sex and intimacy.

Instead in a regular relationship, there are other factors like common interests, similar values, and lifelong goals.

Yet, the main point of this type of arrangement is being in a relationship without any commitment and drama.

As there is no emotional or romantic connection between you two, this relationship becomes less complicated.

Hence it attracts people from both sexes because it does not require any future commitments or expectations from the other person.


Are Friends With Benefits common in Singapore?

Friends with benefits relationships in Singapore are more common than what people think.

They go unnoticed simply because this type of arrangement is kept secret… Or it appears to be a regular relationship but instead, the people involved are fuck buddies.

In the old days, it was troublesome to find a friend with benefit. But today thanks to the many hook up sites and apps in Singapore, it’s much easier to find a friend with benefits.

Obviously, dealing with strangers is much less embarrassing and risky to propose such arrangements than friends or coworkers.


How to Find a Friend With Benefits Relationship in Singapore

I’ve explained already in detail the best places to find FWB in Singapore. And in short, these are the best way to find a friend with benefits in this city:

1. Online

fwb singapore online local girl

Dating sites are common and widely used to find a relationship. And there is a niche called arrangement sites that help you to find friends with benefits specifically.

In Singapore, the most popular is Seeking Arrangement. There are many students looking for a friend with benefits relationship in Singapore.

To get started you simply need to sign up, complete your profile by mentioning what you’re looking for and you’re ready to go.

Make sure to be clear about your intentions because there are also girls looking for other types of relationships and arrangements. It saves everyone time.

2. Weekend in the malls where foreign housemates go

Weekends are a good chance to visit the malls and look for some hot foreign housemates out for shopping.

Talk to them about different things while walking in the mall and try to make this conversation interesting. Initiate your friendship, meet them again, and gradually learn about their personal lives and relationships.

For starting a sexual topic, you can begin with some sexual jokes and see if they like it and enjoy it. If they would be interested in having a sexual relationship with you, they will give you a gesture or signal.

But you have to be honest to them about your intentions from the first day, to avoid any hurt feelings later.

3. Search In Your Friends Group

There is always someone in your group of friends who flirts with you casually or is interested in you. If not, then look for a friend who has a soft corner for you or sexually looks at you.

It could be your close friend or friend of a friend. You have to meet and socialize more to find a person interested in a friend with benefits with you in Singapore.

Not everyone has a good sex life. You can also approach a friend who shares with you about their unsatisfying sex life.

Offer them to be your friend with benefits and enjoy great sexual pleasure together, without being in a romantic relationship.


Best Way To Handle Singapore FWB Relationships

To make a friend with benefits in Singapore successful, consider following these tips and advice.

Be Honest

Staying honest with your friend with benefits in Singapore is an essential element to make this FWB successful.

Be honest with them about your intentions, your current relationship status, and future commitments.

Get On The Same Page

You and your friend with benefits must have mutual intentions about this connection.

And you both should agree to have sex; neither of you two should be looking forward to anything more than just sex.



Being friends with benefits does not mean that the other person is your sex slave and should always be there to fulfill your sexual needs.

Sometimes they might not be in a mood for sex; you should respect their consent and personal choices.

Practice Safe Sex

Not to create problems for you and your friend with benefits in Singapore, you should always use protection and practice sex only within safety limits.