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How Much Thailand Girlfriend For A Week Cost And Other Expenses

Thailand is a hotspot for sunshine, low-cost living – and girls. Lots of girls. In fact, it’s been ranked one of the best countries to find a girlfriend.

And the great news is that there are also plenty of girls who are willing to be your rental girlfriend for a few hours, a few days – and even a whole damn week.

That’s right, you can spend your whole stay with a Thai girl by your side. But how much is going to cost you?

In this article, I’m going to reveal not only the price to rent a Thai girlfriend but also where to get one.


The Costs Of A Temporary Girlfriend In Thailand

Let’s assume you want to rent a Thai girl for a week during your vacation. Basically finding a holiday girlfriend in Thailand.

There are several options available and for all the costs. Depend on what your intentions are and where you get the girl from.

For example, a girlfriend in Pattaya costs way less than a girlfriend in Bangkok simply because the prices for food and shopping are lower in Pattaya than in Bangkok.

Destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Koh Samui are the most expensive while Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Krabi are the cheapest.

So, what is the cost of a Thai girlfriend?


Daily Costs For A Thai Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a Thai girlfriend or go for the usual dating way, you’ll have to pay for meals and other things.

Thai ladies expect a man to pay for everything, and when the girl is your permanent girlfriend, she’ll expect even a salary.

The reason is the monthly salary for Thai girls in their 20s is a meager 200US$ per month, and around 300-500US$ for older women.

It’s hard to make ends meet with such salaries.

And unless you’re a young, good-looking, and social guy, you’ll have to pay for her time too. Dr. Mark in his video is straightforward about it…

The prices below give you an idea of how much a Thai girlfriend is going to cost you:

Food and drinks – Thai girls don’t eat that much, that’s why they are slim and beautiful. You can budget 300 baht per day if you eat street food, but if you prefer indoor restaurants 600-1.000 baht is a reasonable amount.

Shopping – Unless you opt for a working girl, you should buy some gifts for your Thai girlfriend. Budget 200 baht per day.

Entertainment – You want to spend quality time with her. Things like enjoying a romantic view of the city from a rooftop bar or going clubbing. A working girl might cost you 500 baht per day in drinks while an everyday girl will cost less than 200 baht. Yes, working girls are addicted to alcohol.

To sum up the daily cost for a girlfriend in Thailand, expect to spend about 800-1100 baht per day on her.


How To Get A Thai Girlfriend And Make Her Yours

The great thing about Thailand is that it’s actually really easy for visitors to get a holiday girlfriend for however many days they want.

But before you make any girl your own, you need to know what to do and where to look.


Find a Thai Girlfriend On a Dating Site

If you don’t know anyone that can introduce a Thai girl, simply sign up with a popular dating site in Thailand. There are plenty of eager ladies searching for a foreign boyfriend.

Just imagine chatting with a beautiful lady before your trip to Thailand. Learning about each other while getting that spark of attraction going.

How will be once you meet her in Thailand?

You can bet she’ll be hot for you, especially when you’ll be in private with her.

The best way to find a Thai girlfriend for a week or longer is to use a dating site like Thai Friendly.

When you contact the girls, just be friendly. And be honest about your true intentions. Once you arrive in Thailand, just treat her well with some good food, shopping, and romantic moments.


Get a Thai Holiday Girlfriend on a Lifestyle Site

If you can’t bother with long chats and dating, you can simply get a girlfriend with benefits.

The advantage is you get all the benefits of a relationship like intimacy and companionship without having to deal with tantrums, jealousy and unreasonable demands.

This means she’ll accept your desires and demands without any dramas…

girlfriend in Thailand my bedroom

She’ll be ready for you whenever you want it and do whatever pleases you.

If you’re a successful man with limited time and patience, a girlfriend with benefits is what you need. You’ll find many willing girls on lifestyle sites like Seeking.

To get started just create a profile, write what you’re looking for in a relationship and contact some of the girls. Meet up to work out the details of the relationship, and enjoy yourself with your new Thai girlfriend.


Is It Worth A Girlfriend Experience In Thailand?

Finding a Thai girlfriend for a week isn’t hard at all and it doesn’t need to be hugely expensive.

But you need to start the search immediately for the right girl. Don’t think to arrive in Thailand and find the perfect holiday girlfriend with a snap of the fingers. It won’t happen.

And if you want to find a good girl in Thailand, it takes time to screen out ladies until you find the right one. So start immediately your search.

Try to search for university girls because they offer the best girlfriend experience. Not only they are naive and easygoing, but willing to try out things.

Also, when you take a student to a nice place like a rooftop bar or for some shopping, she’ll be extremely grateful and try hard to please you as a giveback.

In conclusion, you can either meet a traditional Thai girl on a well-known dating site and face all the issues of a serious relationship… Or skip the drama by getting a Thai sugar girl.