Bangkok sex shop

Best Sex Shops In Bangkok To Buy Erotic Products

Bangkok is a great destination for people with a high sex drive and adventurous.

Besides having five red light districts where you can find all sorts of entertainment, the city is a popular destination for sex parties.

It’s quite surprising to know that such an open city has only a few adult shops. The reason is simple: sex toys and erotic products are illegal and totally banned here.

Yet, there are ways to buy sexual products in Bangkok without facing legal consequences.

In this article, we’ve listed the best ways to do this and also offer tips to help you avoid scams or other unpleasant experiences.


Best Places To Buy Adult Toys And Lingerie In Bangkok

You can buy sexual products in Bangkok in street markets, in an exclusive sex shop (there is only one), and online. Let’s see what each place has to offer.



Street market in Bangkok selling sex products

There are various markets in Bangkok openly selling products associated with sex like erotic magazines, adult DVDs, toys, erotic clothing and lingerie.

The most popular one is the Sukhumvit Street Market between Nana Plaza and Asoke BTS Station.

This is one of the busiest and most-crowded marketplaces that is usually open from 5 pm to 1 am (some stores can close earlier).

People love buying things here because it’s cheap. If you know how to bargain hard, you can buy items 50% below market price.

To get there, drop off at Nana Plaza BTS station, and downstairs you’ll find the stalls selling all sorts of things. From sex toys to pills for sexual performance to sexy dresses.

You can also get cheap dildos, vibrators, and DVDs in Chinatown and Klong Thom Market which have specialized sex stores. But don’t get confused with the souvenir shops where you can find also some fake cocks…

It’s advisable to avoid buying sex toys from the markets because they are usually of poor quality. When referring to dildos and the like, you want something non-porous like good quality silicon rather than some rubber/plastic.

And for quality adult products, you should visit The Hidden Closet.


The Hidden Closet

The hidden closet is a hot spot for all kinds of erotic pleasure. It’s located in the Thonglor area on the fourth floor of 160/17 Sukhumvit 55.

The Hidden Closet is a haven for every kind of fetish and erotic item. Here, you will find chains, whips, butt plugs, gags, cuffs, love rings, and even mannequins.

sex items in Bangkok shop

If you’re looking for quality sexual outfits such as latex rubber suits, lingerie, masks, hoods, and other cosplay costumes, you will find all of them here.

You can also pick up some wellness products that can boost a healthy sex lifestyle. There are also many products for kinksters who are into BDSM, role-playing, bondage, etc.

Although things are usually very pricey here, they sell higher quality compared to those in the markets.


Adult Store Online

Another great way to buy erotic items in Bangkok is by ordering online. This is a great alternative if you aren’t comfortable buying adult products in public.

You have Thailandsextoy and Sex Toys In Bangkok which is some of the most popular adult toy stores online in Thailand.

Whether you’re single, married, or a couple, there is enough room for you to explore your sexual kink through these sites.

They send your items discreetly so you shouldn’t worry about your neighbor finding out about your sexual preferences. They deliver to any city in Thailand, not only Bangkok.

Ordering from these sites is easy but they are expensive. For example, a vibrator costs between $150 to $200.

Avoid shopping in any other adult store online from Thailand because probably they are scam sites that will take your money but not deliver any products.


Tips To Buy Sex Toys In Bangkok

Many people fall into scams or end up buying poor products. Keep the following tips in mind before buying a sex toy in Bangkok.

• Make sure the packaging is sealed. To avoid a case where the product has already been used, it’s advisable that you check the seal of the package.

• Negotiate. Most traders take advantage of foreigners in the market by calling prices higher than usual.

If you’re new to Bangkok, it’s easy to get swindled this way. So make sure to bargain hard by offering half of the price.

• Don’t be shy. Bangkok people are open-minded and not judgmental. You do not need to feel timid when getting sex toys from the market or sex shops.


FAQs About Bangkok Adult Stores and Sex Shops


Is it legal to buy sex toys in Bangkok?

It is illegal in Thailand. Yet, you won’t have any problems buying adult toys in sex shops or in the streets.


Which adult shop is best to buy BDSM toys and lingerie?

The Hidden Closest is the best adult shop for all kinds of BDSM sex toys, outfits, and even stimulating products.


What’s the cheapest sex shop in Bangkok?

You will find the cheapest sex toys in Sukhumvit Street Markets, China Town, and Klong Thom Market.