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How Much Does Cost A Thai Girlfriend For A Week Or Two?

Thailand is a hotspot for sunshine, low-cost living – and girls. Lots of girls.

And the great news is that there are plenty of girls who are willing to be your rental girlfriend for a few hours, a few days – and even a whole damn week.

That’s right, you can spend your whole stay with a Thai girl by your side.

But how much is going to cost you?

In this article, I’m going to reveal not only the price to rent a Thai girlfriend but also where to get one.


The Costs Of A Temporary Girlfriend In Thailand

Let’s assume you want to hire a Thai girlfriend for a week during your vacation.

There are several options available and for all the costs depending on what your intentions are and where you get the girl from.

For example, a working girl in Pattaya costs anywhere between 4.000-15.000 baht per week. While in Bangkok, a working girl costs about 6.000-20.000 baht per week.

As you can see, the destination makes the difference in price terms. Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui are the most expensive destinations in Thailand to rent girls while Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Krabi are the cheapest.

The rates above refer only to her time. On top of that, you’ve to pay for her meals, drinks, some shopping and so on. Yes, like a real girlfriend.

Having said that, working girls aren’t your only option to get a temporary Thai girlfriend. Actually, they should be your last option as explained at the end of this article.

Most foreign men that travel to Thailand end up with a working girl only because they don’t know any better. They follow the sex tourism trend.

What’s the point to pay a working girl money for her time when you can meet civilian girls?

By civilian girls, I refer to everyday ladies with a day job and students. You look after her, pay for meals, entrainments, and have a great time together.


Daily Costs For A Thai Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter how you rent a Thai girlfriend, either she happens to be a working girl or a civilian lady, you’ll have to pay for meals and other things.

The monthly salary for Thai girls in their 20s is a meager 200US$ per month, and around 300-500US$ for older women.

So, don’t expect her to pay for half of the dinner or the ticket to the cinema. You have to bear the costs.

The prices below give you an idea of how much a Thai girlfriend is going to cost you:

  • Food and drinks – Thai girls don’t eat that much, that’s why they are slim and beautiful. You can budget 300 baht per day if you eat street food, but if you prefer indoor restaurants 600-1.000 baht is a reasonable amount.
  • Shopping – Unless you opt for a working girl, you should buy some gifts for your Thai girlfriend. Budget 200 baht per day.
  • Entertainment – You want to spend quality time with her. Things like enjoy a romantic view of the city from a rooftop bar or go clubbing. A working girl might cost you 500 baht per day in drinks while an everyday girl will cost less than 200 baht. Yes, working girls are addicted to alcohol.

To sum up the daily cost for a girlfriend in Thailand, expect to spend about 800-1100 baht per day on her. This amount of money doesn’t include her time in case you opt for a working girl.


How To Get A Thai Girlfriend And Make Her Yours

The great thing about Thailand is that it’s actually really easy for visitors to land themselves a girlfriend for however many days they want.

But before you make any girl your own, you need to know what to do and where to look.


Not In Thailand Yet?

If you aren’t in Thailand yet, your best option is to get a civilian girl.

Not only she’ll cost you less than a working girl, but you’ll get a true girlfriend experience. She’ll enjoy being around you not because of the money, but because of you.

Just imagine chatting with a beautiful lady before your trip to Thailand. Learning about each other while getting that spark of attraction going.

How will be once you meet her in Thailand?

girlfriend in Thailand my bedroom

You can bet she’ll be hot for you, especially when you’ll be in private with her.

The best way to find a Thai girlfriend for a week or longer is to use a dating site like Thai Friendly.

When you contact the girls, just be friendly. And please, don’t mention money or anything like that because they get offended. They aren’t whores.

Once you arrive in Thailand, just treat them well with some good food, shopping, and romantic moments.


In Thailand Already

If you’re already in Thailand, your best option is to get a freelancer. Freelancers are self-employed working girls that usually hang out in nightclubs and streets.

The reason you want to go for a working girl is that you don’t have enough time to get in contact with a civilian lady.

The clock is clicking, so you want to get a girl immediately even thought freelancers don’t offer the same intimacy and authenticity of civilian girls.

Unlike bar girls, freelancers can spend a few days or even a whole week with you because they don’t have other commitments like working in a bar.

These girls are available for casual, no strings attached relationships for a fee. Their fee starts at 7.000 baht up to 15.000 baht per week.

The rate depends on how well you get along and where you meet her.

For example, Pattaya freelancers are cheaper then freelancer in Bangkok.


Is It Worth To Pay Money For A Girlfriend Experience In Thailand?

Finding a Thai girlfriend for a week isn’t hard at all and it doesn’t need to be hugely expensive. But you need to start the search immediately for the right girl.

Don’t think to arrive in Thailand and find the perfect Thai girlfriend with a snap of the fingers. It won’t happen.

It takes some time to speak with several ladies until you find the right one. And if you have the choice, opt for a Thai university girl.

Unlike working girls, they don’t use every opportunity to get money out of you. And they are good fun to be around because naive and innocent.

When you take a student to a nice place like a rooftop bar or for some shopping, she’ll be extremely grateful and try hard to please you as a giveback.

Instead, working girls have been spoilt by countless men before you, and their smile is attached to your wallet.

In conclusion, it’s worth spending money to enjoy the company of a civilian girl. Whereas working girls should be your last option.

If you aren’t in Thailand yet, use a dating site to find a girlfriend. Otherwise, go out after dark in Sukhumvit Road to recruit a freelancer off the street or in a nightclub.

With that all in mind, good luck and I hope you get what you’re looking for!