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meet girl in Pattaya beach

How And Where Can I Meet Girls in Pattaya?

On this page, you will learn how to meet girls in Pattaya.

Fortunately, there are now many ways to meet Pattaya girls, and you don’t have to be necessarily there.

Thanks to the spread of dating sites and hook up apps, meet girls to date or get laid is never been easier.

It’s even possible to rent a Thai girlfriend for a few weeks or years when you understand the socio-economic dynamics in Thailand. And without having to deal with prostitutes as most tourists do.

In Pattaya, there are many ladies selling sex in the streets, clubs, and bars which isn’t for everybody’s taste. It’s actually a waste of money and risky.

The good news is, you don’t have to get into that sort of deal because there are also many good girls in Pattaya looking for a foreign boyfriend.


Introduction: Meet Pattaya Girls

In order to meet Pattaya girls, you need to:

1. Choose a place where to meet girls
2. Flirt with them
3. Go on dates

In the following article, we will go into more detail about how and where to meet girls in Pattaya. I list the best places to hang out at night, good spots to go during the day, and the best sites to meet Pattaya girls online.

I advise starting online to pipeline girls so you don’t arrive in Pattaya without any contacts.

If you want to get started right away, click this link for step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Would you like to get started right away?


Choose a Place to Meet Girls in Pattaya

Before picking the best place to meet girls in Pattaya, you should define your intent first.

Would you like to meet a girl for dating or are you more interested in hookups?

What Type of Experience Are You Looking For?

Meet A Pattaya Girl For A Girlfriend Experience Online

Arrangement sites allow you to easily meet a good Thai girl without having to spend days trying to flirt with someone and go on dates.

Likewise, on arrangement sites (in contrast to dating sites) you can meet girls that can speak fluent English. This means you can have engaging conversations and build up a playful intimacy.

Yet, the best part is there aren’t only Thai girls but also women from other Asian countries, East Europe, and Russia.

Depending on the site, you can meet different types of girls.

Age From 18 up to 40. The most common age is between 18 to 24 From 18 up to 60. The most common age is between 26 to 36
LanguageSpeak English fluently. Many girls can speak a second language like German, French, Italian, Korean, and JapaneseSpeak basic English. Misunderstandings are common
EducationMost girls are university studentsMost girls have only primary education
PersonalityOpen-minded and outgoing. Eager to learn and try new things. Mostly are adventurousShy and conservative. They prefer to stay within their cultural boundaries
SexualityBeing open-minded, the girls are comfortable with their sexuality. Eager to do naughty thingsPrudish in the bedroom as they don’t feel comfortable with their sexuality

On Seeking Arrangement, you can meet attractive girls with an education. Not only you can have intelligent conversations, but they are open-minded forward to new experiences.

Meaning you can play naughty games in the bedroom without having her shy away.

On Thai Friendly, you’ll find most girls having low education and being close-minded. This means you should expect to have basic conversations, be ready to deal with a shy girl, and don’t expect to do crazy things in the bedroom.

If need some tips to start meeting Pattaya girls online, click this link for step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Hook Up With Girls In Pattaya

As a tourist looking only for fun, the best places to pick up girls in Pattaya are the hook up sites and night venues.

Hook Up Sites

Thanks to the widespread of hook up sites is never been easier to find no-string attached sex.

There are several horny girls online looking for sex with foreign men. Yes, many girls here enjoy sexual experiences with a foreigner as much you enjoy getting laid with Asian women.

Hooking up online is a convenient alternative to pick up girls in the nightlife venues because you don’t waste money on drinks and it takes less time to get in the bedroom.

After all, not all the girls in nightclubs and bars are there to get laid. But on hook up sites, they are there only for one reason: sex.

Pattaya girl on dating site online

At the moment the best hook up site to find horny girls in Pattaya is Asian Match Mate.

Not only you’ll find plenty of girls in this town, but you can get in contact with ladies all around Thailand especially in popular destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai.

To get the best out of Asian Match Mate, set your location to Pattaya and chat with girls a week before you get into town.

Tell them you are coming to visit, don’t know anyone there, and are looking for a friend to hang out with. Don’t need to be explicit about sex as everyone is on this site for this reason.

Night Venues

With so many night hotspots in Pattaya, it can be hard to decide where to begin. I suggest starting your nightlife tour in Walking Street where girls interested in foreigners hang out.

Here’s a list of some of the best bars and nightclubs to meet girls in Pattaya:

Keep in mind that Walking Street and Beach Street are popular areas for prostitutes to find customers. So watch out for them.

And avoid bars like IBar or nightclubs like Insomnia. They’re a tourist trap where you’ll be surrounded by prostitutes.

Visit one of the venues from the above-mentioned list on a weekend, and you’ll see the house packed with hot girls.

Keep in mind that is hard to distinguish between working girls and regular girls if it’s your first time in Pattaya.

And there is nothing more frustrating than wasting time and money flirting with a cute lady only to find out the next morning she wants money from you. It isn’t a fun way to find out this way that you’ve just slept with a prostitute.

If you want to be on the safe side, look for Pattaya girls online.


Meet Pattaya Girls Online – step by step instructions

To get you started, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to meet girls in Pattaya.

In the following, we describe the process on Seeking, one of the most popular sites to meet girls online.

If you would prefer to use a different site, take a look at our comparison.

Seeking is optimal due to the huge amount of girls on the platform. And there aren’t only Thai girls but also European. In addition, you can find girls for all sorts of arrangements.

This site has a strong presence all around Asia, making it a great tool especially for travelers that move around.

From my point of view, the high amount of open-minded girls using the platform is particularly noteworthy.

While other sites are more focused on serious dating and marriage, on Seeking you can find many students looking for all sorts of arrangements.

Pattaya girls online
In addition to the many girls in Pattaya, you can search for girls all over Thailand.

Step 2

Create an account with Seeking

Start by creating an account on Seeking’s homepage.

Answer three simple questions about your gender, who you’re interested to meet, and what attracts you.

Then add your email address and date of birth to verify your age. Alternatively, log in with your Facebook account.

Then agree to the terms of service by scrolling down and tick the box. Press “I agree”.

Enter your name, email address, and password. Make sure to remember the password so in the future you can log in.

Then add a username.

Add your best photo, now or later. The more photos you add to your profile the higher your chances to attract the best girls.

What works best for me is one solo photo in smart attire like at work or during a business trip. One solo photo related to my hobby, and one doing some social activity.

Yet, the more the better because it makes you feel real and honest in the eyes of the girls.

Step 3

Write your profile

Now you’ll answer a series of simple questions so Seeking can show you the best girls for you.

The first three sections are straightforward…

Then you have a very important section that helps you define what you are seeking.

Unlike dating sites, here you can express your real intentions that don’t have necessarily be a serious relationship.

In the next section come up with a headline to impress the ladies. And write something interesting to keep them interested.

Once a girl is reading your Bio that means she is already interested in you. This is the last opportunity to impress her.

Write something unique and exciting. And don’t forget to write what your interests are and what you can offer to the right lady. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship after all.

Finally, you just need to open the email address that you sign up with and click the link in the email to confirm is you.

Step 4

Search for the girls

After completing your profile you’ll see all the girls available in town. In the case there are girls from other cities, adjust the distance radius and press the search button.

On the left column is also possible to adjust the search setting to narrow down on the type of girls that suit you most.

And you can change your destination by selecting another location.

After writing the location, don’t forget to click the search button.

Step 5

Contact the girls

Once you have found a girl that you like, you need to upgrade the account to message her. In other words, you need to become a member.

Make sure to read her profile and write something specific to her interests. Things like “Hi, how are you?” aren’t going to work. Also, short sentences aren’t impressive.

Instead, introduce yourself and write down what you like about her. Then ask some questions to show that you want to know her more.

Thai girls love to speak about themselves like any other woman.


Where to Take Girls Around Pattaya During the Day?

Once you have met a girl online or at the nightclub, you might wonder what to do with her.

Below some of the best places in Pattaya to go on dates during the day:

  • Jomtien Beach
  • Wong Amat Beach
  • Pattaya Beach
  • Bang Saen Beach
  • Central Marina (Mall)
  • Terminal 21 (Mall)
  • Royal Garden Plaza (Mall)
  • Pattaya Avenue (Mall)
  • Lan Pho Mueang (Park)
  • Pattaya City Park
  • Pattaya Public Park

In the morning is great to go relaxing on the beach. In my opinion, Jomtien Beach is the best, but Pattaya beach is also a good location to rent an umbrella with chairs.

And don’t forget to order some food for her. Simple things like this will make her fall for you.

After that, some shopping is the best way to set the mood for the bedroom. Offer to buy a sexy dress or even lingerie.

In the evening a stroll in the park can work wonders, but remember to stop in a bar for some drinks.



Enjoy Dating Girls in Pattaya

Girls in Pattaya are quite easy to pick up, especially, if you visit the right places.

Even if you’ve remained a virgin all your life, your visit to Pattaya is going to change that.

But make sure that you wear a condom because, at the end of the day, you never know how many shafts have gone into that hole.

We’ve listed a variety of places for you to find dates and hookups. And if you’re introverted, online dating surely wouldn’t disappoint you.

So this wraps up our guide to meet girls in Pattaya, we hope you enjoy plenty of intimacy!