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7 Best Places Where to Meet Girls in Pattaya

On this page, you will learn how to meet girls in Pattaya. Fortunately, there are now many ways to meet Pattaya girls, and you don’t have to be necessarily there.

Thanks to the spread of dating sites and hook up apps, meet girls to date or to get laid is never been easier.

It’s even possible to rent a Thai girlfriend for a few weeks if you know where to look for the right girls. And without having to deal with prostitutes as most tourists do.

This article will cover the best places you should go to meet girls in Pattaya.

Also, we’ll tell you what kind of girls you can expect to meet in those places. That way, you will know precisely where to go, according to your preferences and wishes. So, let’s dig in!


How To Meet Pattaya Girls

We will go into more detail about how and where to meet girls in Pattaya. Below there is a list of the best places to hang out at night, good spots to go during the day, and the best sites to meet Pattaya girls online.

I advise starting online to pipeline girls so you don’t arrive in Pattaya without any contacts.



Pattaya girls online
In addition to many girls in Pattaya, you can search for girls all over Thailand.

Using online dating/meeting apps is the easiest way to meet girls in Pattaya.

Through these apps, you can find all sorts of arrangements, from dating to hookups to sugar arrangements and more.

If you’re looking for a dating/girlfriend experience, I recommend using Thai Friendly and Seeking.

Seeking has hotter and more educated girls compared to Thai Friendly. But on Thai Friendly, you’ll find easy-going ladies that aren’t that sophisticated.

Another great app you can use is What’s Your Price. You can rent girls for dates and find a short-term holiday girlfriend here.

Another popular native Thai app is Thai Flirting, where you can find mostly long-term relationships.


High-End Bars

If you’re looking for premium, classy girls in Pattaya, high-end bars are the perfect place to go.

Places like Horizon on top of the Hilton hotels are full of high-class ladies who live a more luxurious and expensive lifestyle.

Other places worth mentioning are:

Sky Bar And Gravity Lounge – There is a pool and the view from this bar is amazing. As you can imagine there are many hot girls hanging around here.

Coast Beach Club & Bistro – Located in the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, you’ll find many Russian girls on holiday.



Nightclubs in Pattaya are always filled to the brim with single Thai ladies every single night. This is the reason why the nightlife in Pattaya is so good.

The most popular nightclubs that you should consider visiting to hook up with girls are:

• The Mixx Discotheque – is a glamorous place with Russian and Thai ladies. Here, you can meet sophisticated girls who enjoy a high-end lifestyle. One of the best places to meet Russian girls.

• The Pier Disco Club – if you want a more laid-back experience with more easy-going girls, the Pier Disco Club is a great option for you. It is right in the heart of Pattaya’s most popular walking Street and is excellent for bar hopping.

• Lucifer Club – I recommend Lucifer Club for those who want to watch hot Thai girls dance the night away to EDM. Here, you can meet go-go dancers and invite them to your VIP area to have some fun.

• Club Insomnia – if you’re not into go-go dancers and want to visit a place with girls who do not charge for their companionship, I suggest you visit Club Insomnia. The girls here have a chill and free vibe and like to meet people while dancing.


GoGo Bars

picking up bar girls in pattaya

Most GoGo bars in Pattaya are located around Walking Street and the LK Metro Soi.

Here, you can meet plenty of Thai girls who are open-minded and up for anything for the right price. They are free-spirited and super hot.

The most popular GoGo bars in Pattaya are:

• Sapphire – is a bar filled with gorgeous ladies who won’t bother you too much and will offer you a great time.

•  Skyfall – is a popular bar where you can meet more energetic girls.


Beer Bars

Beer bars are just like normal bars, except they have Thai hostesses working there.

They are created with single male travelers in mind and offer everything from drinks to pool tables and other entrainments.

You can buy the girls a drink and chat with them. Also, you can bar fine them and take them back to your room.

The best areas for bar hopping are Soi 7 & Soi 8, Soi Buakhao, and Walking Street.


The Streets

found street girl in Pattaya

You can pick up girls in Pattaya in the streets after 8 pm. You can find Thai, African, and Russian girls patronizing the streets.

Visit Walking Street and Beach Front Road, and you will definitely find a hot lady.


Gentleman Clubs

gentleman club girls in pattaya

Gentleman’s clubs are the perfect place to go if you want to pick up girls during the daytime. These clubs offer food, drinks, and short time rooms where you can have fun with your chosen lady.

The most popular gentleman’s clubs in Pattaya are Kinnaree and Kit Cat Lounge Club. Both are located in Jomtien and are open from noon until 7 pm.


Where to Take Girls Around Pattaya During the Day?

Once you have found your girl in Pattaya, you might wonder what to do with her.

Below are some of the best places in Pattaya to go on dates during the day:

  • Jomtien Beach
  • Wong Amat Beach
  • Pattaya Beach
  • Bang Saen Beach
  • Central Marina (Mall)
  • Terminal 21 (Mall)
  • Royal Garden Plaza (Mall)
  • Pattaya Avenue (Mall)
  • Lan Pho Mueang (Park)
  • Pattaya City Park
  • Pattaya Public Park

Don’t forget to order some food for her. Simple things like this will make her fall for you.

After that, some shopping is the best way to set the mood for the bedroom. Offer to buy a sexy dress or even lingerie.

In the evening a stroll in the park can work wonders, but remember to stop in a bar for some drinks.


FAQs About Meeting Girls in Pattaya


How to Find Girls in Pattaya?

You can find Pattaya girls online, in nightclubs, high-end bars, beer bars, GoGo bars, gentleman clubs, and on the streets.

How to Get Girls in Pattaya?

To get girls in Pattaya, you need to dress sharp, make simple conversations, give them compliments, and don’t be afraid of rejection because the chances you will get rejected are usually slim to none.

Are Russian Girls Available in Pattaya?

Yes, you can find many Russian ladies on Seeking or Walking Street.

How Much Do Girls Cost in Pattaya?

GoGo girls cost around 2,000 baht for two hours and a minimum of 5,000 baht for one night.

Bear bar girls cost between 1,500-2,500 baht for the night. Freelancers cost between 800-2,500 baht.