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sex guide to Da Nang

Da Nang Sex Guide For Single Men

If you want to hook up and get laid with girls in Da Nang, then you’re in the right place. This guide walks you through everything you need to know if you want to have sex in Da Nang.

I talk about the best places to meet local girls, expose the sex industry, and offer practical tips on how to get laid in Da Nang.

Plain and simple, the purpose of this guide is to make you aware of the P4P scene (Pay for Play scene) and how to meet and date everyday girls in Da Nang.

This Da Nang sex guide was last updated on 31 January 2020



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Intro to Sex Tourism in Da Nang
General information about Da Nang sex culture

Where to Find Sex in Da Nang
An overview of the best places to get laid

Da Nang Girls Price
General prices for sex in Da Nang to help you budget your adventure

How to Meet Da Nang Girls Online
The best way to hook up with everyday girls (no prostitutes)

How to Get a Holiday Girlfriend in Da Nang
How to date Da Nang women during your vacation

Girl Friendly Hotels in Da Nang
Accommodations that allow Vietnamese girls without need to bribe


Intro To Sex Tourism In Da Nang

Sex tourism in Da Nang is rather conservative compared to Hanoi and Saigon. There is no red light district and the cluster of girlie bars in Ngo Thi Sy Street is underwhelming.

You can find a few massage parlors offering happy endings for a tip, a few freelancers in nightclubs, and some escorts online. But the choices are limited, and the prostitutes aren’t that good looking either.

The best pay for play option is to hook up with student girls online that need extra cash.

So, for the sex tourists out there, Da Nang isn’t the best Vietnamese destination city for you. But if you are into beautiful and horny Vietnamese girls that don’t require money for sex, then things start to look different.

Da Nang is one of the best destinations to find a Vietnamese girlfriend or wife.

Girls are traditional, loyal, and know how to look after the needs of a man… And the best part is they aren’t gold diggers like women in Hanoi or Saigon.


What About Sex & Girls In Da Nang?

Girls in Da Nang are friendlier and happier than girls in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. At first, she might be reserved and shy, but after some talk and good food, she relaxes.

It doesn’t take long to convince women in Da Nang to have sex with you. It is actually expected, but the best part is their eagerness to please you.

Keep in mind that most girls in Da Nang want to get into a serious relationship. If you don’t have any plan to marry soon, just be honest about your intentions, it’s possible to rent a temporary Vietnamese girlfriend.

When you go for a date, the numerous sky bars are an excellent place to make her comfortable around you before take her back to your room.

Message a few girls from any popular site or app in Vietnam, and ask to meet at the Sky36 Bar. They enjoy it because it’s a romantic, and you because it’s an awesome place to get her horny 🙂

da nang girl at sky36 bar

Sky36 Bar is the best dating place to take your date in Da Nang

It’s a fast way to get to know a girl and see how she interacts before things progress… And more importantly, to see how comfortable you feel with the girl before bringing her back to your place.

Generally speaking, women in Da Nang get turn on pretty fast, and they are down to fuck on the first date. Don’t disappoint her because she wants you.


Where To Find Sex In Da Nang

If you want to get laid in Da Nang,  the best places to meet horny girls are…

1. Online

Da nang girl online

The easiest way to find girls in Da Nang and to get laid is to simply go on Vietnam Cupid and start a few conversations. Let them know you are in town alone and ask if they want to meet.

It’s incredible the number of women on this site, and the best advantage is most girls aren’t into your money, unlike the nightlife venues in Da Nang. Girls online want to hang out with a foreigner, and why not, maybe become your new Vietnamese girlfriend.

To get started, fill in your basic info and see the girls right away. Use the search function on the top bar and search for girls in Da Nang.

2. Nightclubs

Since Da Nang is a “small city”, the nightlife scene isn’t that great like in Hanoi and Saigon. There are a few nightclubs and bars to pick up girls, but I found it much easier to simply message girls online.

Being a foreigner gives you a huge advantage, so many girls are excited to message you and set updates.

Anyway, the best nightclubs in Da Nang to pick up girls are:

New Oriental Nightclub

It’s a nightclub with a show and without a dance floor. But plenty of local hot chicks.

Golden Pine Pub

Popular nightclubs among tourists with a lot of prostitutes.

3. Pick Up Bars

The two main pick up bar’s areas in Da Nang are Ngo Thi Sy Street and Bach Dang Street.

The most popular pick up bars for single guys are Bamboo 2 and Universal Pub. Sexy hostesses are working for the bar, and there are also freelancers (self-employed prostitutes).

Please have a few drinks with them and be friendly, it helps to have a good time later.

4. Da Nang Happy Ending Massage

Many hotels in Da Nang have spas offering extras. Usually, the entrance is on the side or back, and there is a huge sign on the roof.

Follow the signs or here a list of well reputed erotic massage parlors in Da Nang:

Kyanh Massage & Spa – The only independent sauna that I’m aware off that provides extra services. The girls are gorgeous as you can see in the video above.

Eden Plaza Hotel’s Spa – The biggest erotic massage parlor in Da Nang offering full-service. The entrance of the parlor is behind the hotel.

Thu Bon Hotel’s Spa – On the first floor near the karaoke, there is a spa. It’s a bit old, but the girls are willing to please. Only handjobs.

Moonlight Hotel’s spa – Modern spa with a sauna as part of the massage service and happy endings.

The extra service is directly dealt with the therapist, and you can find the prices here.

5. Da Nang Escorts

call girl in Da Nang

There are several call girls in Danang offering incall (in a short time hotel) and outcall services.

Sites and directories like Da Nang Escort Model and Gai Goi are a good starting point.

Keep in mind that the photos are heavily photoshopped, and rarely the girls look as good as on the site. Sometimes even a different girl shows up. Don’t go for the cheaper girls, there is a good reason why they are cheap 😉

If the girl isn’t up to the standard, just say you didn’t book her and close the door.


Da Nang Girls Price

When you deal with prostitutes, they want to get paid for their sexual services. And if you aren’t serious about getting into a relationship a good girl met in a coffee shop, you should give some money anyway.

These are the current standard rates for girls in Da Nang:

  • Erotic Parlors – between 300k to 1 million dongs for VIP rooms, and between 300k to 1.5 million dongs to the therapist for a happy ending.
  • Escorts – The standard rate for a call girl in Da Nang is 2 million dongs per hour.
  • Freelancers in bars and clubs – Rates range between 500k to 700k for all night.
  • Girls on dating sites – start at 100k tip to the moon, it is up to you.

The above are the standards rates, and it all comes down to how you bargain with the girls without offending them. Don’t push it too far.


How To Meet Da Nang Girls Online

Da Nang girls interested in foreign men, go online to hook up. The reason is simple, Vietnamese women generally are shy to speak with you face to face because their English isn’t that great. But chatting online is much easier and less intimidating.

When meeting girls online, keep in mind that there are several types of girls. The student who wants to improve her English… The horny babe that wants to try out your big foreign dick… And the freelancers looking for customers. The thing they all have in common is they want to meet a foreigner.

Dating sites like Vietnam Cupid is more appropriate to meet girls for casual datings or a serious relationship. There is also the possibility of a beneficial relationship on Seeking Arrangement.

Sing up, answer the few simple questions, and upload a few good photos. Search for girls in Da Nang and start having conversations. That’s is your fast track for finding a girlfriend in Da Nang.


How To Get a Holiday Girlfriend In Hanoi

Da Nang girlfriend

If you want to find a girlfriend in Da Nang, I’ll show you where to find her.

Enjoy a holiday with a Vietnamese girlfriend is the most effective way to explore the city, try new things, and engage with a new culture… Not to mention the long conversations and longer nights of passionate sex.

Sure, you can hire Vietnamese girls to stay with you, but they don’t offer intimate moments as only a girlfriend can offer. It’s all about money without feelings.

Most single men traveling to Da Nang end up spending their vacation with a prostitute only because they don’t know any better. They are unaware of the many everyday girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man.

Only when I find the right girl online, I book the flight and accommodation. It’s the most important task when planning the holiday. No point to travel there if you don’t have any girl waiting for you, unless you want to spend a lonely vacation or worst, spend it with a prostitute.

I’ve found several Vietnamese “girlfriends” by using VietnamCupid, and you can do the same. There is plenty of ladies craving to meet a foreign man.

Simply sign up and write down your interests, hobbies, and favorite things. Upload a few of your best photos. Search for girls in Da Nang and start a conversation. That’s it! Build your list of potential girlfriends, and once in Da Nang, just meet up.

Don’t worry about the age gap when searching for girls in Vietnam, 15-20 years difference is considered normal.

The best ladies for a girlfriend experience are the university girl. They want to meet someone older to teach them about life while improving their English. Having a young university girl is the best way to feel younger and manly.

If you prefer to find a wife, and possibly to have kids, it’s better to get less childish girls like someone in her late 20s or early 30s. It takes effort to raise a family, and it’s better if both are committed.

If you want to meet Vietnamese women but you aren’t in Vietnam yet, VietnamCupid is your best option.


Girl Friendly Hotels In Da Nang

Several hotels in Da Nang prevent foreign men from bringing Vietnamese ladies into their hotel rooms. If you don’t register your guest with the reception and decide to sneak her in from the back door, your safety is compromised.

The solution is to get a guest-friendly hotel that allows Vietnam girls to visit your room, even if it’s obvious she is a prostitute.

My favorite girl friendly hotels in Da Nang are:

  • Night Sky Hotel – Cheap and comfortable hotel with a good breakfast. On top of all this, it’s located near the most popular bars and clubs.
  • Orange Hotel – Great location in downtown walking distance from Da Nang nightlife. It’s a classy and sophisticated place with a French touch.
  • Diamond Sea Hotel – If you expect the best in life, this hotel has Ocean views and incredible amenities. Take the girls for a late swim on the rooftop pool, when there is nobody up there.

When you sign in your “guest”, be discreet about it.

This is the end of the Da Nang sex guide. Enjoy your time here.