12 Best Countries To Find A Girlfriend

If you’re looking for a girlfriend but haven’t had much luck with girls in your country, it’s time to look somewhere else.

There are several countries where finding a girlfriend is very easy and convenient. Then there are a couple of countries where you can even get a hot girlfriend out of your league even if you’re much older than her.

Listed below are some of the best countries where you’ll find a hot and accessible girlfriend.


1. Philippines

filipina girlfriend in the Philippines

Hospitality and courteousness are the main values of Filipino women. Not only are they able to take care of themselves, but they also look after your needs.

To say they treat you like a king would not be an exaggeration. And if you’re looking for a submissive girlfriend, this is the country for you!

Yet, It is also true that Filipinos can be jealous and throw tantrums for no apparent reason.

So if you can’t stand such an attitude, you should rent a girlfriend in the Philippines rather than enter into a traditional relationship. It will save you from any drama and you will have fun only.


2. Belarus

Belarus has some of the most beautiful girls in the world. They are well-educated and skilled in numerous fields.

The good thing about having a Belarus girlfriend is they tend to be financially independent. That means you won’t have to bear all the financial responsibility.

Although they are independent they still need to be protected by their man. So if you’re looking for a submissive girlfriend yet independent, you need a girlfriend from Belarus.


3. Kenya

Kenyan girls consider their local men to be cheaters so they are obsessed with foreigners.

They have curvy, hot bodies and if you have money to spend on them, they will definitely come to you as you can see in this video…

Kenyan girls fall easily for well-groomed and confident men. They are also great listeners and will make you feel heard in any conversation.


4. Japan

Japanese women are elegant and open-minded. They are also very polite and talk to you in a respectful manner.

Unlike most other Asian countries, they are independent but still stay submissive to their man.

With a Japanese girlfriend, you will not feel like competing with her every other day. Because you lead and she’ll follow.

Their looks can make you feel insecure but Japanese girlfriends hardly cheat.


5. Vietnam

Vietnamese girlfriend

Vietnamese girls are known for their shyness and innocence. They have fair skin which makes them look really sexy as well.

Owing to patriarchal values, Vietnamese girls are submissive so they crave a dominant boyfriend.

If you want to take the lead in a relationship, you should find a Vietnamese girlfriend right away.


6. Colombia

In Colombia, you can find exotic girls from a number of different races. White, chocolate and mixed skin they also come in different flavors and shapes.

It’s hard don’t find a girlfriend who doesn’t suit your taste in this country.

Colombian girls do not like to beat around the bush when it comes to dating, so you won’t have to put in much work here. They will come to you.

If you’re confident and know how to take the lead, you’ll enjoy having a Colombian girlfriend.

The plus bonus of having a girlfriend from Colombia is their sexual energy. They love a good fuck, and don’t mind trying out different kinks like anal sex or threesomes.

But keep in mind they tend to cheat, so I don’t recommend them for a long-term relationship.


7. Thailand

Thailand is one of the easiest countries to get a hot Asian girlfriend. And also the best country to find a transexual girlfriend…

The best part is their unique exotic look, and the know-how to please you sexually. These girls enjoy sexual freedom and have active sex lives.

By the way, if you’re heavily into sex, I recommend to search for a girlfriend in Pattaya.

Also, Thai girls are kind and caring, they will make you feel secure and loved. They tend to get jealous sometimes but can easily be controlled.

So if you want an easygoing relationship with a hot Asian girl, find a Thai girlfriend online before visiting the country.


8. Singapore

Singaporean girls are well-educated and career-driven. In their 20s they tend to go for friend with benefits relationships rather than getting serious.

Yet, after their 30s a girlfriend in Singapore wants to get married as soon as possible due to social pressure.

So if you want a girlfriend that isn’t always around and let you enjoy other parts of your life, a young Singaporean girlfriend is a good option.


9. Uzbekistan

foreigner meet uzbekistan girlfriend

The girls of Uzbekistan are very beautiful, and they also have great intellect.

Black hair, lean bodies, and a traditional mentality, they are the perfect girlfriend for men seeking a beautiful lady that looks after their man and the house.

The city of Tashkent is the easiest place to find yourself a girlfriend who is open-minded. While in the rest of the country the girls are conservative.


10. Cambodia

The girls in Cambodia are friendly, genuine, and fun. Due to a high ratio of old men, there is little competition in the country and the girls fall easily for foreigners.

Cambodia is a third-world country and if you have the money, any Cambodian girl would be happy to get into a relationship with you. I even wrote how to find a girlfriend in Cambodia for those men who are looking for a young and beautiful companion.

If you are not looking for a traditional relationship, you can rent a Cambodian girlfriend through dating apps or by networking with the locals.


11. Ukraine

Ukrainian girls are intelligent and sophisticated. If you have trouble figuring out what girls want, you won’t have this problem with these girls.

Ukrainian girls can make you feel insecure because they are very beautiful and they know it.

Ukrainian girl in the beach

But if you treat them nicely, they will make sure that you are always comfortable and well-satisfied.

These girls are also very open-minded and like to try new things, so if you’re looking for a sexually adventurous girlfriend, you’ll easily find it in Ukraine.


12. Indonesia

If you’re looking for a Muslim and obedient girlfriend, Indonesia is a great place to start the search.

Their religious mindset makes them see their man as superior. They will listen to you and try to please you in all possible ways from good food to great sex.


What Country Is The Easiest To Get A Girlfriend

As per the list above, there are many countries where you find a girlfriend. But if you ask me where is the best place to get a girlfriend, that would be Thailand.

It’s so good that I even wrote a Thai girlfriend guide with all the ins and out.

One of the many reasons is that Thailand is the easiest country to get a quality girlfriend. By quality, I mean beautiful, young, and caring.

Even if you’re over 50, you can easily get a 20-something girlfriend in Thailand.

Then comes the sexual aspect. The majority of Thai girls are sexually open and they know how to please their man.

I never met a Thai girl who didn’t like to give heads. And never had a Thai girlfriend who came up with excuses to have sex.

When it comes to finances, having a girlfriend in Thailand is cheap. Most girls are happy with small things like having a good meal in a nice restaurant and shopping occasionally.

Also is pretty common to rent a holiday girlfriend in Thailand if you can come over only for a few weeks. Only Colombia and the Philippines have such opportunities.


FAQs To Get A Girlfriend As A Foreigner


What country is the easiest to get a girlfriend?

Thailand is the easiest country to get a girlfriend. You can even rent a Thai girlfriend if you don’t have the time or interest to pursue a committed relationship.


Where is the best place to get a girlfriend?

Personally, my top countries where to find a girlfriend are Thailand, Colombia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.


Which country is easiest to find a wife in?

Ukraine is the best country to find a wife with its popularity of mail-order brides. But it isn’t the best if you’re looking for a virgin wife.