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getting laid in Thailand

Best Cities In Thailand To Get Laid

Thailand is an easy country to get laid in. However, some places are more suited to it than others.

In some cities, you’ll find that they’re overrun with prostitution, so if you have the money getting laid is just a matter to pay for it.

Yet, there are cities where you can hook up with everyday Thai girls pretty easily because they have a fetish for foreign men.

In this article, I’ll expose both types of cities so you know exactly what you’re getting into. But before we move on exactly which cities you should be visiting for having sex, you should figure out your sexual expectations.


What Are Your Expectations From A Sexual Experience In Thailand

There’s a big difference between getting laid with a prostitute and hooking up with a cute everyday girl…

hooking up Thai girls getting laid

On the left side street walkers (promo girls/hookers on the side) in the red light district in Pattaya. On the right side university girl (everyday girl).

Obviously hooking up with a Thai prostitute is extremely risky for your health.

This isn’t Amsterdam with highly regulated prostitution and mandatory tests. In fact, Thailand has a high STDs rate in sex tourism destinations for a reason.

Thankfully, if you hook up with a local girl met online or in a library in a city where there isn’t much prostitution, you slim down the chances of getting an STD drastically.

Besides, men that have sex regularly with prostitutes enjoy a short-term satisfaction for which they sacrifice their long-term mental and physical health.

It might be fun having sex with a hooker because they are willing to do naughty things without hesitation, but you can find plenty of horny girls and even couples that love to fuck and try different things on adult sites in Thailand.

Meaning it isn’t necessary to pay a hooker to have some exciting sex like a threesome or anal as there are plenty of Thai girls out there that crave some good action.

The good thing is most Thai women aren’t all that picky when it comes to looks or age. So it isn’t that hard to land a young and hot Thai chick…

As you can see in this video, a wide age gap isn’t a big deal in Thailand like in other parts of the world.

Yet, Udon Thani city where this couple lives isn’t a good city for hookups at all. Foreign men who retired there, usually have a serious relationship with a Thai partner that goes behind just sex: intimacy, friendship and companionship.

If you want to find a girlfriend or wife in Thailand for more than just sex, the easiest way is to contact Thai girls on dating sites and go for dates until you meet the one.

Now, if you’ve decided what you want out of your sex life in Thailand, let’s look over some of the best cities to get laid in.


Best Thai Cities To Hook Up As A Foreigner

When we’re talking about Thai cities for hookups, there are cities popular with sex tourist and prostittutes And destinations that better suit a man looking to meet wordly Thai girls for casual sex or a relatinship.

Sex Tourism Destinations In Thailand

These cities are known for their red light districts and sex tourism…


Pattaya is the most sinful city in Thailand world-renowned for its go-go bars, Bj bars, and naughty nightlife.

Go-go bars are much like strip clubs while Bj bars are where you can get a blowjob with a drink.

And the nightlife here is pretty crazy but 99% of the girls are hookers.

Check out the Pattaya sex guide for single men for more info.


Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, as well as the most common destination for sex tourism.

Much like Pattaya, Phuket has several red light districts with freelancers and professional hookers all over the place. The only difference is Phuket offers more options for couples into swinging or threesomes thanks to the several nudist resorts.

For more info, read the Phuket sex guide for single men.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a layback beach town less known than Pattaya and Phuket. While the nightlife isn’t as hyperenergetic and there aren’t quite as many nightclubs and red-light districts, you’d be surprised how much sex you can find here.

For more info, read the Hua Hin sex guide for single men.

Koh Samui

This island near Phuket is popular among young dudes who are looking for a girlfriend experience. Of course, they have to pay for the girls’ time like any other escort would do.

You’ll find several erotic massage parlors, beer bars, and nightclub clubs.

For more info, read the Koh Samui sex guide for single men.

Best Thai Cities For Meeting Worldly Thai Girls

If you aren’t into prostitutes and pay sex but prefers the genuine intimacy of a local girl, then these cities are destinations you should consider.


Bangkok attracts the youngest and hottest Thai girls from all over the country. You’ll find office girls as well as students who can speak English and are into foreign men.

The only thing you’ll need is confidence and the patience to take the girls out for a meal.

For more info, read the Bangkok sex guide for single men.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is your best bet if you’re looking for well-educated Thai girls. This is the largest city in Northern Thailand and represents the biggest cultural center in the area.

Being a university town, you can expect to hook up with students curious about foreign men. They’re a bit shy at first, but once they feel comfortable around you, sex is a guarantee.

For more info, read the Chiang Mai sex guide for single men.


If you’re looking for just a quick lay, one of the above two cities will be a better bet for you. With that being said, Krabi excels at providing a great place to find someone for something a bit more long-term.

A third of Krabi’s population is also Muslim, so if you’ve never met a Muslim woman who is open towards sex, you might consider giving Krabi a try.

For more info, read the Krabi sex guide for single men.


Is It Easy Getting Laid In Thailand?

Getting laid in Thailand is quite easy. In fact, there’s no need to pay for a prostitute in a country as sex-positive as Thailand.

Paying for sex puts both your mental and physical health at risk while hooking up with everyday girls is a boost for your self-confidence.

The only downside going for everyday girls is that it takes at least one date to get laid. And could be a challenge to meet them in the first place, especially if it’s your first time in Thailand.

If you’re still abroad, the easiest way to find horny Thai ladies and even couples for threesomes is by using hookup sites.

On dating sites, you’ll see a lot of pretenses about serious relationships. Though, the majority of girls are down for a fuck on the first date as long as you aren’t too pushy.

Instead, on adult sites, you’ll find singles and couples open to the idea of no string attached sex.

In the end, it’s easy to get laid in Thailand when you know where to look for horny girls that are into foreign men.