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How To Pick Up Singapore Girls And Get Laid

Singapore girls are beautiful and sexy, and there’s no doubt about that. The only thing is they might be at times conservative due to their traditional Asian upbringing.

With that in mind, most single men visiting the city fear rejection when approaching. What more can you expect from a conserved girl, right?

You don’t know if you can freely talk to girls in the streets, bars or nightclubs… Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s hard to pick up girls in Singapore… Or you want simply to know where to find girls and how to get laid.

The reality is if you want to find a sex partner in Singapore, you don’t have to pick up girls or start a conversation with a random stranger.

There are plenty of horny girls and even couples who want to get laid, but don’t have much time to go out to hook up.

They hang out on adult sites or use hookup apps so they can go straight to the point with the other sex without wasting time and money socializing.

In this article, I’ll show you the best places where to find horny girls in Singapore and offer some helpful tips to get laid. That way, you can hook up right away.

But first, let me answer a common question…


 Is It Hard To Get Laid In Singapore?

Getting laid in Singapore isn’t anything as hard as rocket science. Girls in Singapore are extremely attracted to foreigners, which puts you ahead of the game compare to local guys.

As you can see in this video, it’s pretty easy to start a conversation and get her digits…

But to get laid is a long process filled with dinners, sometimes gifts, and dating games.

Fortunately, there are many singles and couples on adult dating sites like Asian Match Mate that love to hook up… And you don’t have to go for long conversations or dates to end up in the bedroom.

Yet, what happens online on hookup apps and sites isn’t a reflection of how Singaporean approach their nightlife hookups.

When you hang out in bars and clubs, Singaporean women play hard to get, and you need to know how to move smoothly throughout their “shit tests”.

If you don’t have the patience and big money to invest in drinks and other social status things to pursue a local girl, chances are you won’t get laid.

Singapore nightlife might be a “candy world” for serious players that have the financial resources and the lingo to impress a woman.

But you need to tighten up your game and give a good account of yourself to pick up girls here.


Where To Find Girls In Singapore

If you love to go out at night and have the money to spend on girls, bars and nightclubs are an option to get a nightstand.

But if you prefer to find a fuck buddy in Singapore or you want to get into a threesome, you’re better off hooking up on adult sites as explained below.


Bar & Nightclubs

If you love to go out at night and pick up girls, there are several bars and nightclubs for hookups in Orchid Street, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay.

The best pick up bars in Singapore are:

Make sure to dress sharp and bring plenty of money to splash for drinks and a private table.

Singaporean ladies out at night are hard to impress but it’s possible when you have a good game and the resources.

Keep in mind that most ladies who aren’t Singapore nationalities are working girls. Meaning if you take home a Filipina or Vietnamese you’ll have to pay for it even if she never mentions being a hooker.


Adult Sites

If you’re looking for more than just a one-night stand, probably you want a fuck buddy or a regular sex partner.

Just imagine enjoying the company of an outgoing girl in Singapore but without the drama of a relationship…

getting laid in singapore woman

No need to take her shopping or see a movie at the cinema like in a typical relationship. It’s all about having a great time in the bedroom first, and then all the rest.

Meaning you reap the benefits of a sexual relationship but without the downsides like jealousy, restricted freedom, drama, and so on.

You can either find a sugar baby in Singapore if you’re looking for intimacy and a connection. Alternatively, go for Asian Match Mate if you’re just looking to hook up without emotional baggage.

There are plenty of horny women on those sites. And the best part is most of them are students.


Tips To Hook Up With Singaporean Girls

Let’s now dive deep into how you can score with girls in Singapore:

  • Be Classy

If you want to be successful in picking up in Singapore, you need to be classy. I mean classy, not outright pushy like some would think.

You have to maintain eye contact when talking to her, be sensitive and provocative at the same time.

  • Know Her Boundaries

Most girls in Singapore are quite conservative, so you can’t go all out and start being touchy.

Be gentle and only hold her waist when you are leading her through a door or on the dance floor.

  • Stimulate Her

Your conversations should be about your portfolio — in part and complement her occasionally.

  • Be a Willing Spender

Most girls in Singapore want you to work for it, so you have to show that she is worth the effort.

Instead of taking her to some dingy place to have a bite, go to a classy restaurant where she can get “a real meal”.

  • Be Wild

Don’t get fooled by the conservative nature of Singapore girls, after she gets to know you, you will see her wild side in the bedroom.


Best And Worst Sex Partners In Singapore

The best sex partners in Singapore are university girls and career women.

Yet, if you have the choice, go for career women unless you want to get into a sugar relationship in Singapore.

A career woman’s main interests are her work and to get a good fuck. Unlike students who also need an emotional attachment.

Meaning you can enjoy the sex and friendship over the years without worrying the relationship gets too messy or over complicated.

University girls might enjoy the sex for a while but sooner rather than later they might want something more out of the sex relationship.

As a result, both of you might end it with bitter feelings for each other unless you’re ready to get serious with her.

Especially if you’re having a sexual relationship with a Filipina or some other Asian nationalities working in Singapore.

In conclusion, getting laid in Singapore is pretty straightforward. If you have the money and the confidence to pick up girls in bars and clubs, you can find yourself a nightstand.

If you prefer to find sex partners without the need to go out at night, you can always scout for sex partners online.