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How To Find Russian Girls In Thailand

There has been quite a big influx of Russian girls in Thailand in the last few years.

Most are here on holiday or working in real estate, but there are also working girls like escorts and hookers.

Basically, you can find yourself a Russian girlfriend if you happen to live in Thailand… Or have a one night stand with a Russian hooker… Or rent a Russian escort for some intimacy and companionship.

Yet, don’t expect to find Russian girls in any popular Thai tourist destinations. For example, although Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination, it isn’t for Russian tourists.

With that being said, in this article, I’ll expose the most popular destinations in Thailand where to find Russian girls, and the costs.


Where To Find A Russian Girlfriend Experience In Thailand?

While there are quite a few destinations where you could find a Russian holiday girlfriend in Thailand, I recommend starting online.


1. Online

Thailand Russian escort girl price

You’ll find several Russian girls on sites like What’s Your Price and Seeking, especially in tourist destinations like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Some are seeking adventure, some excitement, and others love and a relationship.


2. Pattaya

Pattaya is a whore town on the east coast of Thailand.

Russian girls in the streets of Pattaya in Thailand

Most Russian girls in Pattaya are selling sex, but there are also several ladies working as real estate agents.

If you’re looking to get laid, check out these hotspots:

Walking Street – The most popular red-light district in Pattaya has a variety of bars featuring Russian go-go dancers and, yes, prostitutes.

Although expensive at 8.000 baht, they are pretty hot.

Beach Road – Fairly close to Walking Street, here you can find girls from ex-Soviet countries: Kazakistan, Uzbekistan, and the like.

They aren’t exactly the prettiest Russian women out there, but with 3.000 baht you can get laid.

Nightclubs – Mixx and Nashaa are the most popular clubs in Pattaya to find Russian women.

Some of the girls visit the clubs to have fun and hook up if they find the right guy. But most are freelancers eager to sleep with you for the right price.


3. Bangkok

As the capital of Thailand, it stands to reason that Bangkok would be the best place in Thailand to get laid with Russian girls.

You’ll find a great variety of girls here, from single chicks on holiday to mainland Russian escorts.

find Russian girl Bangkok night hooking up

I’ve already discussed the best places to find Russian girls in Bangkok, but in short, you can start your search here:

• Khao San Road – The most popular destination for backpackers in Bangkok that attracts plenty of young and horny Russian girls.

• Sukhumvit Road – As one of the biggest roads in the city, you’ll find Sukhumvit road is an excellent place for finding Russian hookers.

For example, Rajah Hotel in Soi 18 has a dedicated 4th-floor area for Russian prostitutes for 4-8.000 baht per shot. But if you’re on a budget, visit the Bamboo Bar across the road.

• Siam Square – The cream of the Russian corp gathers in Siam Square’s CM2 disco. With that being said, there are some Russian-speaking Turkish women here too.

This is a pricy location to get laid in, but the women make it worth your while.

• Royal City Avenue – RAC is a usually-full nightlife area highly popular among Thai. But some clubs are frequented by Westerners and Russians too.


4. Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and the most popular beach destination. It stands to reason that a lot of Russian girls come here to holiday.

A few places that are worth checking out are:

Beach – Koran and Paradise Beach are the most popular beaches to meet Russian women.

Nightclubs – Hollywood and Sugar Club in Bangla Road are great places to find Russian hookers.

Patong Bars – There are a few bars in Patong like Moulin Rouge where you’ll find sexy Russian girls offering striptease and sex.

If you would like to know more, check out my article on how to meet Russian girls in Phuket.


How Much Does A Russian Woman Cost In Thailand?

As always, this depends on where you meet her and where she comes from.

Not all of the girls you hear speaking “Rusky” come from the Russian mainland. A majority of them will be from ex-Soviet countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Kazakhstan.

The difference between Russian prostitutes from the mainland or ex-Soviet countries is their hotness… And their price.

Depending on the city, you’ll be looking at around 3.000-4.000 baht for a 2-hour session. And all-night will put you out of 5.000-9.000 baht.

As a rule of thumb, Russian women you’ll find on the streets are cheaper than girls working in bars and hotels. But also their attractiveness will vary.


Is It Possible To Get Laid With A Russian Ladies In Thailand For Free?

Of course, it is.

Thailand is an extremely popular vacation destination for Russians. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of Russian women visiting on holiday.

With that being said, most of these girls are taken, but if you find one that’s single you should shoot your shot.

Keep in mind that Russian women prefer direct men. So don’t waste time and go for the lay.

There are also several Russian ladies online looking for a romantic relationship. And some are looking for a friend with benefits or sugar daddy to make ends meet.

To conclude, there are several ways to hook up with Russian girls in Thailand either for free or pay for it… And some destinations are better than others.