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chengdu sex guide

Chengdu Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to find girls and get laid in Chengdu, this guide has all the info you need.

Hot ladies abound in this city… And its a hell of a town not only to party but to enjoy the delicious food. Chengdu is arguably the gastronomic center of China and home of Sichuan cuisine.

Provided you like to eat a girl out and love food, Chengdu is the holy land in China. Hedonism is welcome here.

I’m going into detail about all the good things this city has to offer for a single man. You should enjoy the places and beautiful girls in Chengdu… Instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly how to do it.

This guide focus on the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). If you want to meet and date quality Chinese girls in Chengdu, you should know how to use the most popular dating site in China.

This Chengdu Sex Guide was last updated on 30 December 2019



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Intro to Prostitution in Chengdu
General information about Chengdu sex tourism

Where to Find Sex in Chengdu
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid

How to Meet Chengdu Girls Online
The best way to hook up and get laid with Chengdu girls

Typical Sex Price in Chengdu
General prices to get laid in Chengdu

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Chengdu
How to date Chengdu women during your vacation

Girl Friendly Hotels in Chengdu
Best accommodations to enjoy the girls


Intro To Prostitution In Chengdu

Chengdu prostitution like most second-tier cities in China is geared forward local men. If you are a foreign man, you are welcome in most business that sell sex, but you need to deal with the language barrier and poor hygienic practices.

Not only Chengdu prostitutes can smell pretty bad, but the chances to get an STD are high even if you use a condom. Also, the spread of HIV in this region is out of control.

When walking in the notorious red light districts in Chengdu, prostitutes and pimps can be “pushy.” It isn’t a good feeling, and it’s common to feel unsafe in those areas.

You can avoid street prostitutes all together and use the services of “ring girls.” Hotels where foreign stay, have girls ringing each room offering sexual services while it’s pretty standard for the desk clerk to check out if you need a massage.

The least pushy hookers in Chengdu are the freelancers in the nightclubs. Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu Street is the most popular nightlife area where foreigners hang out, and Chinese girls are on the hunt.

sex tourism in Chengdu

But you don’t have to pay if you want to get laid in Chengdu. Prostitution is a thing of the past when ladies were close-minded. Today, there are so many girls online craving to meet a foreign man, that it doesn’t make any sense to pay a prostitute.

I’m going to show you how to meet horny girls online in a bit, but first…


What About Girls & Sex In Chengdu?

Sichuan girls are some of the kindest, most hospitable and laid back women in China. Unfortunately many smoke like chimneys but you can’t have it all I guess.

It’s hard to approach girls in streets or social venue because most are shy and unsure of their English. They feel much more comfortable to interact with you online, and once you have built up enough trust and attraction, they are down to meet and go physical about it.

Ah, Chengdu girls are famous all around China for their beautiful features: slim bodies, cute faces, and long legs…

I would say they physically are very similar to girls in Chongqing… And they know how to impress with their beautiful smile 🙂

The girls have pretty pleasant attitudes but don’t expect them to be too submissive. They drink, smoke, and fight. Yet they are feminine and sweet. Perhaps not as fashionable as Shanghai girls, but still smoking hot.

The younger generation (and thankfully sluttier) seem to be pretty open to foreigners…
pretty girl in Chengdu with foreign man

But there is an opposite correlation between English language ability and their hotness. The sexier they are, the less they speak English.

Text game or chat online is extremely useful since they can usually write and read English better than speak it.

Nightstands aren’t that common in Chengdu, although you can pull it off if you meet her online and do your homework there, especially if you can find ladies that want to get banged by a foreigner.

So, where you meet the girls makes the difference between getting laid or not… And that brings us to the next chapter…


Where To Find Sex In Chengdu

The best places to find girls and get laid in Chengdu are:

1. Online

Sichuan girls online

It’s easy to meet Chengdu girls online interested in hooking up. You just need to hang out in places where they hunt for foreign men.

The most popular site at the moment is Seeking Arrangement. Plenty of women into casual dating and long term relationships with benefits.

Just create a profile and write honestly about what you are looking for. There are girls for all sorts of arrangments, and the best part is you don’t have to go for no sense dates.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Chengdu girls nightlife

Chengdu nightlife is epic. Girls love to party hard and drink a lot, but nightstands are rare unless you meet a slut.

The main entrainment hotspot is Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu, a street packed with nightclubs and bars. The party starts early (8-9ish) and goes to fairly late if there are patrons still there (say 4ish).

Most go out with groups of friends, lone girls either work for the bar (they drink with the VIP’s) or are working girls.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Chengdu are:

Space Club

For foreigners, the entry is free; you just pay what you drink… And the people are very friendly.

Jellyfish Bar

It’s a great place to meet locals and foreign girls. On Thursday they have Latin night, which is an excellent opportunity to pick up girls.

Mooney’s Pub at Shangri-La Hotel

Thursday night is lady’s night and plenty of attractive girls. A good percentage of ladies are working girls.

Shamrock Bar

Chinese ladies of all ages looking for foreign men in this bar.

P.S The bar scene is sleazy here, and girls tend to sleep around a lot. So use a condom because the risk to catch an STD is high.

3. Escorts

Chengdu escort

Using the services of an independent escort in Chengdu is the best way to avoid the poor hygienic condition of cheap prostitutes. Of course, you are going to pay a high tag price for the privilege.

Besides Chengdu escorts, you can find Vietnamese, Filipino, and Thai escorts. The standard rate is about 1.400 yuan per hour (one-shot).  For all night, you can get unlimited shots for 4.000 yuan.

4. Erotic Massage Parlors

There are several massage parlors in the city that offer happy endings. But it isn’t easy to find them if you can’t speak Chinese.

The best way to go about it is to cruise near the nightlife areas like Jiuyangiao Bar Street. There are a few erotic parlors there. Honghua Road has an alley called Tianjia, with a few shops offering sensual massages.

Be careful that a few parlors are scammers. They try to upsell you an expensive massage, and only after having paid, inform you that they don’t allow happy endings.

Business cards promoting massage and girls are usually expensive and provide poor experiences.

5. Hostess Bars (KTV)

These places have private rooms with a karaoke system, girls and booze — nothing to brag about, it’s only a place to drink with friends while in the company of girls.

Don’t expect to have sex on promises, but you can arrange a deal with the girls to meet after work.


How To Meet Chengdu Girls Online

how to find Chengdu girls

The hard part of meeting girls in Chengdu is communication.

If you can speak Chinese, it’s easy to get to know girls around the city. But if you don’t speak Chinese, it is a nightmare. Most girls in Chengdu can’t speak English or any other foreign language for that matter.

In this case, the best way is to contact with girls online. Not in any apps or sites, but only those where Chengdu women capable of speaking English go to meet foreign men.

At the moment, the best site to meet Chengdu girls online is ChinaLoveCupid. There are plenty of girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man.

The first impression count online, so get up a few photos groomed and well dressed.

Then write a profile about yourself and what you are looking for in a girl… And don’t forget to add some Chinese the profile’s headline: 我的名字是 (My name is). It helps to get attention from the ladies.

Talking about that, when you verify your profile and upgrade membership, you get more responses and attention from the ladies.

Contact the girls, guide the conversation with questions, and meet up when in Chengdu with your new Chinese girlfriend 🙂


Typical Sex Price In Chengdu

There are several places that offer sexual services. Some are cheaper than others, but it’s hard to define the level of satisfaction provided.

In my experience, I consider a better value to get a vacation girlfriend in Chengdu instead to buy sex in a brothel.

Here a list of prices for girls in Chengdu that offer sex services:

  • Hostess bars (karaoke bar) going rate for an hour is 500 yuan for a Chinese girl or 800 yuan for a foreign one.
  • Erotic massages in the room start at 300 yuan up to 800 yuan. It depends on the type of service you require.
  • Sensual massages at the sauna typically are around 600 yuan for a massage and blow job. You can’t get full service on the premises.
  • Girls on dating sites are the cheapest option to get laid in Chengdu. Plenty of ladies dreaming to meet a foreign man on a popular dating site in China.

If paying a prostitute to have sex isn’t your thing, get a vacation girlfriend in Chengdu instead…


How To Get An Holiday Girlfriend In Chengdu

Chengdu girlfriend

Are you interested in finding a girlfriend in Chengdu? Maybe you need the attention of a caring girl and sharing experience together. Feel lonely isn’t fun.

The good thing is there are women in Chengdu dreaming of meeting a foreign man. They want to spend time with you, engage in conversations, get intimate, and be your girlfriend.

Imagine having personal moments with a young, beautiful, and horny lady in Chengdu…

my girlfriend in Chengdu for a week

She can give you experiences that only a girlfriend is capable of offering. It isn’t all about money like with a hooker, but feelings too.

There is plenty of girls craving to meet a foreign man that it doesn’t make any sense to go with a prostitute. Why risk your health and throw away money when you can meet a good-natured woman?

If you visit the city for a short time, the only way to get a girlfriend is to meet girls online. The more time you invest in knowing her, the quicker you can get intimate.

Some ladies online don’t want to date foreigners, but on sites and apps in English they exclusively chase foreigners.

And while the nightlife yields a fair amount of opportunities to meet Chengdu chicks, I wouldn’t bet on these girls being great material for a girlfriend. Some are crazy, others are disparate, and most look average.

If you want to meet a quality girlfriend in Chengdu, the most effective way is to use a popular site like China Love. There are plenty of women who dream of a foreign boyfriend.

To get started, create a profile writing about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman. Upload a few photos somewhat presentable.

Verify your profile and upgrade the membership because you get more attention and replies from the girls. Start a few conversations, built a list of potential girlfriend, and meet them when in Chengdu.


Girl Friendly Accommodations In Chengdu

Sexy Chengdu girl in my room

When you plan to visit Chengdu to meet girls, you need to have proper accommodation to make her feel comfortable. You don’t want to turn her off when you get back to your room.

Many hotels in Chengdu have “working ladies” available in the lobby or on call, even five stars hotels. It’s not good to stay in one of those hotels if you plan to meet quality girls because it gives the impression you are a whore monger.

But if you want a hotel that offers companionship, the best is the Shangri-La Hotel. On the first level, there is Mooney’s Pub popular among prostitutes.

The best places to stay if you want to get in everyday girls are:

  • Rent an apartment around the Lan Kwai Fong Bar Street area if you are into nightlife. An apartment makes you look like a resident in the eye of the girls. The best way to book a condo is by using Airbnb.
  • Jiahao Fusida Hotel has spacious and luxury rooms overlooking the city center. Good value for money.
  • St. Regis is one of the finest hotels in the city free from prostitutes. When you tell a girl you stay in this hotel, she’ll be more than happy to go back to your room.

That’s the end of this Chengdu sex guide. Enjoy the city and the girls!


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