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How To Get College And University Girls In Thailand

There are plenty of college and university girls in Thailand who want to date a foreigner.

Yet, the majority of Thai students girls prefer to go out with men who have the same culture and speak the same language.

However, girls studying at major universities where there are international students and teachers, are more open to “intercultural adventures”. The mere exposure to foreigners makes them think about how would be to date a foreigner instead of a Thai.

And if you happen to get in contact with them while they’ve such curiosity, you can easily get yourself a young girlfriend.

Also, many Thai students struggle to make ends meet so the most beautiful and opened minded girls are looking for a foreign sugar daddy.

To clear up things, in this article I’ll talk about all the types of possible relationships you can have with Thai students, no matter where you happen to be in Thailand, your age, and financial possibility.

And at the end of this article, I’ll show you how to contact them, even if you’re still outside Thailand.


Where To Find Thai University and College Girls In Thailand

If you aren’t a teacher or an international student, hardly you have the possibility to get in contact with Thai student girls. Simply because you don’t hang out in the same places.

Another issue is most girls don’t speak English, or at least not well. So if you don’t speak Thai, then you can only use dating and arrangement sites popular in Thailand among English-speaking people.

But if you can speak Thai, you can just walk around the school’s campus and meet girls.


You Speak Thai

If you can speak Thai and you’re in your twenties, you can simply hang out around the campus or nearby cafes where students go.

Universities in Thailand usually have restaurants, a gym, and a swimming pool where you can go even if you aren’t enrolled.

You can easily start to talk to the girls and get their contact numbers…

And later set up a date with her outside the campus.

Make sure to treat her with respect and be a gentleman. And don’t refrain to spend on a good meal or have a few drinks on a rooftop bar. Young Thai girls like to be spoilt.


You Don’t Speak Thai

If you don’t speak Thai you can still meet and date university Thai girls. The pool of ladies is much smaller but big enough to find cute and young students.

The best way to contact Thai university and college girls is to use Thai Friendly or Seeking.

Just search for girls between the age of 19 to 24 years old with profiles in English. Most of them are students.

Some of them wear a school uniform in their profile photo, but it isn’t always the case.

Keep in mind when a student shows up for a date, it means she is interested in you.

But it might take two or three dates to get intimate unless you’re dealing with a Thai sugar baby.

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Good And Bad Thai Students For Dating and Arrangements

Some of the younger girls like the one in college may not have had much exposure to guys at all. And most don’t feel confident interacting with you in English.

On the other hand, university girls and especially the ones in Bangkok might have already exposure to foreigners. Meaning they are easier to get into a relationship with.

So, if you have the choice, go for university girls in Bangkok…

dating bangkok university girls

The worst thing you can do is to date a university student who freelances at night in popular sex tourism areas.

Most student freelancers are in Bangkok, and they hang out in hotels waiting for passing businessmen.

Those girls are greedy and like to play games, not worth the effort. Instead, you should find a good Thai girl who looks after your needs with dedication and that is eager to please you.


Why Do Thai Students Date Foreign Men?

There are different reasons why Thai students date foreign men. But the main motivators are attraction or financial.


Attracted To A Different Culture

Some girls are naturally more curious than others, and they want to try something different like dating a foreign man.

Usually, those girls dress differently, eat foreign food, and hang out in places popular among foreign men.

Obviously, this sort of relationship works out better when the guy and the girl have similar ages, interests, and hobbies.

If the foreign guy also can speak some words of Thai, there are many possibilities out there as you can see in this video…

Knowing some basic Thai language shows that you are interested in the girl’s culture and you love Thailand. On top of that, they love foreigners who try to speak Thai.

So, if you are young, outgoing, funny and know some Thai language, no student girl will resist your advance.


Financial Interests

There are several Thai students who struggle financially while at college or university.

So when a generous man helps them with their studies, they get attached and intimate.

It doesn’t matter if the man is in his 50s-60s or a bit overweight, as far as he is respectful and offers a monthly allowance, he can land a young and beautiful Thai sugar baby.

This sort of arrangement is known as sponsorship, and it’s pretty popular not only among foreign men but also among Thai men.

That’s why is a common sight to see a much younger girl in Thailand walking around with a gentleman.

If you would like to understand more about financial relationships, I’ve written already about how to hire Thai girlfriends. It isn’t rocket science, just economics, and common sense.


FAQs About School Girls in Thailaand


Where can I find school girls in Thailand?

The easiest way to contact Thai school girls who are into foreign men is to use a popular dating site in Thailand. If you can speak Thai just have lunch near the university campuses.

How do you date a Thai college girl?

The same way you would date a college girl in your country. Take her for lunch, be kind and respectful, and offer a fun time doing activities.

I wrote some tips and ideas about dating girls in Thailand.