A Nightlife Guide To Girls And Their Prices In Bali

Don’t have to mention that Bali is the place in Indonesia for girls and nightlife, right?

No other places in the country have nearly as many foreign and Indonesian girls looking to hook up — not even Jakarta.

When going out at night, there are girls hot for action anywhere…

Anyway, it’s not just about the thousands of sexy ladies but also the many different nightlife places where to pick up girls in Bali.

From backpacker’s places in Kuta to high-class venues in Seminyak, you can have fun on any budget. Bali can be cheap or expensive, depending on the style of nightlife you most enjoy.

So here we go, this is the complete overview of the nightlife, girls and their prices in Bali…


What Are Like Nightlife Girls In Bali?

In one word: hot! Most single girls you meet at night in Bali are hot for action.

The majority are prostitutes freelancing in clubs and streets. Then there are girls working for massage shops and bars ladies selling sex. But there are also wealthy Indonesian girls coming to Bali from big cities like Jakarta for fun…


Now, to the practical approach, Bali nightlife girls are open-minded and easy-going. They love to have fun, get drunk and have sex.

However, you need to be confident and know how to start a conversation if you want to hook up… Also with the hookers in the clubs.

Prostitutes in the streets and massage shops are going to approach you because they are desperately in need of money. But girls freelancing in clubs and beach bars have higher standards and expect you to make the first move.

So, if you want to hook up with girls at night in Bali, you need to be comfortable starting a conversation. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching girls and you prefer a slow-paced and intimate way of meeting ladies, contact girls on a dating site.

Before your trip to Bali send a bunch of messages and ask if they are interested in going out with you. You’ll enjoy the nightlife in Bali more with a local girl that you already know.


Bali Nightlife Girl Prices

There are three nightlife areas for single guys in Bali: Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Kuta is the cheapest, Legian in the middle and Seminyak is the high-class spot on the island.

Consider that a girl in Kuta is going to cost you about half the price of a girl in Seminyak. This should give you already an idea about the nightlife girl’s prices by location in Bali.

The second most important factor is the type of girls.


Street Hooker Prices

You are going to find many street hookers in Kuta. Go for a night walk near Ground Zero Monument or outside the clubs to find out what I mean.


These girls might not find a job, need money really urgently or are too old to compete with the young girls in the nightclubs.

Even though you may get quoted 500k for a short time, if you do some small talks for a while, you might get quoted the local standard rate of 300k rupiahs.

Nightclub Freelancer Prices

Bali nightclubs are well stocked with freelancer girls (self-employed prostitutes). They range from the part-timer girl to the pro who loves to get money and have a lot of sex.

bali nightlife girls

What influences the price of a freelancer is her demand in the market. The more men are after her, the more she can charge. Usually, a young spinner with a sexy body and cute face charges the most.

But how much?

Girls clubbing in Kuta ask for 500k to 800k for all night, mostly are Indonesians. If you party in Seminyak, the cost for a girl start at 800k. Of course, girls in Seminyak are sexier while the girls in Kuta are farmers.


Massage Girl’s Prices

You can find massage shops and spas all around town. The word “massage” is actually quite misleading, they’re brothels with sexy girls who don’t know much about massage but experts in happy endings.

The massage girl price in the small shops is about 500k for massage and full service…

If you would like to learn more, I’ve written a guide about happy ending massage in Bali. I don’t talk only about the best parlors where to get a happy ending, but also how to get a cheap erotic massage in your hotel’s room.


Bali Nightlife Map To Hook Up With Girls

So, if you are the kind of guy that loves all the good things a healthy nightlife can provide, you’ll love Bali. There are thousands of hot girls, great night venues and cheap booze. It’s hard not to have fun with so many prostitutes in Bali.