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How To Book Online Girls In Bangkok

It’s never been easier booking girls in Bangkok online thanks to the internet. You can book a girl for a night, for a few days or even for the whole week.

Most men think the only way to do that is to visit escort directories or consult the personal classified. The reality is there are better ways to get girls for companionship and intimacy in Bangkok.

And don’t have to be necessarily a hardcore prostitute.

Most ladies you see working in restaurants, shopping malls and other places around Bangkok, earn a salary of only 300 US$ per month. As you can imagine that isn’t enough to make ends meet.

So, many of them occasionally make some extra money on the side by escorting tourists. And not only girls with a day job but also university girls that struggle to pay the rent.

Obviously, you’ll not find civilian girls on escort directories or classified. They value discretion and privacy for obvious reasons.

In this article, I’ll show you where to find Bangkok girls online and how much is going to cost you. So, you can immediately hook up in Bangkok and have a good time without break the bank.


How Much Cost To Book A Girl In Bangkok?

It depends the type of girl and for how long you want to book her for.

For example, a university student costs much less than a call girl in Bangkok.

Call girls are money minded and you are on the clock with them. On the other hand, university girls are easy going and have plenty of free time after school.

A Bangkok call girl costs about 5.000 baht for two hours. With that amount of money, a student would spend a few days with you.

Here some general prices to give you a better idea of current rates in Bangkok:

  • Call Girls (escorts) – 5.000 baht for 2 hours or 15.000 baht for all night.
  • Freelancer Online – 1.500 baht for two hours, 2.000 baht for the night, and 10.000 per week.

By freelancers, I mean all those girls in Bangkok that earn money offering companionship to foreign men. Some of them do it part-time while others are full-time.

Thai freelancer online in Bangkok

Bangkok freelancer


Where To Book Girls In Bangkok

There are several places where you can book Bangkok girls online.

Yet, someplace offer better value to hire girls by the hours while others rentING girls for longer.

For example, when booking a girl by the hour in Bangkok, the best option is to use an escort booking platform. But when recruiting girls for the night or for a few days, you are better off searching on dating sites.

One-Two Hours Booking

If you want to book a Thai girl by the hour, there is no better option then use the services of escort services in Bangkok. You get a girl delivered at your doorstep for a wild ride.

There are several escort agencies as well as independent call girls in Bangkok, and it can get messy to search for them.

Fortunately, you can find all of them on Smocci.

Smooci is a booking platform that lists all the escort services in Bangkok in one place. It’s like Agoda for the hotel industry, they group different properties in one place.

In conclusion, booking a call girl for a few hours is only a matter to pay her fee and have a good time. And although 5.000 baht for two hours is a high price in Thailand, it’s convenient like ordering pizza delivery.

Longer Booking

When you want to book a girl for more than just a few hours, it’s about the vibe.

You don’t want to spend the night or a few days with a girl that you don’t have any sort of connection. It’s boring and unsexy even if she is a hottie.

If that isn’t enough, what’s the point to waste 15.000 baht for a night with an escort in Bangkok?

You can hook up with everyday girls and go for a nice meal together or a romantic drink on a sky bar. There are plenty of Thai girls on dating sites eager to meet a foreign man.

The fact is that not all the girls on dating sites are looking for a serious relationship. Many are on those dating sites only to offer companionship to foreign men visiting Thailand.

It’s easy to distinguish them from everyday girls looking for love because they usually wear bikinis, short skirts, or other appealing dresses.

A Thai girl looking for a serious relationship would never dress like that. It gives the wrong impression.

And some of the companionship girls explicitly write in their profiles that they are looking for generous or kind men. That’s a clear hint of what they are all about.

When you come across such profiles, it’s only a matter to message the girl, explain what you are looking for, and make a deal. Simple as that.

Those types of girls are known as Thai freelancers. They offer companionship to tourists at a much lower rate than escorts simply because they don’t share their earnings with a pimp or an escort agency.


Is It Better To Book An Escort In Bangkok Or Hire A Freelancer?

There isn’t a straight answer to this question. It depends on what your needs are, your budget, and for how long you want to book a girl in Bangkok.

Bangkok escorts are business-minded and interested only to get as much money as possible in the least amount of time. Although some of them know how to please a man, several call girls aren’t that pleasant and they rush things.

On the other hand, freelancers are easy-going ladies that want to have a good time with you. It feels like to be in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship but without the drama and nagging.

Meaning you can enjoy a conversation, do some fun things and when it’s time to get intimate, it feels like being with a girlfriend rather than a working girl.

The thing you don’t want absolutely to do is booking a Bangkok escort for more than two hours. It’s damn expensive!

It’ll cost you 15.000 baht for a night when you can rent a freelancer for a week with that amount of money.

In conclusion, book a call girl only if you want a girl for a few hours. For anything longer than that, search for girls on dating sites.