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Why You Should Make Love With A Thai Woman Before You Die

Why You Should Have Sex With Thai Women Before You Die


Thai Women Love Sex

It is a certainty that it is the shining, happy smiles of the lovely ladies of Thailand that gave the Land of Smiles its famous nickname

The dark and sultry tropical paradise of Thailand is nicknamed the “Land of Smiles” for a wonderful reason: it is simply almost impossible to spend any time there and not leave with the happiest of smiles in your face!

Is sex the reason?

Well, the reasons are almost too many to count.

It’s an Asian land of almost indescribable beauty, from the lush green forests to the dramatic mountainous highlands to the world-famous beaches which boast the clearest waters on earth. However, this land hold one more beauty; the legendary girls of Thailand!

“While living there, so many things have happened – both incredible and regrettable. But, something that always was available, any time of the day and location, was sex with Thai girls.” Quote By Rocco


Sex with Thai Girls – What is it Like?

Thai girls are feminine and submissive, and they will expect you to take charge in bed. They want to take care of you in every ways possible, but you will have to direct the action.

She will do whatever asked. For example, ask for a massage, being a cultural norm. Thai girls will be open and willing to massage your whole body, both before and after sex.

Don’t be shy during your sex session, ask for what you want – and be specific. Smile at her as she takes you into her mouth. Nod encouragingly.

Let her know how good it feels. What you must remember during sex is that all Thai girls have been raised to be submissive. They will not take control in the bedroom, and most of them will simply lie still as you explore their bodies.

They will enjoy every minute, and they will return the pleasures, but you must be the man. Guide them and enjoy your sex experience, it will be amazing.

Some men will be disappointed by the submissiveness of Thai women. Some will adore this distinct difference between Thai girls and the aggressive women of western countries. But all men must be aware ahead of time of these differences in sexual practices.


Tips-and-hint.jpg2_TIPS: The most successful men will understand and welcome the cultural differences, and behave accordingly. During your sex holiday is important to go with the flow, the flow is a natural law of all the things.

If you treat a Thai girl as a lady should be treated – both in and out of the bedroom – she will treat you the way a man should be treated!


What Are Thai Girls Alike?



Sexy thai woman


Thai girls have obviously exotic features, with beautiful almond shaped and deep brown eyes, dark and silken hair, and perfect, usually lightly bronzed skin.

Skin tone and features may vary from region to region, but most sexy Thai girls have skin that is darker and deeper than most of the ladies of Europe or America.

But what separates Thai girls from all the rest, even more than their supple young bodies and entrancing eyes, are their welcoming and open smiles. The Land of Smiles earns its name through the eager and enthusiastic smiles of the Thai girls, with so many of them willing and waiting!



In addition to some very different – and very open! – cultural ideas about sex, romance, and love, one of the things that makes Thai culture different is that openness and hospitality are deeply ingrained concepts.

All of the people of Thailand are almost unbelievably friendly, and they are especially welcoming to strangers from foreign lands!

They believe in welcoming visitors into their homes and their hearts, in sharing their culture and religion, and in going the extra mile to help out others, especially those who have traveled so far to meet them!

On top of all that, the people of Thailand are relaxed and love to have fun – fun of every kind imaginable!



They are so much friendly and easier to approach than western women. Keep in mind, the social changes that have led to some unpleasant changes in the behavior of American and European women never happened in Thailand, so Thai girls are much more traditional and feminine.

They believe, above all else, in taking care of their men. They are sweet, gentle, kind, and submissive to men, especially their love one. Not only are they wonderful in bed, but they will enhance the sexual experience with gift-giving, massage, and cooking wonderful Thai food.

They are delightfully child-like in their personalities, always curious about the world outside Thailand. They will ask many questions about where you came from, and they will love to listen to your stories of far away lands!

Thai girls are honest and open. If they like you, you will know. There will be no game-playing. In return, they will expect you to take on a traditionally masculine role.

They will give up their hearts and bodies, but in return they expect kindness and respect.

This is a very important point, because too many western visitors fail to understand this about Thai girls: if you want all the erotic excitement and adventure of sleeping with Thai girls, you must return the kindness with gentle respect and genuine warmth.

Also keep in mind that while Thai girls are free and easy with love and sex, they will quickly become attached.

Most wise travelers will find one girl when they visit and spend most of their time with her, rather than trying to bed as many women as possible.

In fact, visitors who treat Thai girls with kindness and respect, will find they have lifelong friends and lovers, who may be waiting for their next visit – or even want to come visit your homeland!


How To Seduce Thai Girls

 How to seduce Thai women

Seduction is not only important during a sex vacation but in everyday life. Thai women are different from Western women, and what might work in Europe, will not work in Thailand.

In The Dream Vacation, you’ll learn how to approach Thai girls and in easy steps, escalating from flirting to have sex.

Below are 4 ot the 10 rules necessary to seduce and date Thai girls effectively.


Rule # 1: RESPECT!

Understanding the Thai culture, is an important step in the game of seduction.

Unfortunately, Thai girls have gotten a reputation that is half-right and half-wrong.

It is true that they are welcoming, and that they embrace sexual pleasure in ways far beyond and far different than Western women.

And it is also true that you can purchase sex and sexual pleasures in the nightclubs and massage parlors of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Unfortunately, most men have taken this reputation to mean that Thai girls will provide sex on demand to any western tourist who demands it.

This is exactly the wrong approach to take with Thai girls if you are serious to have unforgettable sex experiences. If you are rude and offering only your money, their smiles will fade and you will be clueless why only bar girls will talk to you.

To succeed, understand this well! Show the girls and their culture the respect it deserves. Give them the same smiles and kindness they show you, and you will be halfway to the bedroom, I promise! Not only that, but she will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

So rule number one of seducing sexy Thai girls is simple: Do NOT be like the rude and stereotypical western tourists who disrespect Thai culture and demand only sex with a price tag, showing no respect and kindness.

Only bar girls are attracted to this kind of travelers, and the reason being MONEY. Be a man, be the ultimate sex travelers, so what you must do is act much as the Thai themselves do: be kind, open, and smile warmly.


Tips-and-hint.jpg2_TIPS: One important thing to note is that much of the advice for getting a sexy Thai girl in bed is exactly the opposite of seducing western women.

With western women, you may have to show them some gentle disrespect to prove your status. In Thailand, your status is secure: you are wealthy foreigner. So what you must do is be kind, reward the Thai girls with your attention and kind smile.

This may take some getting used to, but you’ll also find the openness and honesty of romance in Thailand to be a delightful change from what you may be used to!



The second big rule of seducing Thai girls is that you absolutely MUST make yourself seem different than other western tourists.

Pattaya tourist

Please, avoid to look like the typical tourist. Do you think a girl would be proud to hang out with you?

Avoid acting and speaking like most of the travelers; “What’s your name? Where are you from? How much for the night?”

Yes, it’s a warm country, but don’t be an ugly Westerner in ill-fitting jean shorts and a Hawaiian shirt! Take time to dress nicely – this will immediately make you stand out in a crowd of awkward tourists.

I suggest a nice pair of thin dress slacks, an expensive collared shirt in a subdued color, a good leather belt, and good leather shoes. No socks are required – after all, it’s the jungle!

But don’t wear flip-flops. Don’t wear t-shirts. Tuck in your shirt. Wear a nice watch. Comb your hair, and buy a decent pair of sunglasses.

So many men fail to take these basic steps to look presentable, and it is such an easy way to attract feminine attention in Thailand. You should look comfortable and welcoming – but look “smart.”

You should strive to look important, powerful, masculine, and presentable.

Remember, Thai girls are traditionally feminine and will respond to the traditionally masculine. They want men, not boys or trumps.



Third rule: although Thai girls will speak at least some English, all Thai girls are impressed with any western man who takes the time to learn their customs, culture, history, and language. We cannot stress this enough!

The girls will be attracted by the tourists, especially wealthy western men – but once they arrive at the bar or club, they are always looking for the ones who stand out from the pack!

I have learned to speak Thai. By speaking their language, I can communicate to all a new level with Thai girls.

None the less, picking up hot girls is a breeze.

But, for most tourist, speaking the language fluently will never be possible, but don’t discourage, before you head to the airport, take time to read some books on Thai culture.

If you can learn even a little bit about their customs and history, and even a few basic words of the language, you will be way ahead of the rest!

Language is important because it is an immediate ice-breaker.

If you approach a beautiful Thai girl and greet her in her native tongue, you’ll be rewarded with an instant smile.



“Thai girls simply do not respond to many of the basic rules of game when it comes to seducing western women.”

Don’t try to appear uninterested or cold. Instead,be honest and direct.

If you like a Thai girl, just tell her. If you find her attractive, say so. If the moment is right – be careful now, make sure! – go ahead and tell her you want to sleep with her. Never, ever chase a Thai girl and never use seduction games.

Separate yourself from other tourists in the way you act and dress. Keep in mind to be masculine and let the Thai girls be feminine. Being honest and respectful goes a long way.

At that point, when you are talking to a Thai girl, the conversation will be straight-forward.

When she isn’t interested, she’ll walk away – and there is nothing you can do.

On the other hand, if you’ve been kind and respectful and made your desires honestly known to her, and she decides she likes you – a Thai girl will say so. She may ask you exactly what your intentions are. If that happens, be direct and open – but not to direct.

Don’t say: “I want to get you naked right now!”

But do say: “I think you are beautiful and I love your smile, and I want to spend more time with you tonight!”

Relax. If you get that far, and you forget all about the silly games of seduction that are so common with western women, then the sex will come.

At this point, game-playing can only drive her away. Just relax. Smile. Tell her how sexy she is and be patient.

The land of smiles will keep its promise.


Best Destinations To Meet Thai Women!

First, keep in mind that anywhere you go in Thailand, as long as it’s a tourist destination either in an urban area or beach resort, will be a good place to meet sexy Thai girls – and take them to bed!

There are no bad choices here. Avoid the northern highlands in the winter because it may be cold and rainy.

Avoid central Thailand in the heat of the summer months, and understand that the island resorts and tourist centers of Bangkok will be crowded and expensive during the high season from November to February.

But with all of that in mind, there are no bad options.

Plan a sex vacation to Thailand should be taken seriously. It’s a guarantee to achieve your vacation’s goals and feel of accomplishment.

best sex destination Thailand

1. Bangkok: You really can’t skip the world-famous capital city. It will be the most crowded and expensive, but also home to the most beautiful girls in Thailand. The nightlife is something you will never forget.

2. Koh Samui: This island, surrounded by the clearest blue waters you will ever see, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and most beautiful Thai girls. It is also somewhat expensive, but the girls are particularly welcoming to foreign men. Do keep in mind, however, that there is no designated Red Light district in Koh Samui.

3. Pattaya: Travel south and east along the coastline away from Bangkok and you find Pattaya.

Pattaya is know as “The sin city of Asia“. Many travelers think Pattaya blends the best of all worlds, and it is highly recommended.

4. Phuket: Head south and west, to the western shoreline of Thailand, and you’ll find Phuket, a VIP version of Pattaya. Phuket boasts some of the best outdoor adventures in Thailand, but it also has some of the naughtiest nightlife.

Unlike Koh Samui, Phuket has a Red Light district well known for catering to tourists.

I suggest you hit these spots and the other popular destinations, but also travel to some of the outlying areas. There are treasures hidden everywhere, especially along the coastline.


Closing Notes On Sex in Thailand

For tourists – especially for men who want sex with beautiful and friendly young Asian women – there is no place like Thailand. It is alone in all the world as the premier destination for men seeking romantic and erotic adventure.

You won’t need a lot of money – but you will need to take the time to understand the rules.

Take the time to study the culture and language, learn the secrets of sex with Thai girls, and come to their smiling country with an attitude of generosity and respect.

Your kindness will be rewarded in ways you cannot even imagine. You’ll leave Thailand a brand new man with a permanent smile forever on your face!