Thailand girlfriend in Phuket

Thai Girlfriend Guide: Where To Find One, Costs, And Tips

Having a Thai girlfriend might be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a friendly, submissive, and respectful girlfriend that will hardly lose her sh*t.

However, the best part about having a Thai girlfriend is their willingness to make you happy by offering the best support, intimacy, and companionship.

But you should be aware of cultural differences if you don’t want the Thai girlfriend experience to become your worst nightmare.

In this article, we’d explore the cost and best places to find a suitable Thai girlfriend, and also offer tips that can help you get started promptly.


Things You Should Know Before Having A Thai Girlfriend

Under the friendly and welcoming smiles, there are still some facts that you should know about having a girlfriend in Thailand.

You can not assume that your Thai girlfriend would be like other non-Thai girlfriends you had in the past. She won’t like to eat most Western dishes or take independent decisions.

But definitely, she’ll have sex with you whenever you need it.

Here are some essential facts that you should know before getting a Thai Girlfriend…


• Thai Girlfriends Are Friendly And Respectful

The cultural background of Thailand is based on religion and respect. This is why you’d find most Thai girls to be very respectful.

In addition to this, they are also very friendly. Well, it is no surprise that Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for a reason.

Thai girls are free-spirited and very welcoming. You can ask a Thai girl for directions to a place, and they’d go out of their way to help you.


• Thai girls love spicy dishes

One thing about Thai girls is that they love their Kua Kling, Gaeng Som, Papaya Salad, and other spicy dishes from their favorite shops. They are less interested in Mcdonald’s or fine dining restaurants.

So, if you want to impress your Thai girlfriend, you should take her to a Thai restaurant.


• Thai Girls Do Not Have A Specific Eating Time

Surprising right? But eating times are unnecessary in Thailand. They eat anytime they are hungry.

They do not base their eating habits on breakfast, lunch, and dinner time as Westerners do.

So expect to eat at any time, and expect your Thai girlfriend to ask you several times per day if you’re hungry.


• Thai Girls Are Not The Morning-Type

Most Thai girls prefer to have their morning in serenity.

They are not the kind of person that jumps up from bed and jog or hike for hours. Except if they have something planned, they prefer to spend their morning indoors.

So if you’re the kind of person that likes taking a walk or any other morning routine, it is advisable you do not include them in that plan.


• Most Thai Girls Want To Travel Abroad

Thai girls adore vacations to tropical destinations like the Maldives or popular destinations like Japan.

This is the main reason why it’s so easy to find a Thai female travel companion to go on trips with you.

The best part is she’ll give the best sex of your life as a thank you.


• Thai Girls are passionate lovers

One thing about having a Thai girlfriend is that they are always willing to satisfy their partner sexually and intimately.

You shouldn’t assume that most Thai girls are naive when it comes to sex because it is the opposite.

Most Thai girls are adventurous and wild in bed. They understand the right way to treat their man.

However, to have sex with your Thai girlfriend, you need to be patient with her. Allow her to open up to you.

Most Thai girls are shy about sexual-related topics, you can help them to feel comfortable talking about it with you. Also, mild seductions here and there could help as well.


• Thai Girlfriend Allowance

There are costs that come with having a Thai girlfriend. The reason is most Thai girls aren’t independent.

So they rely on their partners to settle the bills and support their families.

And if you don’t believe me, Dr. Mark in this video explicitly says even if you’re young and good looking you won’t get a Thai girlfriend for free…

So it’s common for a man to support his woman and her family financially. You do not have to be wealthy to support a Thai girlfriend but you have to offer a monthly allowance.

Usually, students struggle to make ends meet while office girls have debts and a hard time paying for their parent’s bills. So it shouldn’t be surprising to find so many sugar babies in Thailand.

If your girlfriend has a job, you have to spend between THB5,000 to THB15,000 monthly to maintain her. However, if your girlfriend is not working, this can be relatively higher.

Although, the gross estimate of this cost may vary. The point is that the money you give her should be enough to support herself and her family.


How To Find A Thai Girlfriend In Thailand

To find a Thailand girlfriend, you need the correct approach and know the right places to look for her.

You don’t want to do like most tourists who look for a Thai girlfriend in a bar or sex club.

This is why you might’ve come across several negative comments online about dating Thailand girls. These comments are made by foreign men who have chosen the wrong type of Thai girls.

You can’t make a proper girlfriend from girls at the Gogo bar, Beer bar, and nightclubs near the red light district. And these are the mistake most foreigners make.

If you’re looking for a not-so-serious, yet intimate relationship, I would advise that you find a Thai holiday girlfriend. This is the best way to get the girlfriend experience without the responsibility.

So, if you’re wondering where to find a Thai girlfriend, these are the best ways:


1. Use Dating Sites

On dating sites like Thai Friendly, you’ll find a lot of Thai girls who are somewhat educated. Most are looking for a serious relationship and the majority want a foreign boyfriend.

Be open-minded because you can meet various types of girls from all walks of life and also find ladyboys if that is your interest.

Thailand girlfriend material online

Once you’ve registered on the site, upload several photos that show your lifestyle. That way you’ll attract only those girls who are into your styles.

And be explicit about what you’re searching for in your bio so you don’t waste time talking to the wrong girls.


2. Hire a Thai girlfriend

It might be surprising to you, but it is quite common to hire a girlfriend in Thailand.

This is mostly due to the fact that several Thai girls are searching for ways to make extra cash. Especially student girls.

However, this does not limit your chance of having real intimacy and affection. For Thai girls is normal to get supported by their boyfriend or sugar daddy.

Just imagine having a young and hot Thai girlfriend…

hire Thai girlfriend

A hired Thai girlfriend is still a girl whom you can explore the city with, invite to your place, share a meal with, chat fondly, and share real intimacy with.

But without all the drama that usually comes with a regular relationship. You get the best of both worlds.


3. Make Thai friends

You can also get a Thai girlfriend by networking. This means you can be introduced to a suitable Thai girl by a friend, family, or any other person close to you.

It’s quite common in Thailand.

Some Thai families are searching for a suitable man for their eligible daughters. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you are being matched with a young Thai girl.

Also, get to know a few married women, they usually have some friends that are still single and looking.


4. Get a job in Thailand

As a foreign worker in Thailand, you’d be able to connect with girls who are educated, speak good English, and have decent jobs.

This is a great way to get a girlfriend that matches your preference.

If you see a girl at work that you like, just invite her for an open hangout in the mall, park, restaurant, etc.


What’s it like to have a Thai Girlfriend?

Having a Thai girlfriend has its pros and cons. Most of the cons stem from the cultural difference between both parties.

You need to understand some things about Thailand girls in order to have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with them.

To give you a better understanding how is like to have a Thai girlfriend, below you can find the common problems but also the good things.


Common Problems With A Thai Girlfriend


• Family Closeness

A Thai girl has been brought up to always put her family first.

Even when dating, her family can seek financial support from you through your Thai girlfriend.  And when married, you’re expected to live close to her family or have a house close to them.

In most cases, a man is not acknowledged as part of the family until the girl has borne a child for the man.

The best way to deal with this situation is by communicating with your new girlfriend.

You can tell her that you would like her to live with you, but during the holidays, they’d spend it with her family. It’s a win-win.


• Miscommunication due to language

This is quite common in a relationship between a foreign man and a Thai girl.

However, you can prevent such issues by communicating with her slowly and nicely.

And if you can learn some Thai phrases too, this would be helpful to your relationship.

Thai girls are always happy to teach foreigners the Thai language. You can ask her for help, and this could give room for a closer relationship.


• Cultural and Religious Differences

In Thailand, so much importance and value are placed on culture and religion. These are also very important to a Thai girl.

The thing is, Thailand’s culture and traditions are quite different from the Western culture.

So it is advisable that you do not make any Westernized assumptions when dating a Thai girl.

And if you’re going to see her family, try to learn one or two things from her culture to make a good impression. For example, the ‘Wai’ greeting.


• Supporting a Thai girlfriend

It is traditional for a man to support his girlfriend and her family financially. If you’re incapable or unwilling of supporting her this way, it might lead to a failed relationship.

The good news is you do not have to be rich to handle the bills of your Thai girlfriend and her family. A couple of thousand Thai Bahts will do.


Best Things About Having a Thai Girlfriend

• Thai girls are considerate and understanding – As a support system, they know just what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

• Time and Freedom – Thai girls are trained to respect and never doubt their partners unnecessarily. This allows you to grow, socialize, and do what you love without being held down by emotions or unnecessary obligations.

•  No excessive demands – One of the best parts about having a Thai girlfriend is that they do not expect their partner to live up to a certain expectation. Apart from the financial support required, they rarely ask to go shopping, on trips, on vacations, etc.

•  Handy at home – Thai girls are happy to help their boyfriend wash his cloth, clean his house, cook for him, and so on. A Thai girl would always be concerned about how her boyfriend is faring, how much he is eating, or if he is sleeping well.

•  Interest in your activities – You can tell a Thai girl about your interests and you would see how eager she would be to learn more from you.

• Submissive in the bedroom – The majority of Thai girls are submissive to their men in order to satisfy their sexual desire and fantasies. This is why every man should have sex with a Thai girl once in a lifetime.


FAQs Regarding Thai Girlfriends

Are Thai girlfriends faithful?

Generally, you can trust a Thai girlfriend to be faithful in a relationship. They believe in a monogamous relationship and most times, it is quite hard for other men to approach her.

How can I find a good girlfriend in Thailand?

You can read this article about how to find a good Thai girl for you.

How much should I give to my Thai girlfriend?

If your new Thai girlfriend has a job, an allowance between THB5,000 to THB15,000 will do. If she is still studying, don’t go over THB10,000 otherwise you’ll spoil her.

Student girls are the best sugar babies you can get in Thailand because they aren’t demanding and adventurous.

How do you flirt in Thailand?

You can flirt with a Thai girl by complimenting her and offering gifts. Action speaks louder than words in Thailand.