Where To Find Girls For Sex In Bangkok

If you’re coming to Bangkok and want to hook up with girls, you should know where to look for them.

Most tourists end up in the red light areas in Bangkok when searching for sex. But there are much better ways to get laid without having to pay for a prostitute.

Not only having “free sex” is more satisfying, but it’s also much safer. And considering that in Bangkok there are plenty of girls eager to have sex with a foreign man, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for a hooker.

And this brings us to the first part of this article before showing you how to find Bangkok girls for sex.


Should You Pay Girls in Bangkok For Sex?

Bangkok has so many options when it comes to sex. You can pay for it in the huge sex industry or casually date girls.

I have done it all, but when I look back to my 10 years of sexual experiences in Asia which 6 are in Thailand, my best memories are always forward the nice girls that I have met outside the sex industry.

The reason is the shallow sexual experience a sex worker can offer. They are hard-core, emotionless, and not so appealing overall. Instead, regular girls in Bangkok are sweet, loving caring and they get very wet.

But the experience doesn’t finish there. Long conversations, unique moments, and having fun while exploring Bangkok are all the benefits you get aside from sex…

So, is it really worth paying for sex in Bangkok?

That is the only decision you need to make before visiting. If you want to pay for sex, just visit the red light districts where you can get sex for money.

Alternatively, sign up with popular adult dating sites in Thailand and start to hook up with horny girls.

Having said that, let’s check out the best places to find girls for sex in Bangkok.


Best Places To Find Girls For Sex In Bangkok

Some places offer better opportunities for hookups than others. So let’s start with the best one…


1. Adult Dating Sites

Every single girl in Bangkok is connected to the net nowadays. There is no better way to connect with horny girls than using adult dating sites like Asian Match Mate.

sexy girl in Bangkok

Not only you’ll find horny girls eager to hook up, but also couples looking for a guy to satisfy her. Often time the boyfriend/husband isn’t even in Bangkok so you can fuck the partner while he watches from the mobile phone.

And if all this sexuality is too much for you, you can always use a vanilla dating site like Thai Friendly to connect with Bangkok girls.

There you will find all sorts of girls looking for all sorts of relationships. I’ve even used Thai Friendly several times to find also a holiday girlfriend in Thailand.

Just sign up for free, create a profile and honestly write what you’re looking for. Once you match with the right girl, get to know her. That way, once you arrive in Bangkok, she’ll feel comfortable having sex with you.


2. NightClubs

The nightclubs in Bangkok are for all pockets and social levels with pay-to-play options as well as free sex.

Places such as Route 66, Funky Villa, and Onyx have a small number of hookers while Levels and Insanity are dominated by Thai freelancers.

Freelancers expect to get at least 1.500 baht up to 3.000 baht if she is really hot.

Always deal the price before taking her to your room avoiding in this way bitter surprises the next day.

One more thing. You might wonder how to recognize a freelancer from fun girls, right?

Well, freelancers speak like hookers saying things like “you buy me drink” or speak about “boom boom”. They also dress slutty while the good girls are usually shy, don’t speak much, and are incredibly polite.

Did I mention the tattoo? Most freelancers have a tattoo, a good girl would not even think about it.


3. Massage Parlors Offering Happy Endings

sexy massage in Bangkok

Thailand is well known for its massage culture and wellness. If you don’t mind paying for sex, in Bangkok there are several erotic massage parlors.

There is a distinction to be made:

  • Authentic massage shops; Offer ONLY massages for wellness as oil massage, foot massage and so on. No boom boom my friend.
  • Massage shops with happy endings; They work undercover because their real purpose is not offering a massage but to make you “come”.

A question I get often is:

“Rocco, how do I know if they offer a happy ending?”

Well, first hang out in the areas where these shops are; Sukhumvit Soi 23, Sukhumvit Soi 22, Asoke, Nana, Bang Chak…

Second, look at how the girls are dressed. Casual dress or even sexy, definitely a happy massage shop but if wearing a traditional Thai massage dress, it’s an authentic massage shop.

Third, if in doubt, just ask “nicely” if they offer extras.

If you would like to learn more, consider reading the Bangkok happy ending massage guide.


3. Malls, Street & Metro – Day Game

It’s pretty easy to start a conversation with a girl in Bangkok as you can see in this video…

Yet, it’s pretty hard to get her in bed if you just met. Think about it as a long strategy instead.

The best way to go about it is to:

  • Approach, talk, maybe get a drink or eat something together, get her Line ID. Line ID is a communication application for smartphones.
  • Text her heavily for one or two days. That shows that you’re interested in her.
  • Take her out for some food and drinks, and get back to your place to close the deal.

If you have the time and confidence to approach several girls every day, you’ll get a sort of roster filled with hookups.

For those men who don’t feel comfortable approaching girls, it’s better to get in contact with Thai girls online.


Safe Sex in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the culture of using condoms is well established especially in the sex industry.

Most working girls would not allow customers without using a condom, and that is a good thing. Also, they are tested regularly.

So, don’t worry about getting something if you’re using a condom, that is low risk.

However, girls not working in the industry aren’t interested in using a condom, especially if they “love you long time.”

It includes freelancers who are less educated about sex safety and don’t check up because they prefer to spend the money on a new telephone.

Now that you got an idea about Bangkok’s sex habits, it’s up to you to decide what is best for your health.