How To Date A Vietnamese Girl As A Foreigner

It can be frustrating to date a Vietnamese girl if you don’t have previous experience. Culture and hard differences are serious roadblocks to your success in dating a Vietnamese girl.

But when you understand how dating works in Vietnam, you can easily enjoy the company of a beautiful Vietnamese girl, and why not, get yourself a girlfriend.

There are a few things you must absolutely know before dating a Vietnamese girl. Failing to understand and accept these realities will negatively impact your dating experience and the possibility to have a relationship with a Vietnamese girl.


Things You Need To Know When Dating Vietnamese Girls

There are several things that influence your dating success, but when it comes to dating Vietnamese girls, these cultural things are essential to understand.


1. You Are Expected To Pay For The Date

When a guy likes a Vietnamese girl, he should pay for the date. This shows that he is interested in her.

However, a decent girl will try to pay for her share as most Vietnamese women want to be seen as independent.

Yet, there are girls who don’t even lift a finger when the bill comes.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It allows you to screen girls that are only interested to use you as an ATM machine.

So, if you date a girl a few times, and she never pays for anything, you should show her the door.

Remember, to pay for a date in Vietnam shows that you’re a gentleman, and as a matter of fact, it’s a very important treat to have here.

And not only when you’re dealing with a Vietnamese sugar baby.


2. Vietnamese Girls Are Attracted To Gentlemen

Don’t be a bad boy or macho in Vietnam, it won’t help you at all. It might work in the West, but with a Vietnamese girl is a sure way to stay single.

During a date, be as polite and gentle as you can be and take every opportunity to show that you’re a gentleman.

Open doors for her or offer your jacket are above excellent gentleman’s move, but moving her motorbike is an absolute must. Vietnam women aren’t expected to do this because they lose their poise.

If you happen to be in Vietnam, you’ll see guys moving the bike for the girls – It’s a cultural thing. So if you skip this gesture, hardly you’ll succeed in dating any Vietnamese girl.


3. You’re Expected To Lead

Unlike Western relationships where men power struggle with women in taking decisions, when dating a Vietnam girl you’re expected to lead like a true man.

A man without direction and confidence won’t find a girlfriend so easily because Vietnamese women want to feel feminine and protected.

So they look for a masculine man that leads them to a successful life. This means they don’t see you as an equal, but a leader to follow and respect.

Don’t ask where she wants to go or which restaurant, it’s your decision as a leader.


4. Vietnamese Girls Date To Get Into A Serious Relationship

There is no such thing as hookup in the dictionary of most Vietnamese women unless she is open-minded or a prostitute.

For example, in my guide to sex in Vietnam, I talk about sex tourism, prostitution and easy girls so you can get a better idea of the type of women and places you should avoid if you want to date a decent Vietnamese lady.


5. Some Vietnamese Girls Don’t Have Sex On The First Date

No matter how gentle and prudent you are, some girl just won’t give it up on the first date. Girls in Vietnam are been condition not to appear too easy.

As a result, they hold it back even when they are extremely horny and want to have sex with you. I’ve met girls with hard stone rules like a kiss on the second date and sex in the third one.

Meaning, no matter how good you’re or how attracted she is to you, she won’t have sex with you on the first date because she follows rules.

When you’ll try to get her back to your place, expect some girl to sit outside the building for “some more talk” or have her sit on the other side of the bed looking worried.

In those cases, you can only be patient and gentle reassuring how much you like her.


6. No Late Dates In Vietnam

The vast majority of Vietnamese women live with their parents. So don’t expect to go out until late the morning or have her to sleep at your place. It won’t happen.

Plan to see your date early in the evening or even late in the afternoon so you have more time to courtship her.


7. No Public Affection

I know how much you want to hug or kiss her, but don’t do that in public. All the affection thing take place in the privacy of your bedroom.

When you act too sweet in public, it makes her feel embarrassed. And you can bet people nearby will start to gossip too.

In other words, she’ll lose her reputation as a good Vietnamese girl.

Society plays a strong role in how people should behave when dating, and Vietnam isn’t any different


8. Expect Several Messages After The First Date

Once you go for the first date, expect to receive several messages the following days. If you fail to answer promptly, expect to be accused of infidelity or not to be seriously committed.

It might feel strange and even suffocating to get several messages from her, but Vietnamese girls love it when you exchange text with them. It shows that you care even when you aren’t with her

Yet, don’t wait for her to send you a message. Instead, show your leadership and interest by sending a message first thing in the morning. Ask how she feels and wishes her good night before going to sleep.


Where To Take Your Dates

Now that you know the most important things make your first date with a Vietnamese girl a success, you might be wondering where to take her.

If she is a traditional and down to earth girl, go to the cinema or to eat in some Vietnamese restaurant.

But if you happen to be dating a modern and open-minded Viet woman, a reputable restaurant and a rooftop bar are more appropriate.


Conservative Vietnamese Lady

date with traditional Vietnam girl

If she is shy and dress conservatively, most probably she has never dated a foreign man before. So you don’t want absolutely to take her to eat foreign food.

Not only she won’t like it, but if the restaurant is classy, she’ll feel uncomfortable with the Western dining etiquette.

In this case, you can take her to the cinema to watch some romantic movies. It set the atmosphere right for you to hold her hands without making her feel embarrassed. No one can see what’s going on between you and her.

After that, a simple Vietnamese meal helps to get her to feel closer to you. Several researches have shown that sharing food makes two strangers feel more comfortable with each other.


Modern Vietnamese Woman

dating modern Vietnamese girl

Modern and open-minded Vietnamese women are more self-confident and worldly-minded. They might have studied abroad or lived abroad, so they are custom to the Western world.

Take her out to the cinema or to a Vietnamese restaurant isn’t enough to impress her. You want to go for an international restaurant or a drink on a sky bar, or both.

Pick a restaurant where she can dress to impress you. Maybe Italian food which is popular among Vietnamese, or a seafood restaurant if you can afford the bill.

Every city you happen to be has a sky bar. There is nothing more romantic for a modern Vietnamese girl then have a drink with you on the sofa overlooking the city.

And don’t worry about the time, she won’t be back home to their parents’ house.


What To Do After The First Date

You got her attention because she message you every day. But how to carry on the relationship?

Simply act and behave on subsequent dates like on your first date. Take a leadership role in every decision, take every opportunity to show your kindness and refrain from touching her in public.

Follow the dating tips I explain earlier and you should do just fine.

Remember that sometime she might accuse you to have another girl or don’t be interested in her enough. Those are all tests to see if you are seriously committed before introducing you to her parents.

That’s right, Vietnamese girls are still very formal and they won’t marry without the approval of their parents.

I know what you are thinking. We were just talking about dating and now we’re talking about marriage already. This video will give you an idea of how things move fast with a Vietnamese girl:

As I said earlier, dating for Vietnamese women is all about getting into a serious relationship. So expect to meet her parents pretty soon if you don’t back off.

In conclusion, when you date Vietnamese girls things can speed up pretty fast forward a serious relationship unless you rent a girlfriend in Vietnam.