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beijing sex guide to get laid

Beijing Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to meet girls and get laid in Beijing, this guide can help you.

Beijing is well known for the forbidden city and to be the entry point to the “Grand Wall of China”. But also for its nightlife and horny girls.

I’m going to tell you all the good things the city has to offer… Because you should enjoy the place and the beautiful women instead of worrying about where to go, what do and most importantly, how to do it.

This Beijing Sex Guide was last updated on 28 August 2020




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Intro to Sex Tourism in Beijing
General information about Beijing sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Beijing
An overview of the best places to get laid

Hook Up With Transgenders And Ladyboys

Typical Prices
General prices for girls in Beijing to help you budget your adventure

What About Girls & Sex In Beijing?
Beijing sex life: girls, hookups and sex

How To Meet Sexy Beijing Girls Online
Best sites and apps to meet Chinese Girls

How To Get A Holiday Girlfriend In Beijing
How to meet and date women in Beijing during your vacation


Intro To Sex Tourism In Beijing

Beijing sex tourism is huge and all over the city. If you happen to stay in a hotel popular among tourists, expect to find escort service flyers under your door…

prostitution in beijing

Yes, prostitution in Beijing is very aggressive and it’s at your doorsteps, literally!

But the hotels are only the beginning for sexual entertainments, you can find Chinese girls for sex in karaokes, beauty parlors, saunas, bathhouses, massage parlors, nightclubs and on the streets.

Basically, Beijing is a whore city like most cities in China. If you have the money, it isn’t hard to get laid. Just walk down one of the many red light districts in Beijing, and have fun.

By the way, there is no specific red light district in Beijing, but you can usually find sex workers in lonesome streets. They are hidden from the tourists, so just ask your hotel’s reception or talk to a taxi driver. Any area in Beijing as a kind of red light area…

beijing brothel

But red-light districts aren’t lively and fun like in Thailand, but creepy and disorganized. The shops selling sex are not very clean, and For every hooker in the street, there is a pimp. Not a good sign if you ask me.

There are better ways to get laid in Beijing then use the services of prostitutes. The best way is to get a temporary local girlfriend, so you can learn about the Chinese besides having long nights of intense sex.


Where to Find Sex in Beijing

If you are wondering where to find girls and get laid in Beijing, you can start…

1. Online

Since your time in Beijing might be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand is the best way to get intimate once you land in Beijing.

There are girls and couples looking for sex partners on Asian Match Mate. No need to go for long conversations, but straight to the point of the encounter: sex.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars In Beijing

Beijing is a cool place to hang out to party all night. A sure bet to meet girls interested in foreign men is to visit Sanlitun, a popular street with bars and restaurants. After 11 pm starts the action and goes on to be so until late in the morning.

The best pick up bars and clubs in Beijing are:

  • Mei Bar is the bar in Rosewood Hotel. It’s upscale, pricy, classy, and attracts hot females.
  • Vic’s & Mix are tourist clubs filled with Chinese prostitutes. Sex is guaranteed if you pay for it.
  • Maggie’s Bar is one of the most famous places in Beijing to pick up girls… And I mean prostitutes. There are Chinese and Malaysian girls available for a price.
  • Babyface is one of the newest discos in Beijing. They organize multiple theme parties every month which attracted many hot girls. Don’t miss them out.
  • Suzie Wong is been closed.


3. Escorts In Beijing

beijing escort

Recruiting the services of an escort in Beijing is the way to go if you don’t have much time.

There are cheap escorts, the one usually advertised on flyer under the door of your hotel’s room… Or higher market escort agencies like Fiona. You pay double for escorts in Fiona (1.300 Rmb), but it’s safer.

4. Barber Shops

beijing barber shop

Erotic barbershops in Beijing offer more than a cut. They provide an erotic massage with a happy ending, usually a handjob and a blow job. You can notice them because they employ sexy girls wearing short skirts.

Not the most hygienic of establishments, many of the women speak no English at all. 

5. Sex Massage In Beijing

beijing sex massage

You can opt for an outcall erotic massage directly to your room or visit a local sauna. Both options work well if you want to relax with a girl.

Most large hotels have a sauna with girls offering extras in the basement.

The prices for a happy ending massage range from 500-1.200 Rmb. Most erotic massage providers offer only handjobs or blowjobs as extra.

Erotic massages in Beijing that have English speaking staff are:


6. Strip Clubs In Beijing

There are no strip clubs in Beijing. The reason is Chinese girls are reserved and feel comfortable to do sex acts behind closed doors.

If you want a Beijing striptease, rent a girl, but her lingeries and ask to dance on a chair in the bedroom.


Hook Up With Transsexuals And Ladyboys

There are a few places popular among the LGBT community, but nothing specific to the trans community.

However, most nights at Destination Club in 7 Gongtixilu Rd there are drag shows popular among the LGBT community. That is your opportunity to pick up transgenders in Beijing.

If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a pick up bar, you can hook up with transsexuals by using a site like TSdates.


Typical Prices

Beijing is the most expensive city in China, but still cheap if compare to Hong Kong.

However, if you hook up with everyday girls, you can expect to pay only a “taxi fare tip” like 100-200 Rmb.

They take a little game to get but really not that much. I’m going to explain it the next section: How To Meet Sexy Beijing Girls Online.

Hookers standing in the side streets want 300 Rmb, which is negotiable. Escort girls are the most expensive one but also the highest standard and safest for the price of 1.300 Rmb.

Some businesses sell sex in Beijing and have fixed prices:

  • Barber Shops: 300-500 Rmb for a massage with extras, blowjob or handjob.
  • Sauna & Erotic Massage Shops: prices range from 500-1.200 Rmb depending on the type of service.
  • KTV Karaoke Bar: Expect to pay between 600-1000 Rmb for the girl, on top of the 200-300 Rmb for companionship to the bar and drinks for about 300 Rmb. All in all, an expensive night out.

If paying all this money to have sex isn’t your things, consider getting a temporary girlfriend in Beijing costing you only a couple of meals.


What About Girls & Sex In Beijing?

Girls in Beijing are the finest Chinese women, they know how to dress, have good manners and usually a good education too. That makes them more open-minded compared to Chinese women from other cities.

They still follow traditional values imbibed in them right from childhood. But if you meet up with young girls, most of them are care-free in their approach towards life, especially about sex.

However, they aren’t the most attractive in China because they are small, slim and without much curves…

girl in beijing

Expect a small breast, a flat ass, and a hairy bush. The good thing is they are fit and take good care of themselves.

When it comes to sex, they love it. Beijing girls are horny and crave for a good fuck. They prefer you to take control of the situation and follow your lead.

The women in the city hang out together and most are shy. If you manage to break the ice, there might be a friend who shall advise her against taking things further with you…

Keep in mind that most Beijing women are financially independent and strong-minded. So you need to be confident when approaching and interacting with them as your money isn’t going to help you that much.

The best part is many girls are interested in foreign men. Thanks to the high level of education in the capital, they are attracted to foreign things, but unfortunately, they can’t speak much English.

In fact, speaking some Chinese/Mandarin can increase your chances dramatically to score.

If you lack the conversational skills in Mandarin, your only chance is to meet girls on a popular dating site. That way, you can use translator tools and learn about each other without face to face pressure.


How To Meet Sexy Beijing Girls Online

A great way to meet girls from Beijing is to go online. Not only are the women able to speak English, but you can start conversations with them even if you aren’t in China yet.

That’s called pipelining and it is an excellent strategy to build up a list of eager women to meet so that you don’t waste time when you arrive in Beijing.

There are girls and couples interested to meet up on Asian Match Mate. It’s a hell of a naughty site.

No need to pick up girls in clubs or bars or other social venues for that matter, plenty of Chinese girls online looking for foreign men.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Beijing

If you want to find a girlfriend in Beijing, I’m going to show you how to do that.

You can find someone who would show you around the city, have dinners with you, and share the bed while enjoying each other’s company.

Just imagine being with a young, attractive and horny woman in Beijing… Have a good time with her and enjoy each other company.

It can be hard to find girls in Beijing due to their lack of conversational English skills. Also, Chinese girls tend to be conservative by nature.

However, girls online with a fetish for foreign men can speak perfect English and are open-minded.

There are several sites like that make easy to get dates.

Planning to visit Beijing without using a dating site is just plain silly because it helps you to meet the right type of Chinese girls before your trip. Why try to pick up random girls in clubs and bars when you can simply meet girls conveniently on a dating site?

They use dating sites because they have a small social circle like you. Some girls just moved into the city while others are too busy working or studying to hang out and meet new people.

Even if your social skills aren’t that great, dating sites help to find a girl that matches your character.

If you don’t want to use dating sites, then you have to go out and broaden your circle. Libraries, events, universities are all great places to meet girls. But be serious about it, and put some effort to start conversations.

This concludes this sex guide to Beijing, I wish you a happy journey.