Thai single lady in Thailand

Single Ladies In Thailand: Where and How to Date Them

There are many different places you can meet single Thai ladies. But where should you start?

Also approaching and dating Thai girls isn’t as easy as you might think. Most ladies in Thailand are shy, reserved, and sometimes frightened to talk to a foreign man.

Before showing you where to find single Thai ladies and how to ask her, let’s see what type of single girls you’ll find in Thailand and which ones make the best dating prospects!


Type of Single Girls in Thailand

As with most countries, there are several types of girls in Thailand you can meet.

Some of them are looking for serious relationships with both foreigners and locals, others are looking for something more casual, and some do not really like foreigners at all.

The best single Thai ladies to meet in my experience are office girls and students.

Office girls are good girlfriend material if you’re looking for a serious relationship. The reason is they are educated and independent, so they won’t rely on you for most things.

On the other hand, students are great because they are easygoing and less demanding than office girls in terms of commitment. In fact, they are great rental material.

You should avoid all the girls working in the entertainment industry like bar girls. They are only after your money and prone to create trouble.

Now that I’ve covered the best Thai single girls you should aim for, let’s see where to find them.


Where to Meet Singles in Thailand

Some place is better than others when it comes to meet singles ladies in Thailand, and I would start with:


Onlinesingle Thai Ladies online

The easiest way to get in contact with single ladies in Thailand is to go online. Why?

Because you can start the search right now even if you’re not in Thailand yet. Also, you can find your perfect match easily thanks to the filters built into the website’s search.

Some of the most popular dating sites are Thai Friendly and Seeking. While on Thai Friendly you’ll find only single Thai ladies, on Seeking you’ll find also foreign ladies.

I’ve written a detailed review of the best sites in Thailand to contact girls if you want to dig deeper.


Nightlife Venues

Bangkok single lady clubbing

Nightlife venues in Thailand are filled with single girls who are out to have fun and meet someone new. The only issue with this option is you need to be in your 20s-30s and have an outgoing personality.

Avoid the red light districts like the plague for obvious reasons. Instead, go for popular nightclubs and bars.

But be aware that in popular tourist destinations like Pattaya and Phuket, there are many Thai freelancers patronizing the nightclubs.

If you’re in Bangkok, the hottest places to visit are Onyx, Levels Club & Lounge, Bobo Club, and Beam. Here, you can find many attractive Bangkok single ladies.

If you happen to be in Phuket, the go-to places that are jam-packed with single ladies are Illuzion, Café del Mar, Catch Beach Club, Ka Jok See, and Sugar Club.

And in Pattaya don’t miss out Mixx Discotheque, Lucifer, and Insomnia.


Concerts and Festivals

Going to concerts and festivals will help you tremendously to meet young, fun, and attractive single ladies from Thailand that are open to meeting new people from all over the world.

Also, they attract huge crowds so you will definitely have your pick of girls.

You can join different Facebook groups to find concerts near you and meet new people. Bangkok hosts music festivals virtually every month, so you should attend one while in Thailand.


Coworking Spaces and Coffee Shops

coworking ladies in Phuket

Many young and single Thai girls work online from their laptops. So, they go to places like coffee shops and coworking spaces to work and socialize.

A couple of places I recommend in the most popular Thai cities are:

In Bangkok

If you work remotely, I suggest you visit KO Kreate Space. Otherwise, go for a coffee in Old Town Café and you’ll find many single girls there.

In Phuket

For remote workers, the best place to go to in Phuket is Hatch. And if you want to meet girls over a cup of coffee, I suggest you visit Coffee Lab. 

In Chiang Mai

If you’re in Chiang Mai, you can visit one of its most popular coworking spaces, Yellow Coworking. And one of its most popular coffee shops, My Secret Café In Town, to meet many young and attractive single ladies.

In Pattaya

As for Pattaya, one of its most popular coworking spaces you can visit is AMIGO International. Many single foreign ladies work from there. If you want to meet single Thai ladies, don’t miss out on Bake n’ Brew.



Thai lady in fitness gym

The gym is one of those places where you are guaranteed to find attractive ladies.

However, before you pick a gym, make sure you get a tour and sign up for a one-month membership. That way, you can change your gym easily if the ladies there are too snobbish.

Single ladies in Thailand tend to do strength and weight-loss training the most, so you can sign up for such classes to meet more ladies.


How to Ask a Single Thai Lady Out

The dating culture in Thailand is a bit different compared to other places. Most Thai girls are reserved and don’t feel comfortable speaking a foreign language.

So it helps if you can learn a couple of words of Thai. Mod will help you with some Thai language 101 in this video:

When it comes time to ask her out, simply mention that you want to go eat something together. Thai girls love to eat, and that is the best time to get them to know.

Also, speak slowly because Thai girls have a hard time with foreign languages.

And most importantly be always kind and calm. Thai ladies can’t stand men who seem too nervous.

I’ve written in detail about how to date a girlfriend in Thailand where you’ll find dating ideas, costs and tips to make her yours.


FAQs About Single Thai Ladies

Is It Easy to Approach Single Ladies in Thailand?

Thai girls are easy to approach, and you can easily get a conversation going with them if they speak English.

How Do You Ask a Girl Out in Thailand?

Approach gently, be respectful, and speak slowly. Thai girls don’t like rude guys and might have difficulty understanding you if you don’t speak Thai.

How Does Dating Work in Thailand?

Dating in Thailand takes time and is used as means to get to know the other person before you actually do anything (even kiss). Also, Thai women often bring a chaperone on first dates.

How Do You Get a Thai Girl to Fall in Love With You?

You should treat her nicely, give her compliments, ask about her family, and take things slow. That way, she’ll fall for you.