girls freelancing in bangkok streets

Bangkok Freelancers: Best & Cheapest Sex In Bangkok

You can find Bangkok freelancers in the streets, clubs, bars and even online.

A freelancer is a lady that offers companionship without sharing her earning with anyone. A sort of independent escort.

Travelers think that freelancers in Bangkok are risky business because they aren’t employed by a business, so have a tendency to make problems.

The truth is most freelancers don’t like to share their income with a bar or massage owner.

For example, a girl working in a gogo bar in Nana Plaza asks for 3.000 baht: 2.000 for her and 1.000 for the bar. Obviously, it’s much harder to convince a customer to spend 3.000 than 2.000 baht.

That’s why freelancers prefer to find customers on their own. It requires less work.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about all the different types of freelancers in Bangkok with relative prices.

Let’s start with…


Bangkok Freelancers On The Street

If you walk around the major Bangkok red light districts at night, you can find freelancers everywhere. The most popular areas are Asoke, Nana, Sukhumvit Soi 11 and 4.


Walking down the streets you’ll notice girls and ladyboys standing waiting for customers.

The only downside is that you need to feel comfortable to start an interaction at night in a seedy area.

Having said that, the best places to pick up street freelancers in Bangkok are:

• Just opposite Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4; Around 10 pm, there may be 30+ girls in front Nana Hotel Bangkok. Start at 1.500 baht, it’s negotiable.

• Between Nana to Asok BTS; On this stretch of road, there is a freelancer every meter. In the middle, you’ll find the popular Thermae bar, a freelancer’s joint. Watch out for ladyboys, so many here.

Hotels in this area charge 700 baht for a short time room which is expensive, so you better stay nearby if you are planning to pick up freelancers on regular bases.


Night Clubs And Bars With Freelancers In Bangkok

Bangkok has so many nightclubs and bars but only a few have a reputation of attracting freelancers every single night.

freelancer girls clubbing in bangkokFreelancers clubbing in Bangkok

Nightclub’s freelancers tend to be professional hookers while the girls in the bars like Thermea are usually part-timers. The price range starts at 2.000 baht for a short time up to 6.000 baht all night.

The most popular freelancer’s nightclubs are:

  • Spasso in Grand Hyatt Hotel – Great bar/club with live band suitable for men over 30s. Most girls are semi-pro freelancers.
  • Thermea Bar – About 200 freelancers any day of the week. You better visit before 10 pm to hook up with the best talent.
  • Beer Garden in Soi 7 – A freelancer bar that is worth a visit before 11 pm.
  • Levels Disco – The Most popular nightclub with the hottest freelancers in Bangkok.
  • Insanity Disco – Popular freelancer clubs with average looking girls.
  • EQ Late Night Club – The place gets busy after 3 am.


Bangkok Freelancers Online

Freelancers on the streets and in the nightclubs are uneducated and not sophisticated at all. You won’t spend more than a night together as they can’t hold intelligent conversations. Let alone charm a gentleman.

If you’re looking for someone to spend quality time together, it’s better meet Thai girls and ladyboys on a dating site.

For example, there are student girls that offer companionship and intimacy. They value their privacy and certainly, they don’t hang out in a club to look for men.


Yet, the hottest and smartest students don’t hang out on a dating site either, they use sites like Seeking Arrangement to date guys in exchange for travel, money, gifts or dinners.


Map of Freelancers Areas in Bangkok


Best Freelancer Hotels In Bangkok

freelancer in hotel room bangkok

Bangkok doesn’t have any quality short time rooms, so the best thing is to stay nearby the freelancer hotspot and bring back the girls to your hotel room.

That is convenient, cheap and you can pick your sexual playground.

So, the best freelancer friendly hotels in Bangkok are:

  • Between Nana to Asok BTS; Ruamchit Hotel is in the middle of this street stretch and on top the popular Thermea Bar. If you prefer a higher international standard hotel, go for Sofitel next door.
  • Nana Plaza Area; Nana hotel is right opposite the Nana Plaza Complex which is a red light area and on top a popular freelancer club: EQ Late Night Club.
    Rajah Hotel is also well located, having Russian freelancers in the lobby.

There are several other hotels in the area but those are my favorite. If you would like to learn more, consider reading my review of the best sex hotels in Bangkok.


Videos Of Freelancers In Bangkok

In these videos, you can see Bangkok freelancer scenes at night…


Freelancers In Sukhumvit Soi 4 – Nana

In this video, you can see freelancers standing to wait for customers. At 0.48 you can see the entrance of Rajah Hotel, a popular Russian freelancer hotspot. At 2.45 many freelancers waiting in front of Nana Hotel. At 3.28, that beauty in a white dress is a ladyboy.


Freelancers In Thermae Bar

In the first half part of the video, you can see freelancers in the street around nearby Sofitel Hotel and Ruamchit Hotel.

In the second half part of the video starting at 3.19, you can see freelance girls in Thermea Bar. At 4.50, ladyboys outside Thermea Bar.

Some are university girls freelancers who make some extra money on the side. Not so innocent as they look like, but business-minded and hardcore.

There are better ways to meet and date Thai university students in Bangkok, especially if you’re looking for a genuine and caring girl that isn’t business-minded.