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How To Find A Girlfriend Or Wife In Thailand

If you’re looking for a girlfriend in Thailand that understands you, supports your interests, offers companionship and provides intimate moments, there are several ways you can go about it.

The problem is most foreigners make the common mistake to get a Thai girlfriend from the red-light district area. This is the worst decision one can ever make!

This happens simply because foreign men don’t know where to look for a Thai girlfriend and also because it’s easy to get female attention in bars.

In this article, I’ve listed the best ways to find a good girlfriend in Thailand, and also offer tips to help you attract them.

Before getting into the main part of the article, let me answer a question I frequently get asked…


Is It Easy Finding A Thai Girlfriend?

Many people think finding a Thai girlfriend is pretty easy to do. But except you’re going for a bar girl, getting a decent Thai girlfriend takes work.

Even though this might sound strange, most Thai girls are conservative. They don’t sleep around easily, and they need time to learn if the man is suitable.

The main reason is that most Thai girls find it hard to trust men. Thailand’s culture favors men in the sense that they can easily sleep around thanks to the massive availability of easy girls.

And foreign men who visit here will have a hard time convincing a decent Thai girl to be their girlfriend. if you’re a tourist, you’re better off renting a Thai girlfriend rather than looking for a serious relationship.


Best Ways To Find A Girlfriend in Thailand

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Although there are many ways to find a Thai girlfriend, in this section, I listed only the best ways to find a partner that offers intimacy, support, and companionship without too much drama.


Dating sites

Finding a Thai girlfriend online is quite easy when using the right dating site for your needs. I’ve reviewed the top dating sites in Thailand already, but in short, you’ve two options.

The first option is to use Thai Friendly which is the largest dating site in Thailand.

You will find all kinds of Thai girls here. From office girls to university students and mature women. There are also ladyboys on the site, if you’re into that.

Learn to use filters and other advanced search tools to narrow down your perfect match so you don’t waste time talking to the wrong girls.

If you want to avoid the unnecessary demands and responsibilities that come with a traditional relationship, you can search for hot and young girls on Seeking.

On this site, you’re dealing mostly with educated Thai girls that can speak proper English and know how to treat a gentleman.

As long as you take care of her, she would be loyal and submissive to you.

There are few freelancers who pose as decent girls on these sites, so make sure to screen them properly on the first date.

If she’s too easy to get laid, chances are that she’s a hooker. Also, if she’s giving you a sob story and asking for money, this is also a red flag.



Getting a Thai girlfriend from the university is not difficult if you can support their education. The best part is that these girls are naive and willing to try out new things.

To find them, you need to do is hang out in places they popularly visit.

I would recommend visiting these universities; Thammasart, Chulalongkorn, Mahidol, and ABAC. You will meet girls that are open-minded and fluent in English.

You can also try visiting bars that are close to the university. If you’re in Bangkok, you will find many university girls in Zaleng and Baku Pub.


Events And Programs

Another great way to connect with decent Thai girls for a relationship is by meeting through activities such as social gatherings and events, cultural programs, etc.

The best connections are made this way because both of you would have mutual interests.

And if you have a Thai friend, you can also ask if they know anyone looking for a partner.

Most times, they usually know someone and are quite happy being the matchmaker.



My Thai girlfriend in nightclub

If you prefer having an outgoing girlfriend, you will meet them in popular pubs, bars, and nightclubs.

You will find many students and office girls in nightclubs. They mostly go there for fun after an exhausting week.

However, you need to be extra cautious of freelancers.

For the best approach, offer to buy her a drink and make sure to compliment her.

Avoid any sexual comments such as complimenting her body shape. Decent Thai girls would run from sexual innuendos.


Tips To Date A Thai Girlfriend

When dating your Thai girlfriend, there are a few tips to keep in mind if you don’t want her to run away.

Be respectful – Being respectful and kind with your words can go a long way not only to get a Thai girlfriend but also to keep her.

You need to let her see that you respect her as a woman, and not as a plaything.

Learn about the Thai Language – Thai girls are easily fascinated by foreigners that can speak their language.

So by knowing some basic Thai language you attract more ladies in Thailand.

Also, keep in mind that most mixed relationships fall apart due to miscommunication. Thus the more you’re fluent in speaking Thai, the fewer problems you’ll face with the relationship.

Understand Finacial Implications – You should be aware that having a girlfriend in Thailand will cost you money.

Financial support is expected when dating a Thai girl. So budget at least 500 baht per day in maintenance costs.

Be direct and straightforward – Generally, decent Thai girls are family-oriented. Do not be surprised if she wants to introduce you to her family.

So make sure you are direct about your intention with her from the beginning.


Worst Places To Find A Thai Girlfriend



One of the worst places to find a good Thai girlfriend is in bars. Bar girls are the easiest to woo into a relationship simply because they don’t have any other opportunities to get money.

It’s not unusual to see bar girls having multiple partners, whom she regularly collects allowances from.

They are mostly in it for the money and have no emotional attachments to serious relationships.

And of course they’ll tell you they don’t like Thai men who can speak Thai with her and have cultural affinities but instead prefer a an older foreign man because she feels better with them:

Massage Shops

Massage shops are bad places to get a quality girlfriend. This is because they are business-oriented.

And she might see having a relationship with you as a way of getting out of hard work that pays pennies.

Thai girls working in bars and massage shops are uneducated and of a lower class. They are problematic girlfriends that create frustration in a relationship.


FAQs To Find Thai Girlfriend


Is Thailand a good place to find a girlfriend?

Thailand is a good place to get a girlfriend that is submissive, loyal, and supportive.

What dating app do Thai use?

The majority of Thai girls looking for a relationship with a foreign man use Thai Friendly and Seeking.

Should I send money to my Thai girlfriend?

Yes, sending money to your girlfriend is considered supportive and the norm in Thailand.