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sex guide in boracay

Boracay Travel Guide For Single Men

If you are wondering how to meet girls in Boracay and the best ways to get laid, this guide has all the info you need.

Boracay has fantastic beaches and crystal clear seawater. But it is also one of the best destinations in the Philippines to party and to hook up with beautiful ladies.

Don’t expect to find girls throwing themself on you in every corner of the island. You need to know what to do if you want to get instant action when you arrive.

This Boracay Sex Guide was last updated on 06 December 2020

Spoiler Alert: If you would like holiday in Boracay this year, unfortunately your only option is to land at Godofredo Ramos Airport in Caticlan and have a certificate stating you’re Covid free plus hotel booking on hand.

On the bright side, this gives you an excellent excuse to jump into a naughty webcam site and start to interact with Filipino ladies there.

Or alternatively, you can try your luck with some local ladies in your area on this adult dating site. You won’t find love, but probably that isn’t what you’re looking for anyway. 



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Intro To Boracay Sex Life
General information about sex culture in Boracay

Where To Find Sex In Boracay
An overview of the best places where to have sex in Boracay

Typical Prices
Boracay girl prices for short and long term rental

What About Sex & Girls In Boracay?
How to get laid in Boracay with girls who aren’t hookers

Where To Find Girls In Boracay
Best sites and apps to meet girls in Boracay

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend in Boracay
How to meet and date Boracay women during your vacation



Intro To Boracay Sex Life

I assume you don’t only visit Boracay only for the beautiful white sand beaches… Or top-class resorts… Or scuba diving sites.

You want also to have sex with hot girls like the one in the video…

It isn’t hard if you have money to spend. There are prostitutes in Boracay ready to give you a good time in exchange for cash.

The sex scene isn’t developed like in Angeles City or Manila, this is a resort island after all… And don’t expect flashy neon lights or to find a red light district in Boracay. Meaning bikini bars and similar shenanigans don’t exist here.

However, you can expand your options if you are open to meet regular local girls that not required money the next day. Not only they are way hotter in bed than prostitutes, but they end up being a cheaper option.

How would you feel about spending a holiday next to a young, beautiful, and horny girl? No attitude, no demands. She only wants to please you.

It’s pretty easy to meet a beautiful Filipina girl online and hook up once in Boracay.

They are friendly, easy-going and it’s easy to go on a date with them. It takes even less to convince them to have sex on the first date.


Where To Find Sex In Boracay

The best places where you can get Boracay girls for sex are…

1. Online

boracay escort online

If you want guaranteed sex before you visit Boracay, get in contact with as many girls as possible on dating sites like Pina Love.

Filipino girls are on dating sites because they want to meet a foreign man… And you want to meet a Filipina in Boracay. Simple as that.

Sometimes you can also find couples visiting Boracay looking for a threesome on swinging sites like Asian Match Mate.

2. Nightclubs

Most Filipina in Boracay nightclubs are freelancers. They love to have fun, drink at your expense and then sleep with you for a fee.

It doesn’t take much, you just need to feel comfortable to start a conversation, and the game is on.

The most popular nightclubs in Boracay to pick up hookers are Epic, Boracay Stars, and Club Paraw.

3. Bars

Most pick up bars in Boracay are located in Station 1 and 2. The girls working in the bar can go home with you only after work, but the freelancers around are available on the spot.

The bar with the most prostitutes is Coco, and it is also the cheapest to drink. The second option is the Exit Bar nearby. If you aren’t into easy girls, head to Aplaya Beach Bar.

4. Beach Walk

boracay hooker

Girl from Beach Walk

If you walk the road along the beach after 10 pm, you can find street hookers sitting or standing with their phones. Just approach and ask how much?

5. Erotic Massage Parlor

There are a couple of massage places in Boracay that don’t offer any extra services. I’m sorry, but Boracay isn’t the place to get a sex massage in a parlor.

However, you can recruit girls online to visit you in the room and give you a massage with a happy ending.


Typical Prices

The girl’s rate in Boracay averages about 1.500 Pesos all night.

You can pick up better-looking girls in nightclubs for 1.500-2.000 Pesos or cheaper but uglier ladies in Beach Walk for 1.000 Pesos for a short time.

A better option is to rent a girlfriend in Boracay for a few days. Not only it’s cheaper, but it is a more intimate way to experience Borocay.

Look, the majority of girls you meet online don’t want any money to spend time with you. But it is a nice gesture to give them a tip or buy a few gifts to show your appreciation. After all, she gives you an excellent holiday time.


What About Sex And Girls In Boracay?

Boracay, being an island, doesn’t have much local population. That’s why it isn’t common to hook up in Boracay with a local Filipina. Most girls here are from other Philippine provinces.

The good thing is the girls that can afford to holiday in Boracay are sexy and horny. The fun atmosphere of the island helps to set the right hookup mindset. When Filipinas holiday, they get very excited and in the mood to have sex.

But remember, girls in Boracay are limited in supply… And there are other men on the island like you that want to get laid.


Where To Find Boracay Girls

You can meet freelancers in the night hotspots around the island. It’s an easy laid, and you just have to pay. We are talking about prostitutes here that can be fun for a night.

But if you want to have intimate moments with a Filipina during your holiday in Boracay, it’s better to find a regular girl.

Hookers are only interested in your money and can become annoying. Instead, a regular girl is your best friend during the day and a lover at night.

The best way is to get in contact with girls is by using a popular dating site like Pina Love. Girls on dating sites are eager to meet a foreign man, especially if you take them on vacation.

Search for girls in Manila, and offer to fly them to Boracay. It only cost 3.000 pesos, but for her is a big thing. She’ll appreciate the gesture and give you the best time of your life. Totally worth it.


How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Boracay

The best way to visit this part of the Philippines is with a temporary Filipino girlfriend. You can have all sorts of intimate and romantic experiences while enjoying the wildness of Boracay.

She can be your best friend during the day helping you to plan things… And be your lover at night to please any of your desires.

Just imagine being with a beautiful, young and horny girl in Boracay…

borocay women

Girls in Boracay have an easy-going attitude and love to have fun… It’s pleasant to have them around, even if sex isn’t in your mind.

The only tricky thing is to get hold of a beautiful girl before other men do. There are more foreign men on the island than Filipinas. So the man/woman ratio is unfavorable.

If you want to beat the competition, the best way to find a girlfriend in Boracay is to game girls online. Use the same 3 best sites that Filipina uses to meet foreign men.

What is the point try to pick up girls on the island when you can meet girls on a dating site even before setting foot in Boracay. It’s easy to connect with them because they are there for the same reason as yours.

To get started, write a bit about yourself and upload your best profile photos.

Search for girls and have a conversation. Build a list of potential girlfriend, and once in Boracay, meet up and have fun.

I hope this Boracay sex guide has given a good idea about the island. Enjoy your holiday!





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