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China sex guide

China Sex Guide For Single Men

If you would like to meet sexy Chinese girls hot for action and know the best places for sex in China, this guide is what you need.

Most known China for its mighty economy and to be the factory of the world. But it is less known to be a pussy paradise because of its strict media censorship.

In this guide, I’m going to reveal the best destinations in China to get laid. Also talk about Chinese sex culture, how to get a temporary girlfriend, and much more.

For the most part of this guide, I cover the P4P scene (Pay for Play Scene). If you are a freebie fan rather than a P4P guy, connect with girls on a popular dating site in China.

This China Sex Guide was last updated on 11 March 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism In China
General information about Chinese sex culture

Where to Find Sex in China
An overview of the best places to get laid

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices in China to help you budget your adventure

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In China
How to meet and date Chinese women during your vacation

Top Sex Tourism Destination In China
Best cities in China to find girls and sex


Intro To Sex Tourism In China

China isn’t a popular sex tourism destination in Asia, and that is a great opportunity for single men with a fetish for Asians ladies. There are plenty of Chinese girls that crave the attention of a foreign man.

Some young girls want to improve their English or need some money to pay the tuition fees. Neglected married women looking for a foreign man’s attention. Single mothers that need a good fuck.

On top of that, every Chinese city has streets with hookers, girlie bars, erotic massage places and freelancers (self-employed prostitutes).

china prostitution

Erotic saloon in China providing sex services… No haircuts.

And if you are wondering how easy it’s to have access to paid sex in China, it’s so accessible that you don’t even need to look for prostitutes.

For example, if you stay in an international Hotel, expect phone calls or a knock on the door at night from working girls.

If you are scared of sexually transmitted diseases or you prefer intimate relationships, you can simply rent a Chinese girl on this site. There are all sorts of girls from the student to the divorced woman to the young women interested in sex-for-travel arrangements,


What About Girls & Sex In China?

Most people think girls in China are short, with white skin and without curves. That is true for typical Chinese girls from the North in cities like Beijing. But girls in the South are usually tall, tanned and well equipped.

Besides physical characteristics, most luckily you’ll meet three groups of Chinese women…

1. Countryside girls who have gone to the big cities for work. Most are ready to jump into bed with any foreign man for obvious reasons.

2. Then you have the highly educated girls who started her career at 25 when left the university. They work hard and haven’t much time for intimate relationships.

As a result, they become ‘Sheng nu’ (leftover) women unless they are from a rich family. Unmarried women in China are like a Christmas cake – unwanted after the 25th. They speak excellent English and mingle with foreign men in the hope to get married.

3. The last group is the divorced women. They are been dumped by their Chinese husband and now struggle financially. Any support is welcome, you can find plenty of them on dating sites.

Usually, the girls able to speak English are the ones care-free in their approach towards life and sex. They typically have born in a mixed-race family or study for years abroad.

In the cities, many girls are financially independent and strong-minded. Unless you hook up with a countryside girl just arrived in the city. So don’t expect your money to go a long way.

Understand that Chinese men’s idea of true beauty is young (under 24), ultra-slim, 170cm tall and rock-hard C tits. It means if your taste for women is different than Chinese men, there is plenty of women for you.

Keep in mind speaking Chinese is a significant skill to have in your arsenal. Chinese girls hardly can resist a foreigner able to speak their language.

If you aren’t confident, or rich, or able to speak Chinese, your best chance is to meet Chinese girls on dating sites. You don’t have the face to face pressure and many girls have basic knowledge of English.


Where To Find Sex In China

Have sex in China isn’t that hard if you know where to look for it… And the best places to start looking for it are…

1. Online

china girl online for sex

There are many Chinese girls and couples online that want to fuck with a foreign man.

If you like the idea to hookup with mature women or couples for sex, there is a community of open-minded people in China on Asian Match Mate.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

sexy China girls dancing in nightclub

Every city in China has a nightlife area that caters to foreigners. You can find nightclubs and bars with party girls as well as working girls.

It isn’t that easy to pick everyday girls because of their poor English and the noisy ambients in the nightlife venues. But it is undoubtedly easier to pick up prostitutes.

If you expect to find only Chinese prostitutes, that isn’t the reality. There are hookers from Africa, Eastern Europe, other Asian nationalities, and even from South America.

Visit Guangzhou for the best nightlife in China.

3. Escorts – Call Girls

Chinese escort

All over the country, you can find independent escort and escort agencies. If you have money to spend and not enough time to recruit girls by yourself, escort services are the way to go.

Keep in mind that in China is common the bait and switch tactic. it means you never get the girl show in the photo.

That isn’t a so bad thing if you aren’t picky. From experience 2/3 of the girls are pretty while the remaining 1/3 aren’t worth the money.

If an ugly escort shows up, you don’t have to accept her. Just say it’s the wrong room and close the door. The pimp will arrange a new girl for you.

For a decent escort, you have to pay at least 800 rmb, pay less and a grandmother might show up. You are been warn!

4. Barber Shops

sex china

For a quick blow job or hand job, barber shops in China are a good value for money. Expect to pay 300-500 Rmb, but that doesn’t include a hair cut 🙂

5. Sex Massage Sauna

sex massage china

Most high-end hotels have a sauna that offers happy ending massages. There are also several independent saunas that offer extras.

You can get relaxations as well as extras but in most cases no full sex. Shenzhen is well known for blow job sauna while only Hong Kong sauna offers full service.

Other Chinese cities have clap down on parlors that offer erotic massage. The result is you can get at best a handjob. Anyhow, you can always ask the masseur to give you her phone number for full service in your room.

For massage with HJ (handjob), the price is around 300 rmb and massage with a blow job is about 350-400 rmb.

6. Street Hookers

China sex workers in the street

The lowest type of prostitution in China are street hookers. If you walk the small alleys in the red light areas, you can find pimps and streetwalkers.

They are cheap, dirty and they can’t speak a single word of English. But if you love adventure, risk, and a cheap fuck, you can get laid with a Chinese streetwalker for 200 rmb.


Typical Costs

• Entraitment and Companionship

The price for girls among the major Chinese cities is pretty much similar. Expect to pay at least 200 Rmb for a session with a streetwalker and up to 3.000 Rmb per hour with a hot escort.

If you visit the countryside, the girls charge as little as 150 Rmb for sex. But prostitution there is gear forward Chinese men.

The cheapest and best way to get laid in China is to find a temporary girlfriend in any city you usually travel to. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay there a few weeks or a few years, there are plenty of everyday girls ready to offer a girlfriend experience.

Most Chinese girls that I have befriended have not in the short term wanted anything more than a good time, practice English, have dinner in places not accessible to them, etc.

• Accommodation

There are three options:

  1. local hotel
  2. international hotel
  3. Airbnb

Local hotels are cheaper than International hotel. The price for a decent room is about 300 rmb, less than that you are asking for trouble.

International hotels offer comfortable stays and international standards. Prices start at 700 rmb to the moon for a luxury suite.

Airbnb is pretty popular in China, especially in Shenzhen and Beijing. With prices similar to local hotels, you can have a condo all for you and your lady guests.

• Food

Chinese food is delicious and cheap. You can have a meal with 20 rmb. If you want to eat your home country food, there are several restaurants in the big cities. but the quality and the price of food isn’t that great.

So, stick to the local food, and try the scorpions!

• Transportation

Chinese cities have modern transportation with metro, taxi, and buses. The metro is the cheapest way to move around the city with fares at 2-7 rmb. Taxis start at 10 rmb.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in China

If you want a Chinese girlfriend, I’m going to show how to find her. It isn’t that hard if you know where to look for her.

Having a Chinese girlfriend is the best way to experience the country even if sex isn’t in your mind. She speaks the local language, knows how to do things in China and how to get the best deals.

Besides all the evident practical stuff, Chinese women are affectionate and caring. You’ll never feel alone or a foreigner in China when you have a Chinese girlfriend.

Just imagine staying with an attractive and young girlfriend… She spends time with you, enjoys each other company and never makes you feel lonely. Let alone having intimate moments when in private.

While it isn’t easy to meet a girlfriend in typical social venues like nightclubs and bars, there are plenty of girls online dreaming to meet a foreign man.

You can chat with her after work, learn about each other interests, hobbies, and intimate things.

Think about this… You are at home chatting with this beautiful Chinese girl waiting for the moment to meet. She is waiting impatiently to kiss and touch you, and you want to feel her so badly. How is it going to be once you meet behind closed doors?

Have someone to share feelings and intimacy is one of the many benefits… The others are to learn about a new culture, see new places and enrich your life with new experiences.

The best way to get a Chinese girlfriend is to use a popular dating site like Jiayuan. I have numerous girls still writing to me every day.

If you want to be successful in meeting Chinese girls online, create a profile that catches attention. Write a few words in Chinese like 我的名字是 (My name is…) and upload a few photos well dress.

Then search for suitable girls, start several conversations and built a list of potential girlfriend. Once in China, just meet up.

P.S Only two warnings. In China is normal to have taken professional photos that make the girls look ten years younger. Second, the photos are usually old. So ask to send over some selfies or go for a video chat. You won’t be disappointed!


Dating In China

It isn’t that hard to date most Chinese girls. They are pretty simple in taste and don’t expect you to arrive with flowers or stuff like that.

Make sure that you come across as a clean-cut, decent, gentleman and that the girl can enjoy her time with you. This is all that you need to successfully date and bed a Chinese girl.

Some Chinese girl is conservative and might bring along a friend with her. Don’t be upset about it, it’s a Chinese cultural thing. Just have fun with both of them, most of the time her friend leave and you can take her back to your place.

If you don’t manage to bed her on the first date, you’ll on the second date. It usually happens when the girl is young (less than 24). Older women know the drill and are hot for action on the first date.

Please, make sure there is generally no trace of the previous nights’ occupant at your place. Girls notice things like that.

Be respectful, don’t be late and don’t message other girls when with her. Thanks to these simple rules, you can bed most Chinese girls on the first date.


Best Cities In China To Get Laid

The major destination to find sex in China are:

Beijing – The capital of China has great nightlife. The girls in Beijing are hot for action, and there are a variety of sex venues to keep you busy for days.

Chengdu – Delicious Sichuan cuisine and horny girls are the attraction of this city.

Dongguan – This city has so many girls compared to men that it is the norm to have two or more girlfriends.

Guangzhou – Located in the South of the country, the weather is favorable for parties year-round. Chinese girls in this city are tall, dress well, and know how to please.

Shanghai – It’s the fashion city of China. The girls know how to dress and impress while open-minded forward hookups and sex.

Shenzhen – It is one of the youngest cities in China. Meaning there are enough young girls in their 20s.


Best Cities For Sex In China

This concludes this sex guide to China, have fun!