Chengdu sex guide to meet girls and get laid

Chengdu Sex Guide For Single Men


If you want to find girls and get laid in Chengdu, this guide has all the info you need.

Hot ladies abound in this city… And it’s a hell of a town not only to meet girls but to enjoy the delicious food. Chengdu is arguably the gastronomic center of China and the home of Sichuan cuisine.

Provided you like to eat a girl out and love food, Chengdu is the holy land in China. Hedonism is welcome here.

This guide focus on the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene). If you want to meet and date quality Chinese girls in Chengdu, you should know how to use the most popular dating site in China.

This Chengdu Sex Guide was last updated on 12 April 2021




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Chengdu
General information about Chengdu sex life

Where to Find Girls For Sex in Chengdu
An overview of the best places and ways to get laid in Chengdu

Typical Prices in Chengdu
General prices in Chengdu

How to Rent A Girl in Chengdu
Hire girls for days or weeks or find a friend with benefits

Girl Friendly Hotels in Chengdu
Best accommodations to enjoy the girls


Intro To Sex Tourism In Chengdu

Chengdu isn’t the best place to monger in China. There are erotic massage places hide in alleys and KTV bars with pretty ladies, but they aren’t easy to find. 

Fortunately, you can use popular Chinese sites and apps to meet and fuck with girls in Chengdu.

As there aren’t any red light areas in Chengdu, most of the action happens underground away from indiscreet eyes.

For example, near the Hongpailou metro stop there are several shops that offer massage with extra.

If you are into the nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu Street is the most popular nightlife area for foreigners. Many Chinese girls go there with the hope to sleep with a foreigner.

In conclusion, don’t expect to find girls for sex in any corner of the city. You need to know the right places, use strategically apps and sites to contact Chinese girls and go with the flow.

That’s the recipe for an unforgettable sex vacation in Chengdu.


What About Girls & Sex In Chengdu?

Sichuan girls are some of the kindest, most hospitable and laid back women in China.

Unfortunately many smoke like chimneys but you can’t have it all I guess.

It’s hard to approach girls in streets or social venues because most are shy and unsure of their English. They feel much more comfortable interacting with you online.

Ah, Chengdu girls are famous all around China for their beautiful features: slim bodies, cute faces, and long legs…

I would say they physically are very similar to girls in Chongqing… And they know how to impress with their beautiful smile 🙂

The girls have pretty pleasant attitudes but don’t expect them to be too submissive. They drink, smoke, and fight. Yet they are feminine and sweet.

Perhaps not as fashionable as Shanghai girls, but still smoking hot. The younger generation (and thankfully sluttier) is pretty open forward foreigners.

But there is an opposite correlation between English language ability and their hotness. The sexier they are, the less they speak English.

Text game or chat online is extremely useful since they can usually write and read English.

Nightstands aren’t that common in Chengdu, although you can pull it off if you meet her online and do your homework there.

So in short, where you meet the girls makes the difference between getting laid or not… And that brings us to the next chapter…


Where To Find Girls For Sex In Chengdu

The best places to find girls hot for action in Chengdu are:

1. Online


When you travel the easiest option to find girls and couples for no string attached sex is to use a site like Asian Match Mate. It’s a community of like-minded people that love sex.

There are also other sites in China that aren’t as straightforward as Asian Match Mate.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Chengdu nightlife is epic. Girls love to party hard and drink a lot, but nightstands are rare unless you meet a slut.

The main entrainment hotspot is Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu, a street packed with nightclubs and bars. The party starts early (8-9ish) and goes to fairly late if there are patrons still there (say 4ish).

Most go out with groups of friends, lone girls either work for the bar (they drink with the VIP’s) or are working girls.

The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Chengdu are:

Space Club – For foreigners, the entry is free; you just pay what you drink… And the people are very friendly.

Jellyfish Bar – It’s a great place to meet locals and foreign girls. On Thursday they have Latin night, which is an excellent opportunity to pick up girls.

Mooney’s Pub at Shangri-La Hotel – Thursday night is lady’s night and plenty of attractive girls. A good percentage of ladies are working girls. They ask for 1.000 yuan, but you can bargain down the price to 700 yuan.

Shamrock Bar – Chinese ladies of all ages looking for foreign men in this bar.

P.S The bar scene is sleazy here, and girls tend to sleep around a lot. So use a condom because the risk to catch an STD is high.

3. Erotic Massage Parlors

There are several massage parlors in the city that offer happy endings. But it isn’t easy to find them if you can’t speak Chinese.

The best way to go about it is to cruise near the nightlife areas like Jiuyanqiao Bar Street. There are a few erotic parlors there.

Honghua Road has an alley called Tianjia, with a few shops offering sensual massages. There are more shops around the Hongpailou metro stop.

Be careful that a few parlors are scammers. They try to upsell you an expensive massage, and only after having paid, inform you that they don’t allow happy endings.

The standard price for a massage with handjob should be 100 yuan and 200-300 yuan for a blowjob.

4. Escorts

Escort girl in Chengdu

Using the services of an independent escort in Chengdu is the best way to avoid the poor hygienic condition of cheap prostitutes like the one you find on WeChat.

Of course, you are going to pay a high tag price for the privilege. The standard rate is about 1.400 yuan per hour (one-shot).  For all night, you can get unlimited shots for 4.000 yuan.

Use a reputable escort directory to reduce the possibility of bait and switch tactics.

5. Hostess Bars (KTV)

These places have private rooms with a karaoke system, girls and booze — nothing to brag about, it’s only a place to drink with friends while in the company of girls.

Don’t expect to have sex on promises, but you can arrange a deal with the girls to meet after work.


Typical Prices In Chengdu

Here a list of prices for entraitment in Chengdu:

  • Hostess bars (karaoke bar) going rate for an hour is 500 yuan for a Chinese girl or 800 yuan for a foreign one.
  • Erotic massages in the room start at 300 yuan up to 800 yuan. It depends on the type of service you require.
  • Sensual massages at the sauna typically are around 600 yuan for a massage and blow job. You can’t get full service on the premises.



How to Rent a Girl in Chengdu

Hiring a girl in Chengdu for a few hours or weeks is pretty easy. And I’m not talking about escorts who are interested only in your money.

But everyday girls like students who truly enjoy friendship and intimacy with foreign men.

They want to spend time with you, engage in conversations, get intimate, and be your girlfriend.

Imagine having personal moments with a young, beautiful, and horny lady in Chengdu…

find Chengdu hot girl hookups

She can give you experiences that only a girlfriend is capable of offering.

If you want to find a young and horny girl in Chengdu, the easiest way is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement.

To get started, create a profile writing about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman. Upload a few photos somewhat presentable.

Start a few conversations, built a list of potential girlfriends, and meet up when in Chengdu.


Girl Friendly Accommodations In Chengdu

When you plan to visit Chengdu to meet girls, stay in an apartment is better than stay in a hotel. That way she doesn’t think you’re a sex tourist.

The best places to stay if you want to get in everyday girls are:

  • Rent an apartment around the Lan Kwai Fong Bar Street area if you are into nightlife. An apartment makes you look like a resident in the eye of the girls. The best way to book a condo is by using Airbnb.
  • Jiahao Fusida Hotel has spacious and luxury rooms overlooking the city center. Good value for money.
  • St. Regis is one of the finest hotels in the city free from prostitutes. When you tell a girl you stay in this hotel, she’ll be more than happy to go back to your room.

That’s the end of this Chengdu sex guide. Enjoy the city and the girls!





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