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Pattaya Girlfriend Guide: How To Find One, Costs and Tips

Men seeking companionship, intimacy and sometimes love in Thailand have long enjoyed the abundance of beautiful girls in Pattaya.

Not only you’ll find plenty of girls eager to be your holiday girlfriend for a few days or weeks. But also you can find a rental girlfriend to live with you in Pattaya acting as a wife.

She’ll cook, clean, and look after your needs making you feel like a king.

Often I get asked how much all this cost. So in this article, I’ll explain how to get a Pattaya girlfriend without getting ripped off.

But also offer some tips to have a rewarding experience.


What Does it Cost to Have a Thai Girlfriend in Pattaya?

You can find all types of Thai girls in Pattaya for all sorts of things and needs. And the price can swing widely depending on the type of girl you choose and what you expect from her.

For example, if you’re after a girlfriend in Pattaya who can speak good English and know how to dress to impress, it is going to cost you. Expect to pay at least 35,000 THB per month if you go for an allowance or 3,000 THB per evening if you pay per meet.

The reason is this sort of Pattaya girls are rare so they can demand a higher tag price.

But generally speaking, here is a breakdown of prices for a Pattaya girlfriend:

  • Beer bar girls typically cost about 2,000 THB per day as holiday girlfriends. If you hire a Pattaya beer bar girl with a monthly allowance, expect to pay about 20.000 THB.
  • GoGo bar girls expect 3,000-6,000 THB per day or above 50,000 THB per month to be your full-time girlfriend.
  • Pattaya girls online met on a popular site in Thailand won’t ask for money for their time like bar girls but expect to be taken to some good restaurant or some shopping. It’s up to you how much generous you feel, but I would recommend don’t spend more than 1.000 THB on her. It’s unnecessary.

I discussed more on the costs of a girlfriend in Thailand, but the above is enough to give you an idea of the prices for a girlfriend in Pattaya.


How To Find A Pattaya Girlfriend

Finding an attractive girlfriend in Pattaya online is the easiest way to go about it, especially if you live abroad.


Dating Sites

Many Pattaya girls online are looking for a fun relationship and not for a paid gig. Girls on dating sites cost you less than sugar babies or bar girls.

The best sites at the moment to find a girlfriend in Pattaya are Thai Friendly and Seeking.

On Thaifriendly you’ll find easy-going girls who see life in a simple way. Instead on Seeking you’ll find sophisticated girls that know how to please a man.

Pattaya girlfriend met online

On both sites, be upfront about what you’re looking for so you don’t waste time chatting up the wrong girl. You probably don’t want to spend too much time with a girl who loves to party if you’re looking for something serious.


Sugar/Arrangement Sites

Arrangement sites sometimes referred to as sugar sites offer several advantages; There are no dramas, no jealousies, no difficult conversations about money, and no misunderstandings with the girls you meet there.

So when you agree on the details, you can focus on the fun part.

If you want to find a Pattaya girlfriend on an arrangement site use Whats Your Price or Sugar Daddy Meet.

There you’ll find young, educated, open-minded, and hot girls that know how to look after your needs.



If dating and arrangement sites aren’t your cup of tea, you can find a girlfriend in Pattaya through friends living in Pattaya.

There are many expatriates who are married to Thai ladies. They will know a couple of relatives who are interested to find a foreign boyfriend.

So just ask them to introduce you to some young lady.


Tips To Attract A Hot Girlfriend In Pattaya

pattaya girlfriends for dating

You need to understand how the girls in Pattaya are wired romantically if you want to find a girlfriend here.

Here are some tips for you…

• Be Generous

Foreigners are expected to be generous. So make sure to spoil your Pattaya girlfriend with gifts, food, and activities. That shows that you’re interested in her.

• Be Polite, Kind, and Never Aggressive

Most foreign men in Pattaya are rude and aggressive. If you want to stand out from the pack, do the opposite.

Girls in Pattaya will fall in love with you if you treat them with kindness and respect.

• Be Clear About Expectations 

Ensure you are clear on all the details when negotiating with your new girlfriend about the relationship. Avoid misunderstandings, particularly if you’re taking your new girlfriend on a trip.

A lack of communication and clarity on both sides usually leads to the worst stories we hear online.

Rather than being vague, be straightforward about your expectations, how much you’re willing to invest on her, and what expenses you’ll cover.


Common Questions When Searching For a Pattaya Girlfriend


Which place in Pattaya is best to find a girlfriend?

Most tourists go for bar girls, but that is a bad idea. I recommend scouting for a Pattaya girlfriend online on popular sites.

How to find a girlfriend for a vacation in Pattaya?

I’ve already explained in detail how to find a holiday girlfriend in Thailand. You can use a dating or arrangement site or hire a freelancer.

Can I get A girlfriend experience in Pattaya?

Absolutely. Hiring a Thai girlfriend in Pattaya is easy and common practice. Check out how to hire a Thai girlfriend for more details.

How much do you give your Thai girlfriend in Pattaya?

Some people send 5,000 THB monthly to their girlfriends in Pattaya, while others send much more. In most cases, 10,000-15,000 THB is a good starting point.